Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – who was patient zero?

By Adam Lock
Published: April 27, 2023
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“I’ll Find You” makes for a welcome return to the more adorable, wholesome side of the show, but it’s also an emotionally draining installment, as the children’s future prospects look to be in danger.

We recap the Netflix series Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 7, “I’ll Find You,” which contains spoilers.

After the rescue mission, Gus (Christian Convery) and the gang find themselves on the open road heading towards Yellowstone and Gus’ cabin.

This road trip allows old friends to get reacquainted with one another. While flashbacks in “I’ll Find You” explore more of Fort Smith and the roots of the virus.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

We open with one of these flashback sequences. Under pressure from the board, Gillian rushes the scientists for results. Birdie finds an unfertilized egg with a heartbeat. The team celebrates this breakthrough, but the research facility is soon raided by the government. It looks like their research led to the virus, and it has gotten out.

With the facility under siege, Birdie passes Gus to Richard (Pubba) for him to look after. Birdie promises to find them both one day. She returns to the building to retrieve her equipment but is eventually caught and taken to Gillian.

Who is in the tank?

Back in the present, our lovable heroes drive away from the chaos towards a checkpoint. Here, they are surrounded by masked soldiers, who are revealed to be the Animal Army. Then a tank appears, blasting a path for the bus. Rufus and Bobby are within the tank, now working together as friends.

Bobby and Becky reunite with the gang. The Animal Army vows to stop the Last Men and head to the zoo. Becky is ecstatic to be back with her friends. She passes Gus the cassette tape and explains how she spoke with Birdie.

Gus has a million questions, but first, they need a pit stop break. On the bus, Becky notices Wendy, for the first time, her long-lost sister.

During the pit stop, Becky is informed that the Animal Army has the zoo surrounded. After their five-minute break, Jepperd ushers the gang back onto the bus. Aimee seems suspiciously distant, though. She then admits that she has the virus.

Jepperd considers returning to the zoo to grab a vaccine, but Aimee already has a dose. She swiped the vial, which came from Roy. Aimee refuses to use the cure because Roy was killed to make it. Aimee wants to enjoy her remaining days with her children. They all head to Yellowstone and the picturesque cabin.

After a long ride, the gang makes it to Yellowstone. Gus directs them to his hidden cabin. Bobby quickly finds food, and the gang makes themselves at home.

With Aimee unwell, Becky steps up as big sister and entertains the kids.

Jepperd looks through Pubba’s things inside the cabin, finding a cassette player. Gus asks if they are safe here, Jepperd believes they are, at the very least, safer than they were the day before, but he can’t make any promises. Gus decides to go and play Birdie’s tape alone.

What is on Birdie’s cassette tape?

The tape is a message for Pubba from Birdie, explaining her circumstances after the raid. As Birdie speaks, the scene transforms into another flashback sequence. Birdie is forced to continue her research and meets with Gillian, who has contracted the virus.

Who was patient zero?

Gillian admits that she is patient zero. She injected herself to start human trials. Gillian asks where Gus is, angry that Birdie allowed the most profound discovery of modern science to escape. Gillian believes that Gus is extremely important and may even be the key to the cure. There were two eggs that prospered during the trials, one became the virus, and the other was Gus. He has to be the cure.

Birdie asks why Gillian is obsessed with Alaska, with a large map of the place and many notes found on Gillian’s wall. She explains that Captain James Thacker was her great-grandfather. The family has suffered from a muscular degenerative disease throughout the generations.

James headed to Alaska in search of a fountain of youth to cure the disease. He never returned from his mission, though. She wanted to continue the research.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Gillian states that she has opened Pandora’s box now though, a mistake she must try and remedy. It’s paramount that they find Gus. Birdie agrees to bring him to them, but obviously, this is just a lie.

Birdie heads to Alaska on her own, distancing herself from Gus so that she can, in turn, protect him.

Gus listens to this recording with tears in his eyes. He tells Jepperd what he has heard, asking how far away Alaska is.

Meanwhile, Becky radios Tiger. She tells her that she has found Wendy and urges the Animal Army to join them once the war is over. Next, Becky naively gives away their location. Of course, Abbot overhears this. That night, Tiger rides to Gus’ cabin to warn the others Abbot is coming for them.

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