Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – why does Becky need to find Gus?

By Adam Lock
Published: April 27, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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An action-packed installment featuring some genuinely moving reunions. This feels like the payoff audiences have yearned for and deserve after five episodes of slow build-up.

We recap the Netflix series Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 6, “How It Started, How It’s Going,” which contains spoilers.

Season two of Sweet Tooth has all been building towards this moment. “How It Started, How It’s Going” finally delivers on its promises of an action-packed showdown between the Last Men and many of Abbot’s (Neil Sandilands) enemies.

The Air Lords and Aimee (Dania Ramirez) bring their plan into action while the hybrids continue their escape mission.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

The Air Lords begin their attack by dropping off a canister filled with purple flowers, releasing a mysterious gas. Abbot declares a chemical attack as the canister explodes inside the zoo. The Last Men begin to evacuate. Abbot orders Johnny to take Aditya to the Evergreen complex.

Next, the Air Lords start to drop junk bombs on the soldiers below. One of these items nearly hits a truck with Becky inside it. Becky and Jordan take their prisoner Tiger to safety. Tiger was found during their first mission and has been taken captive.

She tries to escape, and Jordan prepares to shoot her. Becky stops Jordan from killing her friend. Jordan then realizes that Becky is part of the Animal Army too. Both Becky and Tiger flee.

Why does Becky need to find Gus?

Becky and Tiger argue inside an abandoned building. Becky is still hurt that Tiger betrayed her. Tiger apologizes and asks why Gus is so important to her. Becky explains the cassette tape that she needs to get to Gus and her plans to reunite him with his mother.

It’s revealed that Becky also wants to find her sister, who happens to be Wendy. Tiger informs Becky that the entire Animal Army is waiting for her. They can hunt for Gus together.

Gus helps Jepperd escape his prison cell while the hybrid children start to run themselves, using a rope to climb to safety one by one.

Johnny follows Abbot’s orders and goes to take Aditya and Rani to Evergreen, but he has a change of heart and allows them to escape instead.

Aditya is still no closer to finding a cure, but he’s unable to let it go. Rani tries to persuade him to leave it all behind. She is tired of this non-existence and wants to be free from it all. Aditya eventually sides with Rani and packs to leave.

How do the Last Men fight back?

The Last Men reassemble outside the zoo and prepare their counterattack. Abbot orders the three Air Lords’ planes to be shot down. The first is quickly taken down, followed by Dolly and Rufus’ planes.

Aimee searches the empty zoo for her hybrid children. She comes across Aditya’s lab. She finds a vial with chameleon written on the side and realizes that Roy has been killed to make the cure.

Heartbroken by Roy’s death and the carnage she sees before her, Aimee sets the lab on fire.

The hybrid children manage to escape, with just Earl, the elephant hybrid, left behind. The guards find him and are ready to attack, but Jepperd and Gus burst onto the scene. Jepperd fights the lead guard, Hulk, while Gus leads the others on a detour.

How do the hybrid children escape?

Aimee is reunited with Wendy, and together they flee the building. Jepperd manages to defeat Hulk, and Earl falls onto the other guards, squashing them in the process. Jepperd is introduced to the other hybrid children, and they all escape to a bus outside the complex.

Abbot realizes the purple flowers are fakes and heads back to the zoo. On his way back, he sees the children, Aimee and Jepperd escaping in one of his buses.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Meanwhile, Rani and Aditya prepare their escape, but the scientist is quickly distracted. He finds Gus’ maimed antler on the floor; at that moment, he realizes how important Gus is. He is the missing piece in the puzzle. Aditya decides to go back to retrieve his equipment and findings. Rani pleads with him to let it all go, but he just can’t.

Aditya finds his lab on fire and returns to Rani, although she’s finally ditched him and disappeared. The episode ends with Rani walking miles away from the zoo. The hybrid children all celebrate, having escaped the zoo and imprisonment. Gus announces that they will be heading to Yellowstone now.

Aimee thanks Jepperd for rescuing them but then notices she has the Sick, as her pinkie finger is quivering.

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