Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – what is Evergreen?

By Adam Lock
Published: April 27, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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Sweet Tooth is extremely plot heavy. All the numerous subplots feel dragged along at this point, constantly promising exciting action yet never actually delivering on these promises. Within all this, there are some fun segments, though, with Gus and Aditya’s storylines carrying some real tension.

We recap the Netflix series Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 5, “What It Takes,” which contains spoilers.

The previous few installments have all been building towards all-out war, but audiences are left to wait a little longer as the many subplots are strung along.

In “What It Takes,” General Abbot (Neil Sandilands) makes his proposal to the Three, Jepperd (Nonso Anozie) heads for the zoo on foot, and the hybrid children plan their own escape.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Via flashbacks, we see the ugly truth of Jepperd’s past. He continued to hunt hybrids for the Last Men but grew tired of this task. After asking for information on his family, Jepperd is handed their skeletal remains. It would appear his family has perished during the pandemic.

In the present, Jepperd heads for the zoo. His stolen vehicle breaks down, and Jepperd is forced to finish the journey on foot.

What happens to Gus’ antlers?

Abbot meets with Gus for the first time and taunts the poor hybrid child. He says that the world will destroy the hybrids once they discover they are the key to the cure. To teach the others a lesson, Gus is then attacked, with one of his antlers sawn off.

They throw Gus back into his cell. Gus is still shaking with fear as the others surround him. He realizes that he should have never trusted Aditya.

This is the final straw, Wendy rallies the troops. They need to escape today before any more death or destruction.

What is Rani’s escape plan?

Just before Abbot’s big presentation to the Three, Aditya discovers that the cure hasn’t actually worked. Overnight the cure has gone from eliminating the virus to now detecting it once again. Aditya falls apart, having failed to save humanity. Rani thinks this is their one chance to escape, though. If Aditya tells the truth during the presentation, then they can make their escape while everyone is arguing.

The Three assemble within the zoo. Abbot greets Dutch, Voss, and Mrs. Zhang. They are all eager to see and receive the cure for their own territories, but Abbot wants to make a little show and dance of it all first. He delivers his own speech before Aditya takes to the stage.

What is Evergreen?

Aditya lies, saying that there is a cure, then Abbot interjects. He wheels out a model of a utopian community called Evergreen. This is his real offering, a place in this unfinished, fortified housing development. Abbot says that each person can bring 150 of their own people to this community in return for their resources. Zhang would bring the food, Dutch the fresh water, and Voss the energy.

While Abbot delivers his proposal, the hybrid children instigate their escape mission. The gang attack a guard and steal his cattle prod. Wendy shocks him, and the group then escapes their prison cell.

During their escape, Gus must distract the guards so the others aren’t caught.

Gus hears Abbot’s speech and interrupts, just as Dutch and Voss agree to the deal. Gus tells them that the cure is made by killing hybrid children.

Gus is dragged away, but Zhang orders them to let him speak. She realizes that the children are the secret ingredient. Abbot says that it is a price he’s willing to pay for the survival of the human race. Gus then escapes with Johnny’s help.

Elsewhere, Jepperd fires a flare into the sky at a checkpoint and is accosted by Abbot’s soldiers. He offers information on a future attack in a deal for Gus’ freedom.

During the negotiations, Bobby appears and is attacked. Jepperd fights the soldiers, freeing Bobby but causing his own capture in the process.

What is Zhang’s counteroffer?

After the incident with Gus, Abbot grovels to Zhang. She wants all of the spots at Evergreen in return for the resources Abbot so desperately desires. Abbot agrees to her counteroffer.

Zhang then orders her army to assassinate all Dutch and Voss’s people. It is sheer carnage as both armies are shot to death.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Aditya and Rani argue after the presentation. Rani can’t believe Aditya would support Abbot’s lies, while Aditya is adamant that he can still find a cure for the virus. Rani doesn’t want to be cured anymore. She wants to be free and with Aditya once again.

The scientist is hellbent on finding a cure, though, and orders Rani to be taken back to her cell.

In the end, Gus finds Jepperd inside the zoo. He has been taken prisoner. Jepperd is hurt to see Gus without one of his antlers, and they say how much they’ve missed one another. Then they hear a plane overhead. The Air Lords drop off a radio for Abbot. It looks like they want to communicate with the General before they attack.

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