Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – why does Becky enlist with the Last Men?

By Adam Lock
Published: April 27, 2023
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Sweet Tooth continues to juggle numerous subplots, finally building momentum in “Chicken or Egg?” There’s plenty of tension in this installment, and Gus continues to be a heart-warming and lovable lead.

We recap the Netflix series Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 3, “Chicken or Egg?,” which contains spoilers.

“Chicken or Egg?” delves into the history of Fort Smith, the scientific research facility that may have caused the spread of the pandemic all those years ago.

This installment also follows Aditya (Adeel Akhtar) and Gus’ (Christian Convery) quest for answers, while Aimee (Dania Ramirez) and Jepperd (Nonso Anozie) seek out their old allies to help them in their own mission to free the hybrid children from the Last Men.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

We open with a flashback, introducing Gillian Washington, the female in charge of Fort Smith’s Project Midnight Sun. She talks about researching immortality and human longevity, with the aim of eradicating diseases altogether.

Back in the present, Aimee and Jepperd head to Factory Town to find some of Jepperd’s old allies, known as the Hickey brothers. Unfortunately, his comrades have been taken by the latest variant of the virus, called the Doomsday Strain.

How does Abbot gain new followers?

They stop off in a bar to rethink their strategy. Aimee decides to try calling her own buddies. They nervously wait by the telephone. While waiting, Abbot and his army cruise through town. They’re drumming up recruits, parading their new cure around the surviving establishments to entice people into joining their army.

Abbot demonstrates the capabilities of this new cure, which is made using vital parts from hybrid children. They heal a man in the crowd, and this quickly wins over new supporters. The cured man is taken hostage, though, and later killed.

Meanwhile, at the zoo, Aditya has convinced the Last Men to let him go on a field trip to Fort Smith. The scientist hopes to find answers there and takes Gus along on the journey. At Fort Smith, Gus senses the presence of another hybrid. They are not alone.

Who is Peter?

Gus finds Pubba’s desk and takes his keys and a set of pliers with him. The guards that are chaperoning Gus and Aditya are then attacked by a crocodile hybrid. Gus tries to communicate with the creature and can calm it down. The crocodile can speak, and he says that he’s called Peter.

Peter is chased by the guards, who use a tranquilizer gun to sedate him. He is then dragged out of the building.

Due to the chase, Gus and Aditya find themselves coincidentally in the Project Midnight Sun research lab, where they find chickens and a camera containing an important tape.

What is on the lab’s tape?

Aditya plays the tape, which shows Gillian introducing their lead scientist on the project, Dr. Gertrude Miller, who we know better as Birdie, Gus’ assumed mother. They discuss the story of Dr. James Thacker, who led an expedition to the Arctic in 1911 to a rumored village that was free of disease, where its inhabitants lived well past 100 years of age. The boat they used was later found by Birdie, as seen in season two’s opening scene.

Gus is astounded by the footage of his mother; she talks about finding microbes in the Arctic that could supercharge the immune system. She experimented on these microbes with chickens, and this, of course, led to the creation of Gus. Baby Gus is then introduced in the video.

Aditya plans to return the chickens and the tape to the zoo for further analysis. On the way back to the Preserve, Aditya thanks Gus for his help. Gus states that if they hurt Peter, he will never aid Aditya ever again.

Why does Becky enlist with the Last Men?

In the other subplots, Becky continues her travels with a party of survivors. One of the group members, a young man called Jordan, wants to sign up with the Last Men army. He’s heard that they are based at a zoo in Essex City, where they are imprisoning hybrids. Becky decides to enlist with Jordan so that she can find her friends and be reunited with Gus.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 3 Ending Explained

Elsewhere, Rani seems healthier than ever and is allowed to move into a larger room, thanks to Johnny. She asks to meet with the hybrid children and secretly passes them food. The children attempt to escape but are soon spotted.

One of the guards warns them to stop trying, or they will end up like Roy. The children quickly figure out what happened to Roy. They are hurt that Gus would lie to them and then saddened by Roy’s passing.

The episode ends with Aimee and Jepperd’s prayers being answered. The phone finally rings, and the call is for Aimee.

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