Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – who are the Air Lords?

April 27, 2023
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“Bad Man” is a slow-building installment featuring some foreboding tension and plenty of plot development. That momentum continues to build as the show gears towards an enticing showdown between Aimee’s allies and the Last Men.

We recap the Netflix series Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 4, “Bad Man,” which contains spoilers.

The many subplots in Sweet Tooth are all gearing towards some pretty enticing drama in “Bad Man.” Aimee (Dania Ramirez) and Jepperd (Nonso Anozie) find a new army to help with their rescue mission, while Aditya (Adeel Akhtar) gets the closest he’s ever been to finding a cure.

Abbot’s (Neil Sandilands) return to the zoo sparks further tension as Rani (Aliza Vellani) decides to fight back against her oppressor.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Who are the Air Lords?

In Factory Town, the citizens celebrate the discovery of a cure. It’s time for Aimee and Jepperd to skip town, though. They’ve gotten in contact with a group of mercenaries known as the Air Lords. Aimee promises they can be trusted, but they are soon kidnapped by them.

Aimee negotiates a deal with the Air Lords’ leader Dolly. If they can help free the hybrid children from the zoo, they can take whatever spoils of war they find at the place.

Jepperd mentions the zoo being packed with food, medicine, guns, and even a tank. Dolly agrees to aid in this rescue mission.

It’s not all plain sailing, though. Early on, Jepperd clashes with one of the Air Lords called Rufus, who hates hybrids. They get into a fight while Aimee maps out the Last Men’s setup within the zoo.

What is Jepperd’s secret?

Outside their base, Aimee and Jepperd discuss the fight. Aimee says they need to communicate better and work together to help free the kids. Jepperd opens up about his past some more, confessing to being a hybrid catcher for the Last Men.

He feels guilty for his actions but needs Aimee to know the truth. Aimee is hurt by Jepperd’s honesty and starts to punch the Big Man, angered that she ever trusted him.

Later, Aimee changes the gang’s plans and leaves Jepperd behind because of this betrayal. He chases after them in a stolen vehicle, though.

Back at the zoo, Gus is questioned by the hybrid children. He admits that he only lied to protect them, but they’ve all lost their trust in Gus anyway.

He is shunned by the group. Bobby is the only one who will still socialize with Gus. He uses Gus’ pliers to remove his tracker collar.

Now free, Bobby decides to escape via a pipe. Gus helps him to freedom. Once again, the group is angry that Gus has worked alone, endangering someone else’s life. Wendy and the others fear that Bobby will be hurt now. Gus apologizes for his impulsive actions.

What happens to Peter?

Aditya uses the research chickens to formulate a cure. It works effectively, destroying the virus completely. Rani arrives as he is celebrating, but she sees the blood on Aditya’s face. He has killed Peter to achieve his goals. Rani starts to distance herself from her husband.

Abbot returns just in time to find Aditya finalizing the first dose of the cure. He takes it from Aditya, worried he’ll have no leverage over the scientist once Rani is cured. Abbot invites Aditya and Rani to dinner later that night to celebrate the creation of the cure.

What is Johnny’s secret?

Meanwhile, Johnny speaks with Rani in private. Now Abbot is back; she must have an escort with her at all times. Rani’s freedom appears to have been short-lived. While the two talk, Johnny accidentally reveals that Abbot is his brother.

At dinner, Rani makes Abbot aware of this secret. She knows Abbot and Johnny are brothers. She’s also invited Johnny to the meal behind Abbot’s back. It’s an awkward affair, with Rani testing Abbot’s patience. Abbot toasts Aditya and Rani on the discovery. He then talks about his history with Johnny and his vow to always protect his brother.

The meal ends with Abbot informing the others that the Three have finally agreed to hear his proposal, although he refuses to explain what this proposal is just yet. Back in their room, Rani and Aditya argue the scientist seems to be falling under Abbot’s spell.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained

What is Becky’s first mission?

Elsewhere, Becky trains with the Last Men recruits and stands out as the most promising among them. Along with Jordan, she is assigned a mission. They are to punish a family harboring hybrids and take the creatures to the zoo. Once the mission is complete, they will be branded as official Last Men.

The episode concludes with the guards threatening the hybrid children in the zoo. They’ve found Gus’ cuddly toy Dog and fear the children are able to escape and return to their cell whenever they please.

The guards threaten the children, taunting them with news of Peter’s death. Angered by Aditya’s betrayal, Gus escapes the cell and runs right into Abbot.

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