Trippin’ With the Kandasamys review – a light comedy on faltering marriages

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 4, 2021
Netflix film Trippin' With the Kandasamys


Once the characters arrive at their getaway, the film lulls into a period of empty moments.


This review of the Netflix film Trippin’ With the Kandasamys contains no spoilers.

At the heart of this film is a comedy led by two characters (Jennifer and Shanthi) who are unbreakable best friends; it vibes with this feeling of sisterhood. Both of these women feel unloved and unnoticed by their husbands, so when Shanthi’s 50th birthday arrives, they decide to have a couple’s getaway to spice up their marriages.

Trippin’ With the Kandasamys, unfortunately, allows time to pass by peacefully. While this film beefs up the Kandasamys Collection, it does struggle to ramp up the excitement. Once the characters arrive at their getaway, the film lulls into a period of empty moments.

Of course, there is a plot — when they arrive at the getaway, the best friends soon learn that their husbands have planned a surprise — it’s not a romantic getaway at all — Jennifer’s mother Aya has joined them, and Reggie’s beautiful sister Baby has crashed as well, bringing a whole wealth of jealousy from the wives. So the story becomes about Baby from here, while Shanthi and Jennifer navigate the holiday that was meant to be wholly romantic; instead, it widens the cracks in their marriages.

But that’s as exciting as it gets. With a lack of gags or moments of character development, Netflix’s Trippin’ With the Kandasamys is quickly forgettable. The story lacks thought or imagination; we all understand what faltering marriages look like; the film needed to bring an edge to the writing. And yes, the film is a comedy, but with the lack of energy to make the audience laugh, there’s only a couple of chuckles in the entire feature.

There’s clearly a market for this, and if you have watched 2017’s Keeping Up with the Kandasamys or 2019’s Kandasamys: The Wedding, then you may find something to grab on to here. But, if not, then Trippin’ With the Kandasamys does not feel like it is worth the investment.

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