Love, Victor season 2, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 11, 2021 (Last updated: last month)
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Hulu series Love, Victor season 2, episode 1 - Perfect Summer Bubble


Episode 1 makes an uncomplicated start about a complicated situation, continuing from the efforts of the first season.

This recap of Hulu’s Love, Victor season 2, episode 1, “Perfect Summer Bubble,” contains spoilers.

Read the ending of season 1.

Continuing from the end of season 1, Victor tells his family that he’s gay; his sister hugs him to offer his support. His father asks about Mia, so Victor explains how he was wrong about his sexuality initially. Victor wants his mother to say something, but she says she wants some rest. Victor is a little deflated.

He knows this is going to be a tough journey with his family.

10 weeks later

Victor tells Simon that things are still weird with his mother but better with his father. He can tell his dad is bummed about the separation. Victor is still pursuing his romance with Benji, however, they are not official yet on social media. Victor likes the secretive relationship and thinks the bubble is hot. Then, we learn that Mia is still not speaking to him.

Invitation for dinner

Victor tries his best to make sure his mother is on board with his relationship in episode 1, but it’s going to be difficult — the series highlights how the culture in some families can make “coming out” an unbearable experience.

Benji raises to Victor and friends that he’s never been to Victor’s for dinner since becoming an item. Victor decides it’s time that Benji and his friends all come for dinner. When Victor returns home, he tells his mother that Benji is also coming for dinner, and she says, “great,” but you can tell she’s still not comfortable with it.

The dinner arrives, and Benji’s mother, Isabel, has thrown away the food and tells them that she “messed up.” Benji tells his mother to order food instead. Isabel was trying to make sure dinner didn’t go ahead. Meanwhile, Mia rings Lake, and she learns she’s at Victor’s, and she seems okay with it.

Eventually, Isabel gets too irritable and walks away from the group. Victor tells the group they should head to the bonfire as it is too awkward.

Andrew has a girlfriend

We had to feel sorry for Mia at the end of season 1 — she was clearly heartbroken. However, there are more heartbreaks to come.

Mia bumps into Andrew, who is glad that she has returned to the town. She thanks him for his care package, and apologises for not responding; she’s struggled with Victor coming out as gay, her father getting engaged and her step-mother being pregnant, she’s had a confusing summer. Mia then learns that Andrew has a girlfriend named Lucy. You can tell she’s regretful for not pursuing anything with him when he tried before summer.

Victor wants things to be simpler

At the bonfire, Benji apologizes to Victor about it not going well with his mother. However, he doesn’t want him to pretend that it’s okay and that he’s allowed to be angry. Victor explains that his mother has gone through so much, so he’s conflicted and struggling. He also wants to tell everyone at school that Benji is his boyfriend. He wants things to be simpler. Benji does his best to reassure him.

The ending

Mia heads to the bonfire and sees how comfortable the group is with each other — she returns home and looks at her care package sent by Andrew and smiles. Isabel heads to the church, and she prays. Armando Salazar sits in his new apartment and looks lonely.

When Felix returns home, his mother is barely associating. When he looks up at the wall, there’s a rent notice. Victor returns home and tells his mother that Benji is his boyfriend and he’d like her to call him that.

Love, Victor season 2, episode 1 makes an uncomplicated start about a complicated situation, continuing from the efforts of the first season.

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