Love, Victor season 2, episode 2 recap – “Day One, Take Two”

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 11, 2021 (Last updated: last month)
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Hulu series Love, Victor season 2, episode 2 - Day One, Take Two,

This recap of Hulu’s Love, Victor season 2, episode 2, “Day One, Take Two,” contains spoilers.

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Episode 2 is all about Victor battling to “come out” at school, which comes with anxiety.

It’s Victor’s first day back at school; Simon congratulates him and is pumped he’s about to “come out” to everyone. The morning of the first day back, his mother Isabel tells Victor that he loves him, and warns him that school can be unkind when someone is different. She’s clearly not there yet in accepting Victor’s sexuality.

An awkward start to day 1

At school, Victor speaks to Mia, and it’s super awkward between them. Victor tells her it was weird not speaking to her all summer. Mia isn’t interested in a whole conversation and walks off. A group of students approaches Victor, and he tells them that he and Mia broke up, and he doesn’t give the real reason why; he panicked and got anxious. He wants to ease into revealing it to everyone, but Benji looks disappointed. Benji tells Victor that he wants to be able to be affectionate with his boyfriend.

“Mia cheated on Victor.”

But school can be cruel, and it isn’t too kind to Mia now that word has spread about her break-up with Victor.

Rumours spread about Mia and Victor’s break-up; some people are calling Mia a “s**t”. Lake warns Mia about the rumors spreading about her. Mia is confused that Victor hasn’t told the truth about him and Benji. Soon after, Mia is heckled by a few boys who believes Victor was cheated on — Victor walks over and defends her, pushing one of the boys over. At home, Victor’s parents do not punish him because they understand he cares about Mia.

Victor is upset and tells his parents that all day he’s been holding off telling others because he’s had his mother’s voice in his head telling him not to. He thinks the only person being unkind is Isabel.

Pilar helps Felix

Pilar knows that Felix and his mother are struggling financially, which includes paying for rent. He’s two hundred dollars short on rent. So Pilar offers him the money to help. Felix is grateful for her help, but Pilar tells him not to make it weird.

Benji’s “coming out” story

Episode 2 gives background to Benji’s “coming out” moment, which was not a glorious moment at all.

Benji tells Victor that when he told his father that he’s gay, he took him to a strip club. Victor apologizes for not being as brave, and promises that he’s trying. He doesn’t want Benji to give up on him. Benji tells Victor that they will tell the school when he’s ready.

Victor wants to keep the friendship with Mia

At school the next day, Victor talks to Mia and apologizes for everything, including the rumors. Mia tells Victor that he doesn’t owe her anything. Victor doesn’t want to lose their friendship, but she shrugs it off.

The ending

At school, near the lockers, Victor gets on a chair and announces to the corridor that he’s gay and he’s in a relationship with Benji. He explains that Mia didn’t cheat on him. He doesn’t want it to be a secret anymore. Victor shows his bravery at last.

Love, Victor season 2, episode 2 treats us to Victor’s “coming out” event, which has been a long time coming but was worth the wait.

Additional points
  • Mia tells some college students that Victor is gay while drinking at a social event. She has managed to find someone she is romantically interested in called Tyler.

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