Lupin season 2, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 11, 2021
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Netflix series Lupin season 2, episode 1


The second season opens up with a thriller, with the stakes higher than ever — it’s getting too close to home for Assane.

This recap of Netflix’s Lupin season 2, episode 1 contains spoilers.

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We didn’t have to wait long for a continuation — let’s see what season 2 of Lupin has in store.

Episode 1 starts on the morning of December 11th. Guedira learns it is Maurice Leblanc’s birthday, and he suddenly knows where to track Assane. We are back on the train from the last chapter, with Assane unable to find Raoul with Claire. Suddenly, Guedira sees Raoul get thrown into a car, and then he approaches Assane and asks if he’s looking for a child dressed up as Lupin. He tells him that he was taken away in a grey BMW. Claire is furious, knowing it is Assane’s fault, and threatens to call the cops — Assane asks Claire to trust him and is adamant cops cannot be involved. Guedira joins Assane in the car, and they drive off to track down the man who kidnapped Raoul.

1995- Claire wants her violin fixed

Lupin season 2, episode 1, then flits to 1995; Assane asks Claire how her rehearsal went, but she isn’t in a good mood. Claire heads to a music shop to get her violin fixed. However, the owner of the store offers her a new violin instead. Assane spies on her and listens to Claire play the violin. However, Claire cannot afford the Violin, so Assane asks if they can rent it for 350 francs a day, but the owner denies his request. Assane calls the owner a racist.

Assane wants that violin, so he and his friend plan to take it from the store. While his friend serves as a lookout, Assane puts his hood up and breaks into the store. He manages to take a violin. He gives it to Claire, and she is overwhelmed with happiness.

When Claire attends her audition, the music store owner arrives with the police.

These flashbacks are provided to give context; Assane has always managed to jeopardize his relationship with Claire, even though they are in love with each other.

A brief stop in a small town in Normandy 

Leonard rings Hubert Pellegrini and tells him there’s a slight complication in that he’s kidnapped his son — Pellegrini makes it clear that he wants Assane, not Raoul. Assane and Guedira arrive in a small town in Normandy and ask around. Guedira rings his colleague and tells her that he has found Lupin. Leonard drives off in the BMW, so Assane and Guedira hit the road again.

Abandoned house

Lupin season 2, episode 1 brings a more action-packed thriller in the second half.

What follows is a high-speed car chase in the wonderful countryside. But, unfortunately, they lose the BMW. Leonard ends up at an abandoned house. Assane gets a text off Leonard’s phone from his son, and he gives away the location — Assane tests the situation by texting back to see if it is his son before heading towards the house. Leonard takes in the house environment and prepares his gun. Raoul is tied up in a chair.

Assane knows Guedira is the police 

Assane rings Leonard, and the man challenges him, “if you want him, come and get him.” He hesitates to go in, and then he asks Guedira how long will it be until the police get here — he knows who he is. Guedira tells him he has an hour left, so Assane thanks him, and ties him to the car chair, and takes his identification.

The ending

Lupin season 2, episode 1 ends in shocking circumstances, but is it all that it seems?

Assane slowly sneaks around the house and looks for his son. He manages to find Leonard, and the pair fight. The fight ends with Assane throwing Leonard out of the top window of the abandoned house. Assane looks for his son around the house, but he doesn’t know that Leonard is alive — outside, Raoul is trapped in the car boot, and Raoul has poured fuel over the vehicle, and he sets it on fire. Assane gets a text from Leonard about the car — he sees the car on fire outside, and he’s devastated. Lieutenant Sofia shows up and arrests Assane — she doesn’t believe him when he says his son is inside the car, believing it is one of his tricks.

Audiences will be wondering if Raoul is alive or if Leonard is f*****g with Assane.

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