Lupin season 2, episode 2 recap – freeing Raoul

June 11, 2021
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Episode 2 brings back Assane’s trickery, reminding the audience why we fell in love with this series in the first place.

This recap of Netflix’s Lupin season 2, episode 2 contains spoilers.

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We knew it looked way too obvious — imagine killing Raoul in the first episode?

Episode 2 opens up with the firefighters opening the boot — there doesn’t seem to be any shock when they look inside; Sofia asks Assane where her colleague Guedira is — Assane is frustrated that she will not tell him if she’s found his son. Sofia finally tells him there was no dead body in the car — his son is alive, and Assane is relieved. Meanwhile, Claire turns up at the Pellegrini household.

Assane doesn’t change

Assane asks if he can use the bathroom at a petrol station, but predictably, he fathoms an escape and drives off. Sofia is furious that her colleague let him go so easily. Flashbacks then reveal that Guedira saved Raoul from the burning car after freeing himself. The pair ran away together, and Leonard chased after them with his shotgun, but he couldn’t keep up.

Assane gets a stroke of luck and texts Dumont from Guedira’s phone — Dumont asks him to bring the kid to a hotel, so Assane knows where they’ll end up. Meanwhile, Hubert Pellegrini is readying himself at the hotel, waiting for Assane’s son.

1995 — the violin owner wants severe punishment

Lupin season 2, episode 2 reveals how resourceful Assane was, even as a kid.

Flashbacks return to 1995 — Assane learns that the violin store owner wants the most severe punishment for him after listening to one of the voicemails — he takes the voicemail tape. The headteacher of his school tells Assane that he will get the punishment that the store owner decides.

Assane decides to leave a voicemail for the headmaster pretending to be the violin store owner asking him not to punish him. Obviously, this relates to this chapter.

Raoul is left with Commissioner Dumont 

Guedira and Raoul arrive at the hotel and meet Dumont. Dumont tells the cop that the kid is in danger but safe with him at the hotel. Guedira does not seem convinced, but he has no choice but to leave Raoul with the Commissioner. Assane then gets a 5-second call from Raoul, who tells him he is at the hotel and puts the phone down. Hubert introduces himself to Raoul and says his father and grandfather are thieves.

Infiltrating the hotel

And then episode 2 ups the ante as Assane needs to use his quick-minded ways to save his son.

There’s a Gala Foundation at the hotel led by Juliette Pellegrini; in true Assane/Lupin fashion, he disguises himself as a hotel worker in the kitchens. Security has detected him as an intruder, so Assane has to navigate a way through the hotel, knocking out a few security guards on the way. Knowing it will be a difficult mission, Assane leaves the hotel and returns to his normal clothes. In the hotel, due to a security breach, Raoul is moved.

Getting his son back

Assane uses Hubert’s voice using a synthesizer, rings Dumont, and tells him that the foundation has been robbed and that he needs to get the child out of there. By tricking Dumont, he encouraged his son to be taken outside, Assane gets Raoul back. Raoul asks his father if he is a thief in the car — Assane tells him that Pellegrini framed his father 25 years ago, and now he’s targeting his son. Assane looks at his son and tells him if he wants him to stop, he will. But, Raoul tells him to keep going.

The ending

Episode 2 flits back to Claire — she tells Hubert that she isn’t intimidated by him. She gives him an offer and presents a diamond on the table; if he gets her son back, she’ll give him the rest. Hubert tells her he doesn’t want the necklace, he wants Assane. As the episode ends, Assane brings Raoul back to Claire, and she’s happy, but then suddenly, her smile goes. There are men in her house ready to take Assane — she asks the men if she can have a moment with her son. She runs out and hugs Raoul, and she gives Assane a look and says, “run”.

Lupin season 2, episode 2 brings back Assane’s trickery, reminding the audience why we fell in love with this series in the first place.

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