Mine episode 12 recap – everyone wants to kill Ji-yong

June 13, 2021
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Episode 12 feels like the rehearsal to the next phase (the murder) as the story reaches its peak, ready to move towards the conclusion.

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Episode 12 feels like the rehearsal to the next phase (the murder) as the story reaches its peak, ready to move towards the conclusion.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 12 contains significant spoilers.

Well, the story is finally finding an endpoint — while the characters are all at war, it’s evident that the plot needs to move to the next phase, presumably to the night of the murder.

Continuing from the last episode, Ji-yong learns his baby is dead, and Hi-soo blames him for the miscarriage. Ji-yong is furious that she kept it from him, but Hi-soo believes a quiet divorce will be appropriate; she reveals she asked Kang Ja-kyeong to raise a custody battle on purpose so that it was on record that he was not appropriate to parent. It’s game on for the estranged husband and wife.

Afterwards, Hi-soo reveals to Mother that she’s had a miscarriage and she’s divorcing Ji-yong — she makes it known that she’s aware Mother did not give birth to Ji-yong but believes she should have raised her better. Mother is shocked that Hi-soo is determined to raise Ha-joon by herself.

Jin-ho learns Ji-yong’s secret regarding the underground fighting ring and his illegitimacy

Now that everyone wants to remove Ji-yong from his position, all secrets are reaching far and wide.

Jin-ho learns about the underground fighting ring that Ji-yong set up. The man whose brother is in the hospital because of Ji-yong is determined to get revenge. Jin-ho is surprised by his brother’s actions, and he’s emotionally frustrated with the entire ordeal.

He then approaches Ji-yong and explains that he knows he isn’t a biological son. Jin-ho also threatens to tell the world about Ji-yong’s fighting ring. Ji-yong brushes off his blackmail and tells his brother to do whatever he wants and threatens to reveal to the press that he’s an alcoholic that will make him look like a lunatic making up stories. As Jin-ho is escorted out, he reiterates that he will kill his brother.

Jin-ho tells Seo-hyun that he’d rather she have the chairman position, but she tells him she doesn’t want it, and he needs to make sure he stops his brother.

Hi-soo and Kang Ja-kyeong check out the fighting ring

Episode 12 sees it hitting Hi-soo for the first time that her husband is not who she thought he was — the true weight of the situation dawns on her. This is not only about Ha-joon.

Learning about the underground fighting ring, Hi-soo and Kang Ja-kyeong head to the address and check the place out. Hi-soo sees the true extent of Ji-yong’s evil. It’s hit her that she is the wife of this man. Hi-soo fears him, and asks Kang Ja-kyeong to take Ha-joon to the States and look after their son while she takes care of things. Meanwhile, Jin-ho tips off the media regarding the underground fighting ring.

Soo-syuk confirms his feelings for Yu-yeon to Seo-hyun 

Seo-hyun confirms with Soo-hyuk that his feelings for Yu-yeon are real and asks him to make it official with the family — she offers to help. She talks about the miracle of falling in love and cherishing those feelings and states she failed to do the same. She also asks Soo-hyuk to help her oust Ji-yong.

Ha-joon is proud of his father

Hi-soo tries to brief Ha-joon about leaving, but she learns that her son admires his father, especially since becoming the company chairman; he talks about how he’s proud of Ji-yong, and hopes to be like him one day. These words hit Hi-soo hard, even if they are the words of an innocent child.

Seo-hyun finds Suzy Choi at the airport

Mine episode 12 treats the audience with more scenes between Seo-hyun and Suzy Choi, but it is even more heartbreaking than last time.

Breathless and worried she was going to miss her, Seo-hyun finds Suzy Choi at the airport — she thanks her for being in her life. Seo-hyun asks Suzy to be happy for her. She wonders why Suzy said nothing about them in the interview, and Suzy states it’s because she doesn’t care about other people — she only wanted to remember how much they loved each other. Suzy didn’t want approval; she only wants Seo-hyun to muster up the courage. The pair have an emotional embrace; they don’t want to let each other go.

Ji-yong visits his father’s secret bunker

Head Maid Joo takes Ji-yong to the secret bunker in the other house. Ji-yong looks around the place while Ms. Joo locks him inside it. Ji-yong is overwhelmed by the sentimental nature of the bunker — he remembers his birth mother’s words, and the emotions get to him.

Meanwhile, Ms Joo laughs that she’s locked Ji-yong in the bunker, but Seong-tae is concerned. Ms Joo laughs at the cameras as she hears Ji-yong begging to get out. Seong-tae decides to let him out.

It was funny seeing Ms. Joo’s secret side here.

Hi-soo worries that bad press about Ji-yong will hurt her son

Hi-soo receives a call from a journalist and learns they had a tip-off from Jin-ho regarding Ji-yong’s underground fighting ring. She’s worried the media releasing this information will reach Ha-joon. She begs the journalist not to say anything as she’s trying to protect her son.

Seo-hyun wants to protect Hyowon Group, Hi-soo wants to protect Ha-joon

Seo-hyun tells Hi-soo that she’s told Father everything; she has to protect Hyowon Group, so information on Ji-yong cannot go public. Hi-soo states she needs to protect Ha-joon, so she is sending him abroad.

It feels like all the women are squaring up for a final fight — they are unified and stronger together.

Suddenly, a lightbulb moment from Hi-soo; she realizes Ji-yong is the only family member not to receive counseling from Mother Emma, but she knew Ji-yong before anyone else — the nun and Han Ji-yong’s birth mother were very close. So she wonders why they have pretended not to know each other.

Hi-soo threatens to kill Ji-yong

Hi-soo tells Ji-yong about his underground fighting ring, and the husband and wife exchange war of words again — Hi-soo reveals her plans to send Ha-joon abroad to protect him. She tells him to stop, or she’ll kill him.

It seems the series is giving the audience plenty of candidates for the murder of Ji-yong.

Ji-yong gets the fighter’s brother Kwak Su-chang killed / Jin-ho asks Seong-tae to kill Ji-yong

The fighter’s brother walks home, and he’s very drunk. Then, suddenly he’s stabbed — Ji-yong ordered someone to kill him. Meanwhile, we see flashback scenes of Seo-hyun calling the Chairman a “destroyer.”

The next day Jin-ho gets a call from the police; he was the last person to speak to Kwak Su-chang. Then, it gets from bad to worse for Jin-ho; a story has been published claiming he didn’t get the chairman role because he’s an alcoholic. Later on, he asks Seong-tae to kill Ji-yong, and offers him the family necklace.

The ending of Mine episode 12

As the episode nearly closes, Hi-soo tells Ha-joon to stay away from his phone and the news. He then steps in the road and nearly gets run over, but Hi-soo saves him. She tells him he has to be strong and protect himself.

Hi-soo tells Ji-yong to meet the tutor who will take Ha-joon abroad. And in walks Kang Ja-kyeong, and Ji-yong is in shock. The two women who he controlled are now controlling him. She calls herself her real name — Lee Hye-jin. This is a raw story of women taking back control that is there’s.

As the episode ends, Seo-hyun tells Soo-hyuk that she will take control of Hyowon Group and protect it at all costs. It’s now 10 days before the murder, and we still have no idea who did it. However, we do have more context to that fateful day — Mother Emma sees Hi-soo on the stairs above the murdered Ji-yong.

Mine episode 12 feels like the rehearsal to the next phase (the murder) as the story reaches its peak, ready to move towards the conclusion.

Additional points
  • Mother finds a bird egg in No-deok’s case, and she wants to get rid of it. She compares it to the situation with Kang Ja-kyeong and gets emotionally frustrated. No-deok then spreads its wings.
  • Han Suk-chul tells Ji-yong not to hurt anyone because he’s at fault and that he should be grateful for Hi-soo and Ha-joon. Ji-yong appears to take the advice very quickly and leaves.
  • Han Suk-chul returns to the estate and meets Mother, but she tells him to go to Ji-yong’s house and leave; she reveals she knows about the secret bunker. Ji-yong agrees about his father staying with him, but he also states Head Maid Joo should stay with them, and Mother is flabbergasted.

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