Mine episode 11 recap – Hi-soo tells [spoiler] about the miscarriage

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 12, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 11


Moving the plot at a good pace, Mine episode 11 explores the final war brewing at Hyowon Group, with all the characters tentatively squaring each other up for power.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 11 contains significant spoilers.

The more we inch closer to the night of the murder, the more we itch for the truth, but this series has done well to fill the episodes with context and character perspective. The mystery doesn’t feel like a burden at all.

Episode 11 begins with Mother Emma seeing Ji-yong dead on the floor, blood everywhere. The episode then flits to “15 days before the murder”. We are reminded that Hi-soo requested a divorce from Ji-yong after winning custody of Ha-joon from Kang Ja-kyeong. She intends to leave Hyowon Group with Ha-joon. Seo-hyun supports her decision; in fact, she looks proud of her.

Kang Ja-kyeong stayed with Hi-soo and helped her

In a flashback, Kang Ja-kyeong visited Hi-soo in the hospital after her miscarriage and stayed with her for a long period of time. She refuses to leave her side. Even when Hi-soo returned home, Kang Ja-kyeong tries to accommodate her. Hi-soo keeps resisting, but Kang Ja-kyeong tells her to be strong and fight against Ji-yong so she can keep Ha-joon away from him. Eventually, Hi-soo softens. And after a rest, Seo-hyun and Hi-soo plan the legal case together with Ja-kyeong present.

As part of the custody planning, Seo-hyun told Kang Ja-kyeong to claim to the court that the family took Ha-joon off her and to file a lawsuit against Hi-soo; she wants her to start on the losing side, to help Hi-soo and Ha-joon.

Episode 11 draws a parallel between the men and women — the men work against each other, and the women support each other. It seems that the men are losing control after years of their oppressive and patriarchal behavior.

Ha-joon’s first tooth

This brings us back to where the story concluded in episode 10. There’s a tearful scene where Kang Ja-kyeong thanks Hi-soo but also apologizes. Hi-soo gives Kang Ja-kyeong the first tooth of Ha-joon and asks her to keep it. Kang Ja-kyeong sobs while she looks at the sentimental gift; a moment she should have had as a mother herself.

Seo-hyun versus Ji-yong

Eventually, episode 11 brings us Ji-yong. He’s furious that Hi-soo is requesting a divorce and wants a small legal team. He then invites Seo-hyun into the office, and they immediately small talk and power in the company. They argue about who is best for chairman of Hyowon, but Ji-yong feels they shouldn’t be rivals. Seo-hyun tells him to stand down as it’s no good having an unethical chairman.

The war of words between these two has not cooled down, and we naturally support Seo-hyun; she represents good in this Hyowon war.

Jin-ho returns and scolds Yu-yeon

Due to his drunken antics, Jin-ho joined a support facility to help with his alcohol addiction. He learns that Ji-yong is the new leader of Hyowon, and he’s furious. Refusing to let it go, he escapes the center and returns to the family estate. He then tells Yu-yeon to leave by the end of the day. Head maid Joo records the conversation as Yu-yeon queries the reason. He brings up her feelings for Soo-hyuk, but she argues that this makes the family look bad if they are firing her for that. Mother then corners Yu-yeon and says she is climbing the social ladder. Jin-ho insists Yu-yeon is fired and throws more harsh words at her.

When Soo-hyuk returns, Jin-ho slaps him; he’s ashamed that he’s given up the position as heir, and they talk furiously at each other. Soo-hyuk wanted to be disowned, stating he does not want a father.

With each episode passing, the foundations of Hyowon Group are crumbling apart.

Jin-ho versus Seo-hyun

Jin-ho approaches Seo-hyun and wonders if she’s behind Ji-yong getting the heir position. They then argue over Soo-hyuk, and Seo-hyun is dismayed that he hasn’t considered his son’s desire or feelings. Jin-ho states he will do what he pleases, but Seo-hyun tells him that he must take responsibility for his actions.

Weirdly, Jin-ho is not trying to draw allies, but instead, he’s making everyone his enemy; if he were a wise man, he’d side with Seo-hyun in this war.

Mother Emma’s story

Mine episode 11 gives much-needed background to Mother Emma, who we knew had much more information than she let on.

Mother Emma tells Hi-soo she used to be an entertainer and that one of the entertainers was gorgeous and she was called Cheong-a, but her real name was Kim Mi-ja; she ended up falling for the young customer and became pregnant with his child. Mother Emma explains she was the only one at Aesanggak who knew about it.

And then, a young businessman, by the name of Han Suk-chul, who owned a small mill, visited the restaurant, and the nun admits she fell in love with him at first sight, but he fell head over heels for Mi-ja; Mother Emma explains that out of jealousy, she told Han Suk-chul that Kim Mi-ja was carrying someone else’s baby, and she was kicked out. Han Suk-chul had two children. However, he loved Mi-ja with all his heart, so he had her move into his home, and the baby was born; Han Suk-chul added the boy to the family register and gave him a name — Han Ji-yong. After this event, Mother Emma decided to leave the restaurant and devote herself to the Lord. She feels it’s fate that she met Hi-soo at the end of the road.

Mother Emma’s story demonstrates how history repeats itself in this family.

Soo-hyuk loves Yu-yeon

The Soo-hyuk and Yu-yeon storyline is barely having an impact in the grand scheme of things, which is a shame because they make an intriguing romance.

Yu-yeon asks Soo-hyuk if she’s his excuse for him to be a rebel and wonders why she’s blamed for him not becoming chairman. Soo-hyuk apologizes to her, but she doesn’t want him to resent her. She’s finding it too tough to handle. Soo-hyuk puts his arms around her, affectionately showing his commitment and understanding to how she feels. Soo-hyuk admits to loving her, and sees in shock.

Seo-hyun chooses love

In a wonderful moment for Hyowon Group, Seo-hyun rings Suzy Choi and asks about the interview she’s giving; she gives her permission to discuss their romance. She wants to fight against prejudice; she’s ready to be happy — she’s ready to risk it all for love.

Before a shareholders meeting, Hi-soo tells Seo-hyun that she wishes to support her with her shares. Meanwhile, Ji-yong tells Kang Ja-kyeong that if she doesn’t stop, he really will kill her. Kang Ja-kyeong grabs him by the throat and asks him if he’s ever considered if he will be the one that’s killed.

It’s slowly falling apart for Ji-yong

As the episode nears a close, Jin-ho gets a text that explains that Ji-yong is not the chairman’s biological son. And then Seo-hyun watches a video of Kang Ja-kyeong discussing Ji-yong’s actions against her and Hi-soo. She rings someone and tells them to trim the video for the board meeting.

Jin-ho ends up in touch with the man Ji-yong has wronged — the man who was forced to hurt his brother in Ji-yong’s underground fighting — Jin-ho wants to meet up with this man.

The ending of Mine episode 11

We have to admire Hi-soo’s transformation as a character; from the sweet wife to the rebellious to a plotting mother.

Ji-yong returns home and tells Hi-soo she should think about the baby and not divorce him as she’s carrying his offspring. He says if she truly wants a divorce, she should leave the baby on the estate and leave.

Hi-soo then plays Ji-yong at his own games; she tells him about their new nursery and asks if he wants to look at it. When he enters the room, a dress is hung up, soaked in blood. The same dress Hi-soo wore when she had a miscarriage.

Hi-soo tells him the baby is dead and says he killed it and looks him squarely in the eyes. The scene then flits to that fateful night where Mother Emma finds Ji-yong’s dead body.

Moving the plot at a good pace, Mine episode 11 explores the final war brewing at Hyowon Group, with all the characters tentatively squaring each other up for power.

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