Mine episode 10 recap – [spoiler] wins the custody case for Ha-joon

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 6, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 10


Transfer of power and court battles — Mine episode 10 has it all, and the series shows no sign of stopping in its momentum.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 10 contains significant spoilers.

Every time I believe this series is lulling, it pulls me into a false sense of security and drops a hot moment. Episode 10 is one of those chapters; it runs soft and finishes with a grandstanding moment.

At the start of episode 10, a flashback is provided — the first-day Hi-soo met Ha-joon. It is a sweet, emotional moment; Hi-soo was naturally his mother from that very moment. It then flits to the complicated present-day continuing from episode 9, and Hi-soo can sense that Ji-yong is in Ja-kyeong’s apartment trying to kill her — she shouts through the door, telling her husband to stop. Ja-kyeong flees her apartment, and Hi-soo grabs Ji-yong for a private conversation — she reminds him that she and Ja-kyeong are his victims and warns him not to lay a finger on her.

Dealing with the underground fighter

Ji-young also has to deal with another problem; after telling a fighter to beat up his brother, who then ended up in a coma, the brother is furious and confronts him about it — however, Ji-yong shows his evil side and calls the man a low-life, throwing the man on the floor; he asks why he lied about his brother being dead, but the man states his brother is “as good as dead.”

Afterward, Ji-yong decides to help the brothers financially, so the problem goes away.

Han Suk-chul awakens

Mine episode 10 throws a massive spanner in the works, changing the formation of the family forever.

With Han Suk-chul conscious in a surprise turn in the story, it brings everything back to square one. Episode 10 flits to the hospital, and the doctor tells the family that Han Suk-chul is doing well. The doctor thanks Mother for saving Han Suk-chul’s life — CCTV shows her beating him up while he was unconscious — he recovered after this.

A drunken Jin-ho slaps head maid Joo

In a drunken rage, Jin-ho pokes fun at a couple of maids and slaps head maid Joo. Seo-hyun confronts her husband, and she slaps him, calling him nothing more than a drunk — she apologizes to Ms. Joo for her husband’s behavior.

Seo-hyun and Suzy Choi draw each other 

Fans will be pleased that episode 10 returns to the moment Seo-hyun met Suzy Choi; Seo-hyun is going over the moments between them over and over again, especially when Suzy grabbed her arm. After that, the two women decide to draw each other like “the old days.” It’s strongly evident that these two love each other greatly but are separated due to their societal rules. The whole concept of “being happy” is eating Seo-hyun inside — she wants happiness more than power. We desperately hope Seo-hyun finds her happiness.

Seo-hyun has a change of heart since meeting Suzy Choi and meets Soo-hyuk — she asks him what makes him happy.

Mother Emma rejects Jin-hee

Jin-hee visits Mother Emma and tries to convince her to counsel her again. However, Emma is not interested and calls her rude and arrogant and treats her employees terribly. Mother Emma reminds her that her job is to help those who need it and are less fortunate. Her harsh words make Jin-hee cry and kneel over.

Seo-hyun visits Father and tells him she wants to respect Soo-hyuk’s wishes 

And then Mine episode 10 ramps up the story — it stops lulling at this moment, and the Father of the family makes a shocking decision.

Seo-hyun visits Han Suk-chul and tells him that Soo-hyuk does not wish to engage with their chosen woman and that he likes someone else, and she’d like to respect his wishes. Han Suk-chul asks Seo-hyun to bring Ji-yong to him — Seo-hyun fears that he will now be made the heir. Ji-yong is made aware that Soo-hyuk does not wish to inherit the company, so he goes to see his Father. Meanwhile, Seo-hyun meets a lawyer and tells him that they need to proceed with “Plan B.”

Ji-yong tries emotional manipulation 

Ji-yong meets Father — he tells him he had always considered him as his father, even when his birth mother left him — he doesn’t want to be completely alone; he begs him to live a long life. Father apologizes to Ji-Yong for everything. Ji-yong sobs in his father’s arms, but it was all for show. Flashbacks show Ji-yong accepting that he will never be chairman because he isn’t biologically Father’s son. Father told Ji-yong to raise his son well, unlike him.

Hi-soo learns a family secret 

Seo-hyun reveals to Hi-soo that Ji-yong is not the biological son of Father and only she and Father knows, but Mother doesn’t. Father did not love Ji-yong like a son. Seo-hyun tells Hi-soo to win this lawsuit no matter what and that she will have her back no matter what.

Family court

And the moment arrives with the family court in session — Hi-soo versus Ja-kyeong for custody of Ha-joon. Both lawyers of opposite sides argue their cases. Ja-kyeong’s lawyer shows the judges the baby journal that she made after her son was born. Ja-kyeong gets up and argues her case directly; she describes how her son got sick, and she rushed to the Hyowon mansion for aid and had no choice but to leave her baby. She then reveals to the court that Ji-yong, the father, let her in his home himself — she states that this man created stories that she was dead and is not fit to be the father.

Hi-soo is asked to respond to these claims, and despite being asked to “deny, deny, deny” in flashbacks, she states that Ja-kyeong’s claims are true. However, she does argue that she raised Ha-joon like a mother. She argues that Ha-joon is reaching a critical phase in his life, so she must continue with his progress. Hi-soo tells the judges she put her blood, sweat, and tears into caring and loving for Ha-joon, and every moment spent with him was real — “I am his mother.”

What’s fascinating is that both women both have a case to raise Ha-joon. Both of them deserve custody.

The ending

The judges made a decision — they question whether sending Ha-joon to the birth mother would give the child the best environment; they dismiss the transfer of custody request. So Hi-soo wins the case and gets to keep Ha-joon.

Afterward, Seo-hyun tells Hi-soo that Ji-yong is the next chairman now and the entire board is on his side; she explains it will not be easy to turn this over but to proceed with her plan. Hi-soo is happy with this because “the higher he goes, the more he will lose.” The two women then look at Kang Ja-kyeong, and there seems to be an understanding between them.

Hi-soo tells Ji-yong that it is over and hands him divorce papers; she wants to leave Hyowon and take Ha-joon.

But… the main question is, are Hi-soo, Seo-hyun, and Ja-kyeong all working together to get rid of Ji-yong? The three women seem to be in cahoots with each other, meaning another twist is on its way.

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