Mine episode 9 recap -Ji-yong tries to kill [spoiler]

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 5, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 9


Episode 9 deals with the aftermath of the pivotal board meeting with plenty more intrigue for the audience. Everything feels like it is in place for that fatal night. This is a brilliant chapter.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 9 contains significant spoilers.

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Now that everything is out in the open (mostly), the k-drama series is naturally moving towards that fatal night where we see the pool of blood. Nothing much happens in episode 9, but it is still intriguing as we see all this unfold.

At the start of episode 9, it shows Ji-yong dead on a pool of blood — there’s also a montage of scenes that shows he’s also an illegitimate child of the family. Then, in the present day, Ji-yong tries to tell Kang Ja-kyeong to leave. She pleads that she is going to get back her son, but then Hi-soo confronts her aggressively. Ji-yong grabs her to take her off the premises — he tells her he should have killed her a long time ago. Jin-ho sees the commotion and smirks at his brother.

The will

And then Mine episode 9 returns to the important board meeting with Han Suk-chul’s will; he gives his wife the mansion so she can enjoy the rest of her life, but he provides no shares; he tells Jin-ho to go to graduate school so he can learn how to lead; for Seo-hyun, he gives her all of his Hyowon Electronics shares and is appointed as the CEO; Jin-hee is given all Suk-chul’s shares to Hyowon Confectionery but only if she receives counseling regularly; Hi-soo is given 30,000 shares of Hyowon Trading Corporation; Ji-yong is encouraged to do some volunteer work and learn to love, and he’s appointed at the director of Hyowon Academy; Han Soo-hyuk will become the heir to Hyowon Group once he turns 30 – he’s given 150,000 of Suk-chul’s shares.

As it is a massive surprise, news spreads fast that the Soo-hyuk was picked as the heir of Hyowon Group — it is is certainly a surprising plot development.

Seo-hyun’s warning to Yu-yeon

And this leaves Yu-yeon in a fragile position — this family is not the place for normal relationships.

Seo-hyun approaches Yu-yeon and warns her that now Soo-hyuk will be the next heir, people will be treating her like Cinderella and expecting her glass shoes to smash — she tells her that she hopes she makes the right decision. It’s revealed that Seo-hyun was the one to request that her father-in-law’s will was revealed in the board meeting.

Hi-soo wants to prevent Ja-kyeong from getting custody of Ha-joon

While the will is important, the custody battle for Ha-joon heats up in episode 9, but there must be a twist coming; remember, Ha-joon asked Hi-soo not to get rid of Ja-kyeong. Is Hi-soo willing to remove Ja-kyeong from her son’s life and against his wishes.

Seo-hyun tells Ja-kyeong to take her revenge on Ji-yong and not the entire family. Meanwhile, Hi-soo keeps it cool with her husband and asks why his father didn’t pick him as an heir. She wonders if his father saw his true colors and saw into his future. Hi-soo then reveals that she hasn’t forgiven Ji-yong and strokes his face — she brings up Ha-joon and how they need to make sure Ja-kyeong doesn’t take him. Ji-yong agrees, and the pair hug, but it feels like a polite hug, if anything. Hi-soo still hasn’t told her husband about the miscarriage, which maintains power over him.

Soo-hyuk does not want the crown 

Seu-hyun approaches Soo-hyuk telling him the circumstances have changed now that he is the heir — however, Soo-hyuk does not want the crown and the pair argue. Seo-hyun accuses him of giving up a legacy for Yu-yeon, and states if she were his mother, she’d have sent the maid away; however, Soo-hyuk pleads that he wants happiness.

Ja-kyeong hires a lawyer

Ja-kyeong visits a lawyer about her custody case and shows the DNA results. The lawyer tells her to apply for child visitation rights, however, Ja-kyeong wants full custody. The lawyer questions why she hasn’t been there for her son after all this time, but she tells him to make it work. Meanwhile, Ji-yong wonders why Ja-kyeong is doing this, but Hi-soo reminds him that her first love betrayed her.

Forbidden flame

Mine episode 9 finally brings a scene between Suzy Choi and Seo-hyun! We’ve been waiting for this for a while.

Suzy Choi finds Seo-hyun at art storage — they’ve clearly missed each other, expressing how much they were meant to meet each other again. Suzy painted for her, but Seo-hyun tells her that she hasn’t changed. Seo-hyun reveals she couldn’t paint after she let her go — “you are my painting.” She thanks her but walks off. As she does, Suzy grabs her by the arm.

The ending

As the episode draws closer to the end, Han Suk-chul wakes up from his coma. Meanwhile, Ji-yong gets a call; the fighter he asked to be killed while angry died in his coma. The brother of the fighter is furious. Meanwhile, in the middle of the night, Ji-yong grabs Ja-kyeong and strangles her. Hi-soo rings the doorbell outside her apartment, not knowing her husband is inside trying to murder her. Ja-kyeong screams and Hi-soo knows it’s her husband trying to kill her and tells him to stop. The end of the episode shows Ji-yong in his own blood again.

Mine episode 9 deals with the aftermath of the pivotal board meeting with plenty more intrigue for the audience. Everything feels like it is in place for that fatal night. This is a brilliant chapter.

Additional points
  • Jin-hee asks Mother Emma to counsel her, but she rejects her.
  • With Mother dissatisfied with the will, she snoops around and finds Suk-chul’s secret basement that he made in memory of the one he truly loves. She begins to trash the place, but then she sees Jin-ho. She goes into hospital and beats her husband, who is in a coma — when she walks away, one of his fingers flinch.
  • Hi-soo enters the house with a shotgun in the middle of the night and points it at Ji-yong and fires to kill him, and then Hi-soo turns into Ja-kyeong; it was a nightmare.
  • Jin-hee’s husband wants a divorce, but Mother refuses to grant the request.
  • At the dinner table, Hi-soo tells the family that this lawsuit will make her and Ji-yong stronger, which is why it is important to win. Jin-hee asks her if she’s really pregnant, but Seo-hyun interrupts the conversation.
  • Hi-soo requests a list of all the lawyers Hyowon has fired in the past two years. Seo-hyun approves the request.
  • Seong-tae finds Soo-hyuk and Yu-yeon having a meal together.

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