Mine episode 8 recap – Hi-soo attempts to reclaim control

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 30, 2021
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Episode 8 feels like a filler chapter, teasing the audience for what’s to come.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 8 contains significant spoilers.

Nothing much happens in this chapter, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting; it feels like the calm before the storm.

Following on from the tragic event that has Hi-soo in despair, episode 8 opens with Seo-hyun comforting the woman while she sobs; you can feel the pain — the women around her are in complete shock. Afterward, Hi-soo tells Seo-hyun that she’s leaving Hyowon and she intends to bring Ha-joon with her. Seo-hyun vows to help her no matter what. These two have a strong alliance.

Jin-ho and Ji-yong have their differences

There’s still a presidency to decide, which means frank conversations within the family.

Han Jin-ho and Ji-yong have differing opinions about their father’s intention for them. Ji-yong states that he thought he’d give Jin-ho the temporary president as their father wouldn’t have wanted him to lead. However, Jin-ho knows his brother made him president as part of a deal with Mother to bring Ha-joon’s birth mother in. He threatens to tell Hi-soo, but Ji-yong states he will oust him if he does and that if he wants to keep his seat, he’ll have to kill him. Meanwhile, Seo-hyun is dismayed that Mother has told Hi-soo the entire truth about her husband and the deal.

Hi-soo leaves the estate to recuperate away from the family and decide what she will do next.

Ji-yong wants to know where his wife is

So for most of episode 8 it delves into Ji-yong’s growing frustration.

Ji-yong is curious about where his wife is, but Seo-hyun bluntly tells him that she has left for a while and that he should stay silent until she has made a decision. Once again, Ji-yong makes a threat to her life, but Seo-hyun is not bothered and walks away.

Ji-yong manipulates Mother

Ji-yong decides to confront Mother amongst the confusion. He wonders if she said anything to Hi-soo. Mother wonders why he didn’t keep his promise; Ji-yong said it was the board decision regarding Jin-ho — he then accuses her of plotting to tell everyone that Lee Hye-jin was dead. When she denies everything and tells him that it was his idea, Ji-yong states they should get a test for dementia. Seo-hyun listens outside.

Ji-yong is legitimately evil; he will say and do anything to get his own way.

Seong-tae spies on Ji-yong

Jin-ho confronts Seong-tae about stealing the family diamond. Now that he has leverage, he asks him to spy on Ji-yong for him. Seong-tae finds evidence that Ji-yong is gay, and he tells Jin-ho. He says he found loads of photos of muscular men on his phone. But of course, this is likely not to be true, and it’s probably linked to Ji-yong’s illegal underground street fighting.

Hi-soo returns

Eventually, Hi-soo returns home and immediately hugs her child. Ji-yong hugs his wife and tells her he has missed her. She returns similar words, but it is evident she does not want to be close to him. Her husband still believes she is pregnant. It’s almost a cold war. Who will break the silence first scenario?

Hi-soo has her say

After a family dinner, Ji-yong tells Hi-soo regarding the board decision and states he’ll take it if she wants him to, so Ha-joon becomes the heir. Hi-soo changes conversation quickly and tells Ji-yong that she knows he fired the previous tutor so Lee Hye-jin could get the job. She expresses that she wants to start afresh for all three of them. The mood changes quickly. Ji-yong knows he’s at risk in the organization.

The next day Hi-soo tells Ji-yong that she’s started to decorate the nursery — Ji-yong wants to pick things with her. She eats her apple, knowing she has him exactly where she wants him, for now, but it’s still a dangerous position for her.

Soo-hyuk stands his ground over the arranged marriage

Episode 8 sees Soo-hyuk bravely taking a stand — it’s good to see one of the characters working completely against family processes. It’s admirable.

Soo-hyuk tells Seo-hyun that he agrees to get engaged and asks her to arrange the ceremony before it’s too late.

A-rim’s family joins Soo-hyuk and his family for dinner. Soo-hyuk addresses both families and says he will not fake his affection and refuses to marry. He apologizes to A-rim. As he walks off, Mother tells him that he will have nothing if he leaves, but that does not deter Soo-hyuk.

Mother is fretting, and she tells Seo-hyun that they must make sure that Jin-ho gets presidency — she doesn’t want Mi-ja’s son to become the chairman of Hyowon Group. Seo-hyun tells Mother that Ji-yong cannot become president.

The ending

The board meeting arrives in episode 8. As part of the session, they disclose the chairman’s will as he’s been unconcious for over a month. After the meeting, Ji-yong drives to the beach and cries to himself in the car, making the audience wonder what was said at the board. Seo-hyun rings and explains Kang Ja-kyeong is at his home, and he should sort it himself.

When Ji-yong arrives, he immediately berates Kang Ja-kyeong and asks her to leave. She asks for her son back, and Seo-hyun watches patiently. Hi-soo walks in. Kang Ja-kyeong calls Ji-yong an awful father. Ji-yong gets frustrated and grabs her, but then Hi-soo screams and tells Kang Ja-kyeong that she will kill anyone who tries to take what’s hers.

Mother Emma narrates that death is an inveitable fate — it flits to a scene in the future, and Ha-joon is grieving at a funeral with the horse hoof necklace around him.

The scene then flits Hi-soo on the floor, there’s blood near her, and when she looks around, she starts to hyperventilate.

Mine episode 8 feels like a filler chapter, teasing the audience for what’s to come.

Additional points
  • Jin-hee tells her husband Jung-do that she doesn’t want a divorce, but it quickly explodes into an argument.
  • Head Maid Joo asks Seong-tae what he’s found out recently and wonders why he shared a bath with Jin-ho. She asks him to trade secrets with him. Seong-tae decides to tell her about Hi-soo losing her baby.

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