Mine episode 7 recap – Hi-soo suffers from [spoiler] in a heartbreaking chapter

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 29, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 7


Mine episode 7 explores the bubbling consequences of the ultimate secret in the family. There’s plenty brewing as the series reaches halfway.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 7 contains significant spoilers.

In the last chapter, the ultimate secret was spilled — it spilled out like an overflowing cup of hot bubbling water, meaning any character can be scolded by the relevation.

At the start of Mine episode 7, head maid Joo puts the ripped photo together found in Mother’s bin — she learns Kang Ja-kyeong used to be Ji-yong’s lover. And then it flits to Jang Ja-kyeong telling Hi-soo the truth; she is Lee Hye-jin, and she donated to the foundation as it helped her and Ha-joon — she wants to repay the favour. Hi-soo makes her way home with Seo-hyun, and she’s in shock and needs an IV drip from dehydration.

Seo-hyun wants to prove that Kang Ja-kyeong has committed fraud by using that name. While out on a drive, she sees Suzy Choi walking by and asks her driver to slow down. Her eyes well up, but then Suzy Choi calls her. She doesn’t have the strength to answer it at this moment. Ah, we can only hope Seo-hyun finds a happy ending!

The real Kang Ja-kyeong

Seo-hyun meets the real Kang Ja-kyeong. She tells her story of how she met Lee Hye-jin. Kang Ja-kyeong states she agreed to switch identities to allow Lee Hye-jin to get her son back.

Seo-hyun and Lee Hye-jin clash

While Hi-soo is understandably shellshocked, this leaves the other two leading women at each other’s throats. Mine episode 7 articulates how the situation has made the estate even more toxic.

Seo-hyun returns to the estate, and she meets Lee Hye-jin. Beforehand, she asked Head Maid Joo if she was going to record them. Lee Hye-jin tells Seo-hyun that she wants her son Ha-joon back. Seo-hyun states it is impossible, but Lee Hye-jin disputes that. Seo-hyun threatens to report her for identity theft and that she has no intention of being in on a deal that she made with Mother and Ji-yong.

Ji-yong tries to worm out of the situation

When Hi-soo confronts her husband Ji-yong, he tells her it was a short fling with Lee Hye-jin, and he didn’t recognize her when she arrived. He lies, and lies, and lies. Hi-soo asks for time alone and asks Ji-yong to leave. When Ji-yong leaves, he bumps into Seo-hyun, who slaps in — she tells him that if he keeps it up, she’ll kill him herself. She vows to protect the family conglomerate.

It’s surprising how much Ji-yong lies and he believes he sounds believable.

An impossible situation for both mothers

Hi-soo and Lee Hye-jin come face to face again; Hi-soo tells her they need to consider a range of factors, including Ha-joon’s feelings. Lee Hye-jin argues that she gave birth to him, but Hi-soo states that she raised him. Lee Hye-jin expresses that she got sick, but she never stopped thinking about her son — she asks if she can have Ha-joon and that she is sure the boy remembers her.

Late in the night, Hi-soo lays in bed, reminiscing her times with Ha-joon. She raised him as her own, and she loves him. It’s an unfortunate, tragic situation birthed from a selfish man.

Jin-ho visits the mother

Jin-ho visits Mother Emma. He explains how he is comfortable at the top of the company, and he doesn’t want to get sick like his father — he then explains he knows why his father favoured Ji-yong over him; it’s because his father genuinely loved Kim Ma-ja, Ji-yong’s birth mother. He then admits to feeling lonely and wants one person to understand him; he breaks down into tears.

One final warning

Lee Hye-jin meets Ji-yong in his office, and she’s told to get out of the house and offers compensation money. The pair quickly turn their conversation into an argument. Ji-yong tells her that he shouldn’t have let her in the house and implies that she could “die this time.” He gives her one final warning.

With each episode passing, the evilness of Ji-yong becomes evident.

Ha-joon knows more than he lets on

Mine episode 7 offers clarity for Hi-soo, even if it is a painful one.

Hi-soo tells Ha-joon that she feels it was destiny to meet him even though he wasn’t from her womb. Ha-joon reveals he remembers when he first met her, so he knew she wasn’t his birth mother. But then, a bombshell lands; Ha-joon also remembers Lee Hye-jin’s scent and that she’s his birth mother. He begs Hi-soo not to hate her or kick her out. Hi-soo and Ha-joon emotionally embrace. Meanwhile, Lee Hye-jin is outside the estate, but the security guards will not let her in, and she’s devastated.

“Ji-yong is dangerous”

Hi-soo drives up to the gates where Lee Hye-jin is stranded, and she tells security to let her in, and that she will take responsibility. Inside, Lee Hye-jin tells Hi-soo that it was her husband that let her get a job at the estate — she explains he has fooled her. Hi-soo doesn’t want to believe it, but Lee Hye-jin states she and Ji-yong are old flames, and she thought he loved her, but he abandoned her. She expresses how dangerous Ji-yong is as Hi-soo collapses into tears.

The ending

Hi-soo visits Mother; she asks her for the truth of everything she knows. Mother tells Hi-soo it wasn’t her idea to fake Lee Hye-jin’s death and that it was Ji-yong’s. She explains she was asked to keep it secret from everyone.

As the episode ends, Hi-soo walks in shock back to her house. She can barely walk properly. Lee Hye-jin follows her in. Kim Yu-yeon also looks worried for Hi-soo. Suddenly, blood trickles Hi-soo’s legs, and she sobs at the blood, her hands all in it. She’s having a miscarriage, and she wails. Seo-hyun arrives, and she grabs Hi-soo’s hand and offers her comfort. All of the women can feel her pain. We can feel her pain. What an upsetting, traumatic end to the chapter.

Mine episode 7 explores the bubbling consequences of the ultimate secret in the family. There’s plenty brewing as the series reaches halfway.

Additional points
  • Jin-ho finds a secret room in the estate. There’s a record player and a slide show of photos. It belonged to Ji-yong’s birth mother.
  • Hi-soo meets Mother Emma — the nun tells her that she shouldn’t give up, but she must be strong.
  • Seo-hyun learns that Ji-yong used head maid Joo to spy and do his dirty work. So the head maid begs Seo-hyun to make her a loyal dog.
  • In a flashback, Han Suk-chul tells Jung Seo-hyun that Ji-yong is not the rightful heir, and he tells her not to divorce Jin-ho as staying together is more important.
  • Further flashbacks show Ji-yong telling Mother about Lee Hye-jin coming to the house and how he believes Ha-joon will benefit from being raised by his birth mother. He also tells her that he wouldn’t have turned out this way if she was his birth mother.

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