Mine episode 6 recap – Hi-soo finds out the truth about Ja-kyeong

May 23, 2021
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We keep saying this story is heating up, but if it gets any hotter, it will start burning through our screens — Mine episode 6 is another thrilling chapter.

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We keep saying this story is heating up, but if it gets any hotter, it will start burning through our screens — Mine episode 6 is another thrilling chapter.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 6 contains significant spoilers.

Read the recap of the previous chapter. 

We are slowly but surely getting close to that fatal day where murders occur in the wealthy estate. Maybe there is more than one murder? Mother Emma appears to hint at that possibility.

Episode 6 opens with Ji-yong ringing Hi-soo and asking if she is pregnant. Flashbacks confirm that she is. Her husband tells her not to drive in the storm to look for Ha-joon as she doesn’t need the stress of driving. Meanwhile, Seo-hyun is thinking about recent events and Ja-kyeong — she knows the birth mother of Ha-joon is alive; she knows Ja-kyeong is the mother. Ji-yong rings Ja-kyeong accusing her of taking Ha-joon, but she knows nothing about it and goes to look for him as well.

A bird is missing, but Ha-joon is found

Mother’s bird goes missing, and she’s furious. Seo-hyun is annoyed that she’s more worried about the bird than a missing child. Mother makes a sly comment that two mothers are looking for Ha-joon. Ha-joon is finally found, and Hi-soo is relieved. The son is emotionless as Hi-soo hugs him. With the kid found, the house staff heads out to the grounds to find the bird No-deok. It’s a beautiful bird that looks nice against the moonlight.

Ji-yong returns home and wants to see his son immediately to punish him for going to a concert on his own. Hi-soo tells her husband to step back. Ja-kyeong sees the commotion unfolding. Hi-soo decides to sleep in the same bed as her son until he falls asleep. Ja-kyeong feels complicated about the situation — she can feel how much Hi-soo cares for her son. In the middle of the night, Ja-kyeong sneaks into Ha-joon’s room and sleeps beside him. Hi-soo catches her, and the women argue again, but this time Ji-yong breaks up the argument and makes up with his wife.

Mine episode 6 shows we have come a long way — there are so many power struggles, unspoken words, and secrets amongst the characters. The story is ready to explode.

Ji-yong slowly ousts Ja-kyeong

Ja-kyeong tells Ji-yong that she will tell Hi-soo everything, but Ji-yong tells her that Hi-soo is pregnant and doesn’t need the stress. Ji-yong tells her he will also send a story to the PR team about how Ha-joon’s birth mother died in a car accident. Ja-kyeong storms off in a car and drives off in a rage but accidentally run someone over; however, she imagines herself dying in a car accident — that’s what will be explained in the media — she didn’t really run anyone over.

Hi-soo’s news and Seo-hyun’s dilemma 

Hi-soo and Seo-hyun meet the next morning for a drink and a chat; Hi-soo tells her that she’s pregnant and no longer feels uncertain. I believe Seo-hyun was going to tell Hi-soo about Ha-joon’s birth mother at this moment, but it was the wrong time to reveal it. So instead, Seo-hyun tells Mother that they need to get rid of Ja-kyeong.

Seo-hyun meets Mother Emma and explains that she knows a dark truth, and she doesn’t want to put Hi-soo in pain. Emma asks what she would want in Hi-soo’s shoes — the uncomfortable truth or the false peace? I loved this moment from the nun — she summarised the situation with a brilliant line.

Dropping the honorifics as Soo-yuk and Kim Yu-yeon get closer

After passionately kissing each other, Soo-hyuk and Kim Yu-yeon have a gentle conversation — they both agree to drop the honorifics — they are past that point. Later on, Soo-hyuk visits Kim Yu-yeon’s room and wishes her good night. They are like a pair of giddy children processing their first crush.

Seo-hyun has a frank conversation with Ji-yong, but he brings his own fightback 

Amongst all the madness in Mine episode 6, it’s easy to forget that there’s a power struggle for the company’s future. And it’s easy to understand who would be bidding for the top.

Seo-hyun visits Ji-yong at work — she talks to him about Ja-kyeong and asks why he let her in his home. He admits he should get rid of her now that Hi-soo is pregnant. Seo-hyun tells Ji-yong that he should let his wife make the ultimate decision. However, as she walks off, Ji-yong raises that he thought she’d understand the situation and that “love comes in many forms” — he must know about her secret female lover. He talks about her weakness and that they now both share heavy secrets. Both of them are fighting to be chairman of their company. Ji-yong calls her a sexual minority and that they both have acted badly against the family — he believes they shouldn’t bring each other down. He’s clearly an evil man willing to do anything for power and control.

The last attempt by Ja-kyeong to expose Ji-yong and the truth about Ha-joon 

Ja-kyeong tells Hi-soo that she will leave and wants to meet her in the car park — she’s in a car with Ji-yong. She tries kissing him as Hi-soo heads out, but Ji-yong sees his wife, hides Ja-kyeong, and leaves the car. Ja-kyeong presses the horn of the car, but Ji-yong calls it a malfunction. Mother Emma rings Hi-soo that saves the moment for Ji-yong. Ja-kyeon then speaks to Hi-soo after she’s done on the phone and tells her she will leave — she doesn’t want to make a pregnant woman anxious. Ja-kyeong was going to tell her something, but Hi-soo doesn’t want to know as she said their trust is broken — as she walks off, Hi-soo thanks her for caring for her son.

Seo-hyun opens up to Mother Emma about the woman she loves 

Seo-hyun tells Mother Emma about the last time she saw her lover Suzy Choi a few years ago — it was an emotional reunion, and nobody suspected them of being in love with each other. Seo-hyun cries and tells Emma she meant everything to her, but she thinks she needs to start letting her go.

The ending 

Once again, the double bill of episodes ends dramatically!

Ha-joon finally comes around and embraces Hi-soo — he tells her she’s the only mother he has in the universe. Learning that he’s going to have a sibling has made him realize he has a family again. At a charity event, Hi-soo learns who the reporter’s source was for the media scandal about Ha-joon’s birth mother — Lee Hye-jin — she knows this is the name of Ha-joon’s “deceased” birth mother.

Seo-hyun heads to the charity event to meet Hi-soo and tells her she’s going to give her the uncomfortable trouble — that Ja-kyeong is Lee Hye-jin, Ha-joon’s birth mother. Ja-kyeong turns up, and Hi-soo slaps her after she reveals herself to be Lee Hye-jin.

We keep saying this story is heating up, but if it gets any hotter, it will start burning through our screens — Mine episode 6 is another thrilling chapter.

Additional points
  • Seong-tae finds the family diamond and tries to sell it with his mistress. However, head maid Joo gets hold of the diamond, and Mr. Han sees her with it. She’s in an absolute panic that she’s been caught with it.

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