Mine episode 14 recap – is Hi-soo really suffering from amnesia?

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 20, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 13Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 14


The truth is moving ever closer in Mine as this tense drama begins to unravel for the final weekend.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 14 contains significant spoilers.

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This is really becoming a fast-paced story now as the dysfunctional family is under the eyes of the investigator after the murder of Ji-yong. Let’s hope the final two episodes pull off a remarkable twist because the writers have made us wait for this long…

At the start of Mine episode 14, the k-drama series reruns through the events of what may have happened on the night of the murder. The investigator (Hwang) scopes the crime scene after speaking to each family member; he has a jigsaw puzzle to solve. Head Maid Joo escorts Hwang around the residence and shows him a study room. Mother tells the investigator to get out because “Ji-yong died of cardiac arrest.” Hwang knows this is a tough case to crack, with most of the crime scene gone; the key is finding the other person who ended up on the floor next to Ji-yong.

Flashback: Han Suk-chul told Ji-yong to let go of everything

Ji-yong visits Han Suk-chul — he tells him he wants to be his real father from now on, and he asks him to let go of everything and wash it all out. But Ji-yong tells his father he cannot; it’s clear he’s gone too far. He’s a ticking, evil time-bomb. He asks one of the maids to get a strong prescription for him, even if it is legal, and provide a wad of money. He constantly had murder on his mind. He’s an evil man and a product of his environment and confusing childhood.

Flashback: A rare father/son moment between Ji-yong and Han-joon

A child’s love is unbeatable — so unbeatable that even Ji-yong struggles to contain himself when Ha-joon hugs him.

Ji-yong tells his son that he must become the best, and when he takes care of matters, he will still visit him regularly. Ha-joon tells his father that he loves him, and he wants him to take care of himself. The father and son hug it out, and for once, we see soft emotions from Ji-yong. Lee Hye-jin saw them both from the bedroom door; Lee Hye-jin claims to the investigator that was the last time he saw the man before his death.

Flashback: Mother Emma tries to stop Ji-yong from committing more sins, but he tells her he is powerful 

After Hi-soo heavily suggested it, Mother Emma visits Ji-yong — as she walks into his study, she kneels over and cries; she truly wanted this war to stop. She tells him he shouldn’t have committed so many sins. Ji-yong talks about how he was weak, but he has power now. He asks Mother Emma not to pray for him anymore and asks her to stop Hi-soo. This was so chilling.

Flashback: Three days before the murder – the man who killed Kwak Suk-chang is arrested

Jin-ho learns that Beom-gu, the man who murdered Kwak Suk-chang, has been arrested. They question him and ask if his boss Ji-yong ordered the murder. Further flashbacks show he Ji-yong told Beom-gu to admit the murder and claim it was a judge; he offers him a lot of money while in prison on a reduced sentence.

10 days after the murder – Hi-soo tells the family that Lee Hye-jin should raise Ha-joon and that she will also leave the estate

At the dinner table, Hi-soo feels Ha-joon will be fine in the states, and she is not the birth mother, so Lee Hye-jin is the right person to raise him. She also says she will be leaving soon. The family is surprised because, before her amnesia, she would have done anything for Ha-joon. Seo-hyun asks her to regain her memories, but Hi-soo reiterates that Lee Hye-jin is the birth mother. Meanwhile, Ha-joon fears that Hi-soo will never remember him, but Lee Hye-jin tries her best to reassure the young boy, and they hug it out — it’s painful to watch as Hi-soo listens outside the bedroom.

If Hi-soo is faking her amnesia, she’s done a good job at it in Mine episode 14.

10 days after the murder – Hi-soo visited Mother Emma about her relationship with Ji-yong

Ha-joon visited Mother Emma about her recent text messages between each other — she wants to know why she met Ji-yong in secret after she never texted back. Mother Emma states she has known Ji-yong since birth and has watched him grow from a distance; she had no idea Ji-yong had no one to turn to in this family. Further flashbacks show Ji-yong telling Mother Emma he has been abused by his only real family member (his mother) and that it’s too late for him — he states he does bad things and confessed to killing someone. Mother Emma tells him he’s not the only one who has gone through hardships, and he shouldn’t justify his sins. I liked it when she said this — a bad life does not justify doing bad things to people, especially the life Ji-yong has had and the opportunities ahead of him.

And back to 10 days after the murder, Mother Emma tells Hi-soo that it was her at the top of the staircase above where Ji-yong was murdered; she wonders if Hi-soo was also a victim after seeing another person on the floor.

After the murder – the investigator suspects Hi-soo’s amnesia is all an act. 

Lee Hye-jin tells Hi-soo that she must get her memories back as they have a lot to discuss. In the next scene, Ha-joon asks Hi-soo to make him ramyeon and gets frustrated that she doesn’t remember anything — Lee Hye-jin looks on at the situation with a pained look. Meanwhile, the investigator looks into one of Hi-soo’s films, where she had to play a character with amnesia. He asks someone to look at her medical records.

After the murder – investigator Hwang learns that Hi-soo passed out next to Ji-yong 

The character we need to keep an eye on is Seo-hyun; if there is a massive conspiracy, she will surely be the conductor behind this orchestra.

While sitting down with each other, the investigator notices a scar on Seo-hyun’s hand — he asks her if she really thinks Hi-soo has lost her memories and who she thinks the other person lying next to Ji-yong is. He then asks her to show her arm. But then, the investigator gets a call from his colleague who updates him on Hi-soo’s medical records; he’s told Hi-soo hurt her ribs and had a pelvic fracture — he also explains that she hurt her head badly and had an MRI scan; this all happened on the day of the incident. The colleague concludes that the person passed out on the floor next to Ji-yong was Hi-soo.

After the murder – who took Hi-soo to the hospital? 

So the investigator revisits the crime scene; he’s now wondering if Mother Emma was lying about seeing Hi-soo at the top — this would be a brilliant twist because none of us would expect the nun to lie. He interviews Lee Hye-jin and asks who took Hi-soo to the hospital as she couldn’t have driven in that state. Lee Hye-jin says she was in Boston with Ha-joon on the day of the incident, but he calls her a liar, which she laughs at; she’s used to being called a liar by now, so this is nothing to her.

The ending of Mine episode 14

The investigation moves back to Seong-tae as the investigator knows that he’s the key to all this. And then Hwang asks Hi-soo for permission to speak to Ha-joon. As they pick him up from school, Ha-joon is nearly run over, but Hi-soo saves him, and she reiterates to be careful when crossing the road; she’s warned him before; Ha-joon smiles, knowing that his mother remembers him — did this incident bring her memories back?

Meanwhile, at the police station, the investigator’s colleague finds something alarming on his computer — he then rings Hwang. He tells him Lee Hye-jin was in the States on the day of the incident, but the case file says the tutor’s name is Kang Ja-kyeong, which led to the mix-up. He then sends him a photo of the person who drove Hi-soo to the hospital — it was Seo-hyun.

The truth is moving ever closer in Mine as this tense drama begins to unravel for the final weekend.

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