Mine episode 15 recap – [spoiler] confesses to killing Ji-yong

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 26, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 15


Rehashing many plot points that we already knew, the penultimate episode was nearly a waste of time until the end.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 15 contains significant spoilers.

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At one point, I genuinely thought episode 15 would be a waste of time, especially when it delved into Jin-hee’s fractured marriage (we don’t care about that at this point). But as always, Mine has a way of stinging the audience at the end.

Episode 15 begins two days before the murder. Ji-yong learns that his appointment is being postponed, and he’s not happy about it. Seo-hyun tells him it’s all over and recommends he resigns, however, Ji-yong refuses to give up — he wants to fight. And then it’s 1 day before the murder, and Hi-soo tells her husband that she has proof he’s a murderer — she wants him to own up to everything he’s done, as she thinks it will be the best thing for Ha-joon. Once again, Ji-yong refuses to give up and offers harsh words in return. Seo-hyun tells Hi-soo that they may need to use their “last resort,” leaving the audience wondering what that is.

Seo-hyun tells the investigator that Ji-yong committed suicide

Investigator Hwang questions Seo-hyun about that fatal night again; he wants more details, including how she exited the house with Hi-soo. Seo-hyun states that she has to protect Hyowon Group and anything negative coming out would hurt stocks, but she states no one in the family has blood on their hands, and Ji-yong committed suicide.

You have to feel sorry for the investigator at this point — everyone has a poker face.

Hi-soo keeps remembering that night

Hi-soo tells her therapist that she doesn’t think she can love or trust anyone again after what happened to her husband. She remembers the look in his eyes as he died. She wants to start afresh and reset her life. As she leaves her therapist, she realizes she is being followed by one of the investigator’s colleagues; she tells him that following her will not give him more leads. What is clear is that the investigator does not trust either Hi-soo or Seo-hyun.

Seong-tae has poisonous acids in his room

The maids find poisonous acids in Seong-tae’s room and are confused about why he would have had it. They wonder if he’s truly in Monaco or if he’s dead.

Head maid Joo brings the poisonous elements to Seo-hyun. Flashbacks show Joo questioning what Seong-tae was up to. Seo-hyun invites the maids in who found the bottles and asks them to take care of them, or they may be in trouble.

Were the poisons the murder weapon? It would make sense that Ji-yong is deemed to have died of cardiac arrest.

Hi-soo’s memory returns // Lee Hye-jin learns about Ji-yong’s request for lethal sleeping pills

Lee Hye-jin learns that Hi-soo’s memories are back after she made Ha-joon his favorite waffles. She then speaks to another maid and learns Ji-yong asked her to obtain the strongest sleeping pills for him. He didn’t mind them being lethal.

Lee Hye-jin wants to know how Ji-yong died

Lee Hye-jin believes Hi-soo knows who killed Ji-yong as she saw her motherly gaze, which cannot be faked. Hi-soo tells her to turn a blind eye as it would be better than the truth. Lee Hye-jin asks Hi-soo if she killed Ji-yong as she wants to know how he died.

More questions for Mother Emma

Flashbacks show Mother Emma desperately asking Ji-yong to turn himself in after investigator Hwang asks her for details. Later on in the flashback, Ji-yong rang Mother Emma and told her he is going to leave. Everyone was at the party apart from Ji-yong. She asked Seong-tae where Ji-yong was. In the present day, Seong-tae rings the investigator and tells him he didn’t kill Ji-yong, but he opened the door to the bunker.

The ending of Mine season 1, episode 15

Seo-hyun speaks to Hi-soo, knowing she remembers everything that happened that day. Hi-soo avoids the question and states she will be leaving this house soon. Hi-soo asks one of the maids to take her to the bunker — she looks around and sees a photo of Ji-yong. At the same time, the investigator returns to the estate late at night. He needs to conclude the investigation and wants to see the bunker.

Hwang enters the bunker and sees Hi-soo is already there, sitting on the rocking chair. She tells him she’s here to get better oxygen. He tells her that he knows she has her memories and that the family is trying to disguise the case as a suicide. He also reckons Hi-soo killed Ji-yong.

Hi-soo confesses and says she killed Ji-yong (as everything points at her), but she can’t remember anything, so she is of little help in his investigation. Hwang laughs at her audacity and walks off. Hi-soo eyes the portrait of Ji-yong, and her eyes fill up.

Did she really kill Ji-yong? It feels like one more twist is heading our way.

Additional points
  • Ji-yong tells Hi-soo that Seo-hyun is a lesbian. Hi-soo tells Seo-hyun to do what her heart tells her, and she’ll protect her like a sister.
  • The investigator visits Jin-ho, and he’s asked about Seong-tae. Jin-ho claims that he and Seong-tae are lovers, and because of the pressures, he had to send him away. Of course, he’s lying to avoid the questions. When Jin-ho rings Seong-tae, he stresses that he didn’t kill Ji-yong.
  • Jin-hee learns that her husband has a mistress while he’s in hospital. When she confronts the situation, she uses funny anger management techniques, so she doesn’t explode.
  • As the episode ends, head maid Joo leaves the estate, and Seo-hyun stops and asks what she’s doing.

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  • September 13, 2021 at 7:45 am

    ‘MINE’: Mind blowing final. The writer and producer are geniuses didn’t see that coming. Brilliant. Viv ( Portugal )

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