Mine episode 5 recap – [spoiler] disappears in the most thrilling chapter so far

May 22, 2021
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Episode 5 is a thrilling piece of work — this is a k-drama series that looks to be getting stronger with each chapter as the dysfunctional and toxic family slowly falls apart with secrets and deception.

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Episode 5 is a thrilling piece of work — this is a k-drama series that looks to be getting stronger with each chapter as the dysfunctional and toxic family slowly falls apart with secrets and deception.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 5 contains significant spoilers.

This k-drama series appears to be getting increasingly thrilling for the reviews, and there are already so many chapters left.

As dramatic as always, episode 5 opens with Hi-soo confronting Ja-kyeong with a continuation from episode 4 — she tells her to stay as she needs to know the truth for Ha-joon. Ja-kyeong agrees to stay for now. After this confrontation, Hi-soo continues to link recent events; she knows there’s more to Ja-kyeong — she meets Jung Seo-hyun to talk about her situation. First, however, Seo-hyun wants to know why she told Soo-hyuk where Kim Yu-yeon is when she knows he’s getting engaged — she expresses that the more you have here, the less freedom follows, which is a tragic statement to make. Next, Hi-soo states that they should never have hired Ja-kyeong and wonders how she contacted the family. Seo-hyun explains that the Madam of Iyeon Group introduced her to them.

Investigating Ja-kyeong’s previous life

So Mine episode 5 turns into a thorough investigation for Hi-soo

When Hi-soo meets the Madam, the head maid explains that she’s abroad and that she’d like to meet her next time. The head maid explains how Ja-kyeong tutored children for the Madam — she absolutely vouches for her, but Hi-soo is suspicious that she spent ten years abroad. Hi-soo looks at a photo with the children while the head maid tells her that she was great with them. This convinces Hi-soo that there’s nothing in it (for now).

Hi-soo visits Mother Emma and tells her that she looked into Ja-kyeong being the mother of Ha-joon. The nun laughs, expressing it’s impossible for the deceased mother to work at the house. However, she doesn’t throw away the possibility that there’s a conspiracy around the birth mother’s death. It’s almost like Mother Emma knows something that she isn’t revealing to the viewers.

As for Seo-hyun, she secretly investigates Ja-kyeong — she wants to know what Ji-yong’s past lover looks like. Further context scenes reveal she’s really called Lee Hye-jin as she emailed Mother Emma at the mother’s foundation with that name.

Kim Yu-yeon admits to Soo-hyuk that she likes Soo-hyuk

The romantic subplot is heating up in episode 5; it’s frustrating as it’s placed a scenario where viewers will really want these two to be happy.

Kim Yu-yeon is getting increasingly frustrated — she yearns for Soo-hyuk but knows she cannot truly have him as he’s due an engagement. Soo-hyuk asks for her presence, and she tells him he looks good with his future wife. Soo-hyuk asks her if she truly means that, and the pair get frustrated with each other. Kim Yu-yeon breaks the unspoken words and tells him that she likes him before trying to walk off. Soo-hyuk stops her, and their bickering continues, as Kim Yu-yeon describes the differences in their lives and privileges — she tells him to let her take care of her feelings and storms off. Seo-hyun senses that something is not right and warns Soo-hyuk that she will kick Kim Yu-yeon out again if it carries on.

Relive the moment Hi-soo caught Ja-kyeong dressing up in her clothes:

Mothers who love their child 

Episode 5 does confirm one similarity between Hi-soo and Ja-kyeong; they both truly love Ha-joon, regardless of this war going on between them.

Hi-soo speaks to Ja-kyeong and explains that she confirmed her previous life for herself. She thanks him for keeping her son safe, but she still doesn’t trust her. She wonders why she gave Ha-joon a necklace with a horse hoof shoe on it. Ja-kyeong tells her that Ha-joon is different from other kids and feels attached to him — she raises how they both cherish the boy and agrees that she crossed the line. Hi-soo tells her to refrain from having secrets with Ha-joon. Later on in the evening, Seo-hyun reveals to Hi-soo that their mother-in-law knows about the real identity of the birth mother — this further reaffirms Hi-soo’s belief that Ja-kyeong is not the birth mother, but Seo-hyun asks about her suspicions. Meanwhile, Ja-kyeong has a drink with Ji-yong, and she tells him she’s ecstatic that she gets to see her son — she tells him she’s going to get her child and man back — Ji-yong tells her to remain as a tutor and not to hurt their son — he wants both women to look after his son, so he becomes flawless. What an arsehole of a man.

Mother denies, denies, denies 

Hi-soo speaks to Mother and asks her straight — what is the name of Ha-joon’s birth mother. Mother tells her it doesn’t matter as she is dead — she gets furious, but Hi-soo explains that there’s no name on the birth certificate. Mother continues to get defensive and says she doesn’t have a photo of a “dead person”. When Hi-soo leaves, Mother rips up the photo she has of the birth mother. She then asks the head maid Joo about her recollections of the birth mother of Ha-joon. Mother gives her the bin with the torn-up photo. When Hi-soo returns to the apartment, she sees a photo of Ji-yong on a horse — he’s wearing the same necklace that Ja-kyeong gave Ha-joon.

Hi-soo confronts her husband 

It seems that Hi-soo keeps on hitting dead ends, but we get the sense that she knows the truth deep down, even if her husband is ever so manipulative in Mine episode 5.

Late in the night, Hi-soo questions Ji-yong about the necklace. She tells him he was wearing it on a horse in one of his photos in the past. Ji-yong tells her that these necklaces are a lucky charm for horse riders (I was impressed by his quick thinking here). He tells her that the birth mother is alive and makes Hi-soo feel guilty for asking it — he tells her it is absurd that she’s raising suspicions that his past lover was Kang Ja-kyeong. Hi-soo thinks she has a right to know the birth mother’s name; he gives it to her — Lee Hye-jin.

The media report

Hi-soo’s week gets worse as it is leaked in the media that she is not the birth mother of Ha-joon. Mother is fuming at Seo-hyun regarding the leak and wonders how one journalist could not be stopped. Seo-hyun tells her that they can no longer control public opinion, and maybe it is time to listen to them as it is a different world. Mother also states that Jin-ho had never abused women and that Soo-hyuk was abandoned by his mother. Kim Yu-yeon listens outside the door and hears everything, and Soo-hyuk catches her. Meanwhile, Jin-hee is panicking at the articles, and she explains she never permitted to release that information — as for Ji-yong, he slams his fist on the table when he sees the article and confronts Ja-kyeong about it — he tells her not to hurt their son — this time it feels like a stern warning.

The ending 

Hi-soo is stuck — she doesn’t know how to confront Ha-joon — she doesn’t want to worsen his pain, and the whole scenario is driving her insane. Ja-kyeong can see Hi-soo crying, and she looks briefly guilty before continuing to walk. Late in the night, Kim Yu-yeon meets Soo-hyuk in the pouring rain; she obviously sympathizes with the young master since learning he was abandoned. He tells her to stand in the dry with him as she doesn’t have an umbrella — she admits his life is just as terrible, and she promises to keep it a secret. Soo-hyuk tells her that he struggles to sleep again because of her. The pair kiss each other with the rain pouring down around them — the apple was presented, and they took it.

Hi-soo is alerted that Ha-joon went missing after school. Seo-hyun gets a phone call and states the file on Lee Hye-jin has been deleted — she knows she’s alive — she’s also alerted that Ha-joon has gone missing — she asks her head maid where Ja-kyeong is. Ji-yong tries to ring Hi-soo and asks her if she is pregnant while everyone is out looking for Ha-joon.

The ending reminds viewers that there’s going to be a murder in this house soon! We nearly forgot.

Mine episode 5 is a thrilling piece of work — this is a k-drama series that looks to be getting stronger with each chapter as the dysfunctional and toxic family slowly falls apart with secrets and deception.

Additional points
  • Seong-tae knows that Kim Yu-yeon is falling in love with Soo-hyuk by the way she watches him.
  • Jin-hee is tracked down by a journalist about her bakery scandal; the reporter tells her that he knows Hi-soo is not the biological mother of Ha-joon.
  • Seo-hyun knows her husband has a mistress and keeps track of it.
  • Ji-yong secretly watches underground fighting.
  • Kim Yu-yeon tries to return the money that Seo-hyun gave her to spy. Seo-hyun is dismayed that she would return the mother and wonders if she thinks it would change her situation. So she tells her to take the money and distance herself from Soo-hyuk.
  • Seo-hyun wants to get revenge on the journalist that released the article on their family.

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