Mine episode 4 recap – Kang Ja-kyeong is the mother of [spoiler]

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 16, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 4


Episode 4 establishes that this is a k-drama series worth staying around for; there’s plenty to be patient for, but there is something addictive about the series of events unfolding.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 4 contains significant spoilers.

Since episode 3, everyone on Twitter has asked the question — is Kang Ja-kyeong Ha-joon’s mother? Finally, episode 4 seems to give us the ultimate answer.

At the start of episode 4, Mother Emma visits Han Suk-chul, who is still in a coma. Meanwhile, Hi-soo has to deal with the aftermath of Kang Ja-kyeong slapping Jin-won’s mother; she has to apologize to her and assures her that she didn’t send her tutor to hurt her. However, Jin-won’s mother doesn’t believe her and stands her ground — she wants to slap Kang Ja-kyeong herself and receive an apology; she feels the tutor was acting like a mother who lost her mind over her son (she’s not wrong).

When Hi-soo returns home, Kang Ja-kyeong offers to kneel and apologize, but Hi-soo does not find that acceptable as someone who works for her. The k-drama series is doing a marvellous job pitting these two characters against each other; the tension is unbearable.

Kim Yu-yeon is in deep trouble / Soo-hyuk tries to save the situation

Mother asks Kim Yu-yeon the truth about her sleeping in Soo-hyuk’s room. When she admits it, Mother slaps her. Hi-soo has to calm her down as Mother calls her a “lowly wench.” Then, Hi-soo asks Kim Yu-yeon her version of the story — she explains that Soo-hyuk could only sleep well in her room, and vice versa, so they switched. Hi-soo sympathizes, but she implies that she will likely be fired.

Soo-hyuk learns that Kim Yu-yeon was kicked out, and Mother hit her. Soo-hyuk heads out to find the maid. He finds her at Mother Emma’s house and asks if she can take her back. However, by the time Mother Emma checks on Kim Yu-yeon, she’s gone. She tells Soo-hyuk that it’s best to leave her alone.

Soo-hyuk is the only likeable character at this stage; he seems to be the only one who understands what it’s like to lead an average life.

Is Kang Ja-kyeong Ha-joon’s mother?

And the question we wanted answering, is answered.

Kang Ja-kyeong visits Jin-won’s mother and tries to settle matters with her. She apologizes, but Jin-won wants her on her knees so she can slap. Kang Ja-kyeong changes the topic and tells Jin-won’s mother that she knows she changed identity but did a terrible job at it. She asks if her son knows about her past. Jin-won’s mother looks panicked. Kang Ja-kyeong threatens to email her son with all the clients she had if she bothers her again — while angry, Kang Ja-kyeong makes it slip that Ha-joon is her son. Flashbacks show Kang Ja-kyeong pleading with Ji-yong and asking if she can hold her son once.

It seems that Kang Ja-kyeong was once (or still is) a mistress.

Jin-hee loses position

Jin-hee learns that she has lost her CEO position for the bakery company and is asked to hand it over to Ji-yong. She berates Hi-soo about it for not handling the scandal in the media — Hi-soo tells her she has an inferiority complex and asks her to leave the house; she pretends to be Jin-hee and screams and shouts — she’s an actress after all, and this brings a funny moment to a dark mystery drama.

Passion in the stairwell

At an art exhibition, Jin-won’s mother shows up — her son asks if Ha-joon’s mother is dead, and he’s doubtful about it. Jin-won’s mother assures him that’s not the case, and she keeps looking over to Kang Ja-kyeong with a worried face.  Meanwhile, Kang Ja-kyeong and Ji-yong are alone at the exhibition; Jung Seo-hyun queries what they are doing. Moments before, Kang Ja-kyeong was brushing Ji-yong’s hand. In the stairwell at the exhibition, Ji-yong and Kang Ja-kyeong snog each other passionately; it’s almost like they can’t stay away from each other. Hi-soo calls her husband, but Kang Ja-kyeong puts the phone down every time she calls. As Hi-soo is about to enter the stairwell, Mother Emma puts her hand on her shoulder. Hi-soo can sense something is wrong, but strangely, she rings Soo-hyuk and tells him that she knows where Kim Yu-yeon — she suggests that he should follow his heart.

Wow! So an affair is in full throttle in Mine episode 4, and does Mother Emma know about it? It also wouldn’t be surprising if Hi-soo knows her husband is having an affair deep down as well.

Soo-hyuk asks Kim Yu-yeon to return to her job

Soo-hyuk finds Kim Yu-yeon and apologize. She now works in a fast-food restaurant. He decides to order at the till and refuses to give up. He falls asleep as the restaurant closes, which softens Kim Yu-yeon. She sits next to him and explains she was mistreated and that the job was good pay. Soo-hyuk tells her to return to her high-paying job — he explains that he finds his family unpleasant just as much as her.

Hi-soo asks Kang Ja-kyeong to resign

We are surprised Kang Ja-kyeong lasted this long, but Hi-soo finally gives in.

Hi-soo is tired of Kang Ja-kyeong and asks her to leave by handing in her resignation — she finds her uncomfortable and does not like her level of attachment to Ha-joon. Later on, Hi-soo asks Ji-yong how he met Ha-joon’s mother — he confirms she was his horseback riding coach (Kang Ja-kyeong is very good on a horse). Ji-yong is dismayed that Hi-soo has fired Kang Ja-kyeong for “personal reasons”; he thinks after the scandal with Jin-hee, they need to be careful of dismissals.

The ending

Soo-hyuk follows Kim Yu-yeon; he wants her to accept his apology and asks her to slap him like Mother. Kim Yu-yeon pretends to slap him and laughs. She then agrees to return to his home so she can continue working. They return together, and Soo-hyuk tells Mother (his grandmother) that he’s brought back Kim Yu-yeon and she should stop bullying her. He admits he can only sleep in her room and that he started it — he asks her to leave her alone, and if she does, he will marry A-rim.

Jung Seo-hyun visits Mother and asks if she knew Kang Ja-kyeong before she was hired. Mother’s reaction is evident; she knew her. Jung Seo-hyun wants to be aware of everything that happens in the household. But the question is, does Mother know that Kang Ja-kyeon is Ha-joon’s mother? It wouldn’t be surprising. And what does Kang Ja-kyeong have over Mother?

Ha-joon is annoyed that Kang Ja-kyeong is fired and expresses his annoyance to Hi-soo. He tells her he nearly got seriously hurt on a horse, and she saved him. Hi-soo looks at security footage of Ha-joon horse riding and remembers Ji-yong telling her that Kang Ja-kyeong is a horse riding coach. Hi-soo approaches Kang Ja-kyeong in her room and pushes her against the wall. She tells her not to leave, and they square up to each other! It’s getting juicy, folks.

Mine episode 4 establishes that this is a k-drama series worth staying around for; there’s plenty to be patient for, but there is something addictive about the series of events unfolding.

Additional points
  • Ji-yong updates Mother and explains that Han Suk-chul is not well and needs to prepare for his death and his will.
  • Soo-hyuk learns that Kim Yu-yeon was paying back loan sharks and that her father is in deep debt.
  • Soo-hyuk visits Kim Yu-yeon’s house, and she isn’t in, but he does meet her brother. Unfortunately, the brother is unaware of the financial woes and believes Kim Yu-yeon still works at his house and makes good money.
  • Seong-tae asks Jung Seo-hyun if they can be close friends, but she says no.
  • Knowing that head maid Joo has been using cameras to spy on family members, Jung Seo-hyun warns her what is at stake for all families
  • Jung Seo-hyun learns that Seong-tae saw Kang Ja-kyeong and Han Ji-yong together in the garden — she knows there’s something suspicious about Kang Ja-kyeong.

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