Black Summer season 2, episode 2 recap – what happened in “Prelude”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 17, 2021
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Netflix series Black Summer season 2, episode 2 - Prelude


Episode 2 is certainly entertaining, even if we are questioning the purpose of the story — we are barely learning anything new.

This recap of Netflix’s Black Summer season 2, episode 2, “Prelude,” contains major spoilers.

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As you can tell by the title, episode 2 serves the audience context to what happened before the opening chapter to provide different character perspectives.

The opening scene begins with the title screen, “Officer Ray Nazeri.” Sirens are going off, and Ray is packing items. He’s a little on edge, convincing himself that everything is going to be okay. Wielding a baseball bat, Ray slowly walks around the house. He closes the door on a zombie and the way he keeps convincing himself that he’s going to be okay sounds like he’s speaking to his children. Eventually, Ray leaves the house.

Using Anna to gain access

The title screen, “The Decision,” pops up. A couple of men are taking items from a store. Anna slams on the shop door, and she tells the men that her parents are dead and asks if she can come in. Feeling guilty because she’s a kid, they let her in. Anna immediately goes to the back of the store and lets Rose, Spear, and Sun in. They tell the men to leave the store.

The lesson always is — do not trust anyone.

Rose and Anna leave the group, Sun is captured

As they scour the streets, Sun finds a man that needs water, so she gives him a bottle. Suddenly, the group sees a militia faction so run. Sun and Spear run separately and hide in a building. There’s plenty of tense minutes as the group keeps on finding new hiding places. Sun, Rose, and Anna manage to get away, but they find Spear, who has been shot. Rose thinks Spear is going to slow them down. Rose tells Anna to go, and they leave Sun and Spear. The militia group approach Sun, so she throws Spear down a grassy bank, so they don’t see him. Ray asks Sun if she knows where her friends went.

A dying friend

The title screen, “Three Point Turn,” pops up. A couple of men are dragged out of their truck by a group of people. The title screen, “Friends,” pops up. A man finds a snowed-in car and looks inside it. Venturing in the snow, he returns to his friend, who is nearly freezing to death. He helps his friend get into bed — he tries his best to try to keep his friend comfortable, but then his friend slowly passes away, and all you can hear is groans from him. His friend suddenly turns into a zombie.

I mean, come on, get with the script — he should have seen this coming!

Borrowing zombie gloves

The title screen, “Shadow,” pops up. Spears is still struggling as he meanders across a snowy scape. He reaches a snowy hill, and the foundation collapse beneath him, so he falls down the hill. He ends up lying next to a zombie that’s not in good shape. He takes the zombie’s gloves. When he looks at the top of the hill, he sees a person.

The ending of Black Summer season 2, episode 2

The title screen, “Rose and Anna,” pops up. The mother and daughter find a house ahead of them, and Rose calls it “beautiful,” but they soon have to hide from a zombie. Rose gets out her sniper and scopes the zombie, but in the first attempt, she misses, so they have to run. When they get to the house, the door is stuck initially, but Freddy lets them in. There are a few people inside.

Episode 2 is certainly entertaining, even if we are questioning the purpose of the story — we are barely learning anything new.

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  • July 1, 2021 at 5:17 am

    I feel like you could have elaborated more on the Three-Point Turn segment. That being said, this is otherwise a good synopsis. 🙂

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