Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 1 recap – a wonderful time of the year

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 17, 2021 (Last updated: March 2, 2023)
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Netflix K-Drama series Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 1


Hospital Playlist returns, but it doesn’t feel like it left as season 2 gets off to a wonderful start, capturing the audience’s hearts once again.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 1 contains major spoilers. 

Our favorite hospital drama is back, and oh how we have missed this! And unsurprisingly, season 2 of Hospital Playlist gets off to an emotional start, however, it’s easy to miss the warm feeling it brings.

Lonely Christmas meal for Min-ha // Seok-hyeong heads to the emergency center.

Episode 2 opens with Seok-hyeong getting a message from Min-ha asking if he’d like to do something with her that evening, but then he makes an excuse about having dinner with friends — he’s hesitant to send it but sends it anyway. Ex-wife Yoon Sin-hye then rings him about her father’s CT scan, so he heads to the emergency center. The episode then flits to the steakhouse in front of the hospital. Min-ha is disappointed that Seok-hyeong did not join her, and she bows her head — she decides to enjoy steak and wine regardless; if you are going to be lonely at Christmas time, you may as well enjoy the food.

Min-ha is heartbroken // Jeong-won decides not to quit

Seok-hyeong updates the patient’s family members, and he has no idea if the bleeding will worsen or not, and explains that it’s a waiting game. He joins Sin-hye for some food, and Min-ha sees him outside with her in the snow, and she’s heartbroken — Christmas can be a tragic time of the year, but, interestingly, this romantic frustration continues in season 2 — will Seok-hyeong ever take the plunge? Meanwhile, Jong-su learns that Jeong-won will not quit while enjoying red wine and food — sometimes, Christmas brings great news!

Lee Ik-jun sees a man having a suspected stroke 

And another uncertain relationship takes centre stage in episode 1 of season 2.

While out bike riding, Ik-jun sees an older man suddenly throws up, and there’s a concern as he collapses. Lee Ik-jun spurs into action as he suspects it’s a stroke. He joins the man in the ambulance. Outside the hospital, he is surprised to see Song-hwa, who was meant to be leaving, but she explains she has a lecture the next day — they agree to get coffee. Argh, so much uncertainty!

Jang Gyeo-ul is irked by visits from a patient’s mother 

As always, Jang Gyeo-ul has a lot to learn about social and professional situations — she struggles with it, but it’s always relatable how she tries to learn (something very similar to what I suffer from).

Yeon-u’s mother comes to the hospital, and she’s delighted to see Jang Gyeo-ul.  Yeon-u was born prematurely and was in a lot of pain before dying. Dr Jang got very close to the situation as the child basically grew up in the hospital. A couple of the nurses wonders if Yeon-u’s mother comes around often to gather evidence.

Over an intimate dinner, Gyeo-ul tells Jeong-won about the frequent visits from Yeon-u’s mother. He tells her she comes to the hospital a lot because she wants to talk to someone about Yeon-u and that she’s a relatable person as the child spent so much time in the hospital. However, he reassures her that she will stop visiting eventually and that for now, she should always give the mother a warm welcome.

A pregnant woman requests Professor Seok-hyeong from Min-ha

Min-ha and a professor have to deliver bad news to an expecting mother in the intensive unit — they need to force a birth, or she risks dying herself as the water broke too early. The professor asks the parents to have some time to say goodbye to their unborn baby that is likely to die. It’s tragic to watch such a horrifying situation for a pregnant woman.  Privately, the patient tells Min-ha that they want a different professor and have heard Seok-hyeong managed to help save a premature baby’s life once. She speaks to Seok-hyeong about it, and he agrees to examine the patient.

He speaks to the pregnant woman and agrees that there’s a slim chance of the baby’s survival but wouldn’t say zero percent. He then gives them the next steps but tells them in an understanding way. This is a case that is bugging Min-ha — you can tell she really wants to find a way to save the baby. Min-ha speaks to Seok-hyeong again and wonders if the family will blame him if something goes wrong — Seok-hyeong admits he’s afraid all the time, but he focuses on doing the best all the time.

Min-ha asks Seok-hyeong about Yoon Seon-ju’s daughter 

From baby talk to prying about Seok-hyeong’s personal life, Min-ha is still clinging on to hope that she can get him out on a date (surely it’s going to happen sooner or later!)

As it is past midnight, Min-ha can ask Seok-hyeong another question — this time, it’s about Professor Yoon Seon-ju in room 7009; she wants to know his relationship with his daughter. He explains that she’s his ex-wife. Min-ha dives in to try and arrange a date with him after checking his diary.

Dr Jang asks Yeon-u’s mother for a coffee

After listening to Ahn Jeon-won’s advice, Dr. Jang asks Yeon-u’s mother if she’d like to have coffee with her, and she’s overwhelmed with the offer. All she wanted was someone to talk to and appreciate the times she had with her child at the hospital. The mother tells the doctor that she keeps coming to the hospital, and she’s unsure why. Dr. Jang admits she can be quiet, blunt, and not good with words, but she offers her to speak to the mother any time — she says she can visit as much as she wants. The mother expresses her gratitude and gives Dr. Jang a gift.

This is an emotional but sweet moment between the two women. Hospital Playlist returns, and knows how to get to the heart.

The ending of the Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 1

After band practice, Ik-jun and Song-hwa hit the road together. They listen to the song they practiced together and sit in silence while listening to it. It feels like an awkward silence. Near the end of the episode, Ik-jun invites Song-hwa into his office; she answers a question he asked in Sokcho — she tells him that he shouldn’t tell her how he feels as they’ve been best friends for a long time. Song-hwa talks about it in a third-person way, making the audience continue to ponder their relationship. It was a strange conversation.

Seok-hyeong sits with his ex-wife in the cafe, and she tells him she wanted to have dinner with him — he wants to meet up more and have regular dinners. Oh dear, Min-ha has her work cut out.

Hospital Playlist returns, but it doesn’t feel like it left as season 2 gets off to a wonderful start, capturing the audience’s hearts once again.

Doctor’s notes
  • Lee Ik-jun is surprised by how much his son has grown.
  • Dr. Jang updates Professor Ahn on patient Seung-ho, who still has a mild fever. She also gives him an update on Chae-eun’s liver results. Ahn Jeong-won is a little concerned, so he goes to check up on her. He offers the family an update and says she’s well enough to leave the next day. The young girl asks how long she has to live, and Professor Ahn sweetly says that he’s confident that she will outlive him.
  • Jun-wan berates Ik-jun for eating his crackers.
  • The hospital is still waiting for a donor for Eun-ji — Lee Ik-jun asks Jang Hong-do what he’s doing with Eun-ji, but he was checking up on the child. He recommends that he studies, along with his acquaintance.
  • Seon-hyeok speaks to Min-ha in private and tells her not to answer the phone if she’s doing something with a patient, as it will make them feel uncomfortable. Min-ha agrees, but you can tell she wants to say more.

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