Elite season 4, episode 3 recap – what happened in “When Lies Dance Along with Temptations”?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: June 18, 2021
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Netflix series Elite season 4, episode 3


Best episode of season 4 so far. The new characters truly are becoming stronger in the story the deeper they get. The mystery continues!

This recap of Netflix’s Elite season 4, episode 3, ‘When Lies Dance Along with Temptations”, contains major spoilers.


Ari begins to flatline as her family rush to her side. Ander gets questioned by the police, where he details his dislike for all four members of the Benjamin Family. “They destroyed everything. Like a metastatic growth”.

At Las Encinas, TV Screens are everywhere, and as Rebe goes through the school’s new walk-in security, she calls Samuel. It seems their friendship is back on, and she confides that she’s falling for Mencia. Rebe causes drama for herself when she accidentally sends a voice note to Mencia. Announcing on the TVs, Prince Phillipe makes a grand announcement. He’s inviting the school to a ball.

Already annoyed that Nadia has changed her online status to single, he snaps at Samuel for sleeping with Ari. Meanwhile, in the showers, Ander and Patrick instigate another threesome. Omar? He’s not so interested.

Dates for the Ball

A self sure Ari asks Guzman to be her date for the ball. Angered that she slept with Samuel, Guzman rejects her. Caye, on the other hand, is delighted when asked to be Prince Phillipe’s date. After he takes to look at gowns, they have sex. Meanwhile, Ander fantasises about having another threesome with Omar and Patrick by masturbating in the shower. He tells Omar that it’s unfair he has decided to end the situation they had with Patrick.

Mencia invites herself around to see Rebe. She isn’t concerned about the voice note that Rebe left and they agree to attend the ball together. But just as Mencia goes down on Rebe, Sandra (Rebe’s Mother) walks in.

Already an awkward situation, it’s made worse when Sandra recognises Mencia as the hooker from Speakeasy. Sandra gives Mencia three options; she will tell Rebe, Mencia tell Rebe, or get out of the way.

Back home, Guzman FaceTimes. He questions whether they were hasty in splitting up. Nadia doesn’t agree. She has the belief that they should move on. In a heartbreaking scene, the pair bid each other farewell before ending the call. Shortly afterward, Guzman visits Ari and asks her to be his date for the ball. Guzman doesn’t mess about!

Moving to the night of Ari’s accident, Omar gets questioned by the police. He’s asked if Guzman spoke to either Ari or Samuel.

Night of the Ball

After discovering that Sandra has returned to dealing drugs, Mencia ignores her threats and turns up at Rebe’s front door. Much to Sandra’s horror. Just as the ball begins, Caye finds a recording device. Sneaking onto Prince Phillipe’s laptop, she learns that there are a variety of recordings with different girls. Three of which are of her.

Due to the nature of the ball, Caye dances with Prince Phillipe. Although, she soon becomes too distressed and runs out of the ball. Prince Phillipe says that “security calls for certain exceptions”. He adds that the reason he records himself having sex is that a girl just like Caye had previously accused him of sexual assault. Prince Phillipe tells Caye that she has bad press around, being the ex-girlfriend of a murderer (Polo), but he still likes her and doesn’t want their relationship to end.

After Patrick texts Ander, he heads upstairs to meet him. Except it’s not Ander, Omar has tricked him. With the knowledge that Ander and Patrick had sex, Omar tells Patrick to stay away. Seeing the situation as a game, Patrick hits on Omar, and they have sex.

Spotting Samuel serve Ari a drink, Guzman kicks off and accuses Samuel of trying to get Ari drunk enough to sleep with him again. Ari leads Guzman away and tells him she is not “his girl”. Whilst they resolve the matter and continue with the ball, Samuel catches her staring towards Samuel.

Closing moments

Seemingly the main suspects in Ari’s accident, both Guzman and Samuel are questioned by the police. Unbeknownst to them, Ari wakes up. It’s a thrilling end to an excellent episode. The drama continues, with the relationship between Prince Phillipe and Caye proving to be a standout.

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