Elite season 4, episode 4 recap – what happened in “I’m a…”?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 18, 2021
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Netflix series Elite, season 4, episode 4


Juicy, dramatic, and camp. Exactly what is wanted from Elite.

This recap of the Netflix series Elite, season 4, episode 4, “I’m a…,” contains major spoilers. 

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Double Agenda?

In Netflix’s additive Spanish teenage soap drama, the mystery continues as to what led Ari to become facedown in the pool! The fourth episode of Elite begins with Samuel sat in the principal’s office with Benjamin. He asks Samuel to join the debate team, who wonders if it’s some form of a trick.

Rebe, meanwhile, finds a hotel key for the following night in Mencia’s bag. She wrongly assumes it’s for them, but when she asks Mencia what her plans are for the next night, Mencia cooly tells her that she is busy.

Trouble in Paradise

Still reeling over her discovery that Prince Phillippe had filmed the pair of them having sex, Caye still maintains that she’s no longer interested in him. Also, having relationship troubles, Ander takes Omar to a gay bar. They do happen to bump into a half-naked Patrick. Not long after, Ander is also half-naked, and he takes a drug called “G” with Patrick. Omar declines.

Benjamin has found Mencia’s hidden stash of money, and after assuming she’s dealing drugs because of her relationship with Rebe, she storms out. After Guzman and Ari arrive for a reservation at The Lake Club, Guzman is arrogant and rude towards Samuel, who has to serve them. This results in Samuel deciding to accept Benjamin’s offer of joining the debate team.

Still in the gay club, Ander and Omar have a lover’s spat and separately storm out. Patrick takes the remaining drugs and collapses soon after. Luckily, Ander and Omar both return, and they take him home. Whilst Ander pukes in the toilet, Omar showers a barely functional Patrick. Patrick then asks Omar to sleep next to him on the couch, which he does.

Prince Phillippe asks Omar privately if he’s working at the club that night and if he can do him a favor.

Where is Mencia?

Samuel arrives to meet with Benjamin for the debate team, making it uneasy for Ari, who had wanted to use the moment to introduce Guzman to her father. Instead, Ari is forced into serving coffee to Samuel. Her father then announces that they will be partners on the debate team. Cutting to the night of the accident, Samuel attempts to visit Ari in the hospital. Benjamin prevents him by claiming he doesn’t want him upsetting her.

Caye attends a surprise reservation at The Lake Club, and she is greeted by Prince Phillippe, who is now playing the waiter. He tells her he wants to cater to all of her needs for the night. The one thing that Caye wants? Trust.

Rather than join her family for the debate, Mencia meets with a client. Worried, Samuel and her family search for her. Patrick rushes to The Lake Club, but he obviously doesn’t find her there. Omar tries to calm him, unaware that Ander is watching from a distance. Having the wrong assumption, Ander berates Patrick and accuses him of lying about Mencia going missing. Patrick retaliates by telling him that he had sex with Omar the night of the ball.

Past Secret Revealed

Samuel drives Ari around the area, searching for Mencia. As she becomes emotional, Ari tells Samuel that that isn’t the first time Mencia has run away. The previous time, her mother and Patrick, when searching for Mencia, were involved in a car crash. Their mother died, and Patrick was left bed-ridden.

Samuel visits Rebe to check if Mencia is with her. Remembering the hotel key she found, Rebe rushes to the hotel. Finding Mencia, Rebe pretends to be room service and uses the opportunity to attack the client who has Mencia captive in the hotel room. Mencia confides to Rebe that the only reason she is working as a prostitute is to allow her to get away from her family.

Closing Moments of Elite, season 4, episode 4

Later that night, Mencia returns home and has pizza with Benjamin, Patrick, Ari, and Samuel. From outside, Guzman watches. Flashing forward, Samuel sneaks in to visit Ari. She doesn’t speak as the police arrive and arrest him.

The episode is the best one yet. It has all the soapy drama that fans love in Elite. With the truth revealed as to why Patrick was left bed-ridden, it adds more emotional complexity to the Benjamin family. This episode highlights that the new characters are proven to be the reason to keep watching!

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