Elite season 4, episode 5 recap – what happened in “Reintegration”?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: June 18, 2021
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Netflix series Elite season 4, episode 5 - Reintegration


Episode 5 has everything that the audience will love (or love to hate).

This recap of Netflix series Elite season 4, episode 5, “Reintegration,” contains significant spoilers.

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Episode 5 of Season 4 of Elite continues with Samuel’s arrest. The police show him a text that Ari sent him, but he claims he never received it.
Mencia goes to see Rebe. Her mother, Sandra, goes to slam the door on her but wanting to hear her out, Rebe lets her in.

Back in Las Encinas, Ari and Samuel rehearse for the debate team in front of Benjamin. With a heartfelt argument, Samuel wins Benjamin’s approval. Much to Ari’s annoyance. She takes out her anger on Prince Phillipe and accuses him of attacking Mencia. Ari tells him to stay away from her sister.

Emotional Break-Up

Patrick apologises to Ander for sleeping with Omar. “I have nothing to forgive you for,” Ander tells him. It’s a sweet moment considering the drama that has occurred between the two characters. Ander then meets with Omar near the lake and breaks up with Omar. “This isn’t about Patrick, this is about me.”

Guzman invites Ari out for dinner, but that plan is quickly derailed when Benjamin informs Ari that she will be practicing the debate with Samuel. Rebe and Mencia pour chocolate on each other before having sex.

At the Benjamin household, Guzman takes every opportunity to belittle Samuel. He goes as far as to inform Ari about his brother Nano’s past illegal activities. As audiences may remember, Nano was last seen in episode 6 of season 3 when he went on the run to avoid getting arrested for Marina’s murder.

Mencia meets with Armando, her boss, who had set her up with the aggressive client from the previous episode. Whilst she tells him she quits, he still wants to take her for a ride home. From a distance, Sandra records them on her phone. Rebe views the footage of Mencia with Armando. To defend herself, Mencia reveals that Sandra is drug dealing once again.

The Debate

With the debate in full swing at Las Encinas, Ander asks Patrick to skip class with him. Suspecting that they’re together, Omar goes to Patrick’s house. With a party in full swing, Omar finds Ander and Patrick having sex. It devastates Omar as he struggles with the emotional fallout of their split.

The debate begins. Ari uses the opportunity to take the lead over Samuel by heartlessly bringing up the case of Samuel’s brother. Guzman watches in mild horror. Prince Phillipe invites Caye over to his place. Still unable to fully trust him, Caye’s caught snooping on his laptop. Sandra discovers that Rebe has packed her belongings and left. Mencia is gifted with a new phone from Armando, and Guzman scolds Ari over her treatment of Samuel at the debate. Cutting to the night of Ari’s accident, Guzman has her phone.

This episode is Elite at its peak. Benjamin said, “But then something unexpected will break through your protective shield.” This quote could easily have summed up this episode. While nothing major like a character death occurred, the splits and new character alliances prove very juicy.

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