Elite season 6, episode 1 recap – who ran Ivan over?

November 18, 2022
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This recap of Elite season 6, episode 1, “Anxiety”, contains spoilers.

You know how it is – basically, every season of Elite has to have some kind of underlying mystery, usually a murder or at least a death, and the premiere of the sixth season, “Anxiety”, wastes no time in establishing what it’ll be this time around: Who hit Ivan with their car and left him bleeding on the pavement?

Elite season 6, episode 1 recap

I’m sure we’ll get there. In the meantime, we check in with Ari visiting her father in prison, who is working on proving his innocence but, in the meantime, needs Ari, Patrick, and Mencia to return to Las Encinas for another year as though everything is normal. So, we’re back to school, folks. Little has changed, though the principal is new, there are new students in Sara and Nico, and the events of previous seasons – especially the last one – are generating some funny looks. Still, at least Patrick and Ivan are official.

Nico, for what it’s worth, is a trans man, and this will form a big part of the season’s storyline in multiple ways, including a relationship with Ari that you can see the flirty beginnings of here.

Speaking of big, important story elements, Isadora’s sexual assault still hangs heavily over proceedings. Isadora still has to keep up goddess appearances, but she’s off her anxiety meds and she clearly can’t continue as normal until Hugo, Alex, and Javi are behind bars. The chances of that happening? Well, in the short term, not too great.

As with any episode of Elite, a party is mandatory, and the one in “Anxiety” goes on for a while. Lots happens in it, too, though it’s mostly character-building detail for later. For instance, we learn that Sara has a boyfriend named Raul, who invites Mencia home with them later – they share a kinky dance until Sara makes them leave, but either way, this relationship is very bizarre. We also see the Ari and Nico relationship begin to develop, at least until some drunken, insensitive comments, and Ivan and Patrick, despite being official, still have some lingering trust issues. More on this in a minute.

The bad news of the episode is that Isadora’s sexual assault case is dismissed due to a lack of evidence, and she nearly kills herself with a drug overdose after learning that news. She’s saved by Bilal and a new character named Didac, one of Javi’s long-time friends. In the aftermath of his helping to revive her in a cold bath, there seems to be an implication that she wants to sleep with him, and when he refuses – he’s not particularly polite about it – she has him fired.

Anyway, as mentioned, Patrick and Ivan continue to experience some difficulties when Cruz kisses Patrick and Ivan catches them in the act. A video of this also gets disseminated on social media, which makes the next school day somewhat awkward, especially since Hugo, Alex, and Javi are back, determined to carry on as normal and prove a point since the case was dropped.

“Anxiety” ends with a reminder that Ivan may or may not be dead, and that at this point there are many potential suspects who could have hit him. It’s good to be back for another year at Las Encinas, isn’t it?

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