Elite Season 7 Episode 7 Recap

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 21, 2023
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Elite Season 7 Episode 7 Recap


The penultimate episode is still tedious, but it does at least provide a bit more engaging drama ahead of the season finale.

“Just Hug Me”, the penultimate episode of Elite Season 7, really just proves what I’ve been saying all along – this show is rubbish. And while it wasn’t always, it has been now for long enough that the already-confirmed eighth season seems like more of a threat than a promise. If it contains half as many unlikeable characters, half as much faulty logic, and even a fraction of the tedious relationships as Episode 7 of this season does, we’re in serious trouble.

Spoilers ahead, naturally.

Elite Season 7 Episode 7 Recap

Things remain incredibly tedious between Omar and Joel. The former wakes up from a nightmare, the latter checks up on him, and a circuitous conversation leads to the two of them having sex. Where will this end, seriously?

It even starts to get a bit sinister, frankly. Omar keeps getting touchy, Joel keeps getting confused. Jokes are made about Joel being stuck in a neverending and vicious cycle of always feeling responsible for Omar, and never being able to leave him. This, somewhat terrifyingly, leads to them having sex again.

Dalmar is wise to what’s going on and calls Joel out for it, but it seems to have little effect. Even more sinisterly, when Omar hugs Joel in bed and the latter tries to push him away, Omar doesn’t budge.

Joel texts Ivan and they decide to meet up. Joel is obviously scared about Omar, but he has decided he wants to be with Joel and the two of them have sex.

How are things going with Chloe and Raul?

Anyway, as we saw in Episode 6, Chloe has fallen for Raul’s nonsense. And I’m happy to say that my prediction about him not turning over a new leaf was entirely correct. When the two of them go live, Raul berates Chloe for “acting slutty” on camera. Up to his usual possessive and psychotic tricks again, he’s getting to a point where the only logical solution is to just kill him off for good.

After instructing Chloe to dress “normally” to preserve their image, he realizes that Sara is watching their livestreams from behind the relative anonymity of a fake account.

Chloe seems fairly blind to the things that are obvious to everyone else. Sonia and Eric mock the fact she’s allowing Raul to control her so obviously. She refuses to talk to Carmen. And even Sara, who shows up to pick up her stuff, just scoffs in disbelief at Chloe’s presence.

Raul, violating more boundaries, invites Carmen over and pushes Chloe to make amends with her. Carmen isn’t keen on how Raul has changed Chloe, but he naturally takes no responsibility whatsoever, instead just taking selfies in an effort to antagonize Sara.

Eventually, Chloe confesses to Carmen that she told Ivan everything. Carmen is furious and leaves, ushered out by Raul, and texts Ivan saying they need to talk. She later texts Chloe too, who is uncomfortably cuddled up with Raul. Chloe responds in her usual manner by meeting up with Eric, who earlier burned his medication and bought coke after being unable to get it up for Rocio, and the two of them have sex. Chloe later cries in the bath and climbs back into bed with a sleeping Raul.

How does Didac betray Isa?

The other big turn in the previous episode was Didac agreeing to spy on Isa and her family for Luis. Isa continues to not be able to trust her parents, and she’s strongly advised to stay out of the dangerous family business. She rants about this to Didac, becoming suspicious of him also, but he swears he’s not working against her.

Isa’s family has kompromat on Duran, who has been trafficking children, and Luis instructs Didac to snap some pictures of this evidence. When Isa is asleep, he does so.

Elite Season 7 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Towards the end of the episode, Luis learns that the documents are fake. Isa had set up a CCTV camera to record Didac’s betrayal, proving that he was working against her family.

Elsewhere, Ivan finally meets with Carmen, but he’s not buying any mother-and-son nonsense. He knows she’s there for money, and she eventually settles on a payout of two million to ensure they never see each other again, DNA be damned.

And, finally, there seems to be a bit of resolution in the Omar-Joel-Ivan triangle. Omar leaves, moving in with his parents, and leaving Joel a message thanking him for everything. Finally, Joel looks at the bedroom in the apartment and sees it empty, which brings tears to his eyes.

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