Elite Season 7 Episode 6 Recap

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 21, 2023
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Elite Season 7 Episode 6 Recap


It remains very difficult to like anyone in this show, but there’s at least a bit of forward progression in some key areas.

Before we get into “Rock Bottom”, Episode 6 of Elite Season 7, permit me a small point.

It occurs to me that it’s difficult to like anyone in this show, and maybe that’s the problem. Previous seasons of Elite might not have been perfect, but at least they were engaging. As the original cast aged out of the series, it got progressively worse, and while you could argue that a show like this only needs its cast to be very good-looking, there’s a little bit more to it than that.

I just – and I’m really not being flippant here – don’t care. And, two episodes from the finale, I’m beginning to care even less as characters continue to disappoint me and undermine themselves.

Anyway, spoilers ahead.

Elite Season 7 Episode 6 Recap

Case in point: Sara and Chloe. You’ll recall that in Episode 5 Chloe made the genuinely admirable decision to help Sara escape Raul at the expense of her own already compromised reputation, and “Rock Bottom” starts with Sara throwing Chloe under the bus for it.

Sara claims that Chloe posted the video of her and Raul just like she did her previous sex tapes; and that he hates herself and craves attention. Chloe is rightly furious.

The only upsides are that this leads to a bit of a girly day for Chloe and Carmen, and Sara finally manages to stand up to Raul. They even mention the whole Ivan hit-and-run thing again, which is kind of important!

Who owns Omar’s apartment?

As things continue to be extremely weird between Joel and Omar, at least some of the plot strands begin to intertwine. Martin manipulates Isa into signing off on the eviction of an apartment complex that is supposedly falling to pieces around the residents; it turns out to be the building that houses Omar’s apartment. He has ten days to leave.

Luis continues to listen to Isa’s second-hand reports to Didac of her family’s dealings, but he’s clearly taking the surveillance too far since his own partner threatens to report him for illegal wiretapping.

Isa is between a rock and a hard place, really. She wants Martin to be proud of her, as he claims to be, but she’s also being conned, which Didac points out to her. She needs to stand up for herself and stop falling for her father’s nonsense, especially if it means putting her friends on the street.

It takes some convincing – and Didac tells Rocio about her mother taking bribes – but Isa finally puts a stop to the eviction during the toast celebrating its success.

How does Ivan find out about Carmen?

Chloe remains on a rapid downward spiral in this episode. She’s stinging from Sara’s betrayal, and she overhears Carmen talking to Ivan about their “mistake”. She retreats into drink, accidentally reveals Ivan’s parentage to him, and then tries her best to make out with any male in the vicinity.

She ends up being consoled by Raul, of all people. He claims that Sara brings out the worst in people. He also makes an apology video saying that he and Sara were over and thus nobody cheated, imploring his followers to respect Chloe. When she tries to sleep with him, he softly rejects her, saying he’d prefer to do the right thing and take it slow.

There is absolutely no way this guy is turning over a new leaf, but we’ll cross this bridge when we come to it.

Eric isn’t having the best of times either, but things do at least start looking up for him.

After Rocio confronts her mother and is lied to, Eric comforts her. She’s upset she can’t trust her own family; Eric is convinced that his family will eventually abandon him regardless, despite there really being no evidence to support this claim. They both eventually kiss.

Elite Season 7 Episode 6 Ending Explained

In positive news, Dalmar tells Joel and Omar that the eviction has been canceled, and Eric, after his positive experience with Rocio, decides to get help.

But the juiciest twist comes with some long-awaited movement in Luis’s investigation storyline. When Didac rants to him about Martin getting in the way of his and Isa’s relationship, Luis reveals who he really is and tells him the two of them can take down Martin together.

Luis promises not to target Isa or Didac’s family, and Didac agrees to help him.

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