Elite season 4, episode 1 recap – what happened in “The New Order”?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 18, 2021
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Netflix series Elite season 4, episode 1 - The New Order


A strong start for Elite season 4, with the flashforward the main selling point of this episode. 

This recap of Netflix series Elite season 4, episode 1, “The New Order,” contains significant spoilers.

Season 3 of Elite was spectacular, and the finale could have concluded the show, but luckily there’s a Season 4! As with the nature of the storyline, many characters are left in Season 3, so people will be looking to see what new characters will arrive in Las Encinas.


After a spectacular conclusion in Season 3, Elite starts Season 4 with Guzman at the Club Del Lago. He’s getting questioned by the police as a body floats in a pool with fireworks exploding everywhere. Moving away from the flashforward, the school year at Las Encinas starts. Ander’s mother and school principal, Azucena, are sacked without warning. In turn, it makes room for a stricter principal; Benjamin, (played by Diego Martin), who demands Discipline, Excellence, and Merit from the students in the new era.

New Leadership:

Guzman speaks/flirts with new student Ari Blanco (played by Carla Diaz); he soon learns that she’s the daughter of the new Principal. In the boys’ changing rooms, Ander strips off and jumps in the shower with new student Patrick Blanco (played by Manu Rios), who has just arrived from London. They both check each other out and compare scars. As audiences will recall, Ander had leukemia, and Patrick tells Ander that he was left bedridden after being in a car crash. After checking out each other’s packages, Patrick asks Ander to take him to the gay bars in Madrid, which is when Ander’s boyfriend Omar walks in, much to Patrick’s dismay.

Samuel and Omar are both called into a meeting with principal Benjamin. After Benjamin questions whether they deserve a scholarship, he tells them he will be forcing them to take an assessment test before they can continue with the school year.

Group Reunited:

Rebe walks into the classroom and is hit on by Mencia Blanco (played by Martina Cariddi), the final member of the Blanco siblings. Patrick, who senses the ferocity towards his father, defends his father to the classroom. This results in a near argument between Ander and Patrick, with the former revealing their shower antics to everyone.

In a pleasant surprise, Nadia(!) reappears for a FaceTime with Guzman. They attempt video sex but fail miserably. As Benjamin leads Ari, Mencia, and Patrick to school, he finds the students sitting outside the school doors. In a firm statement against the assessment tests, Mencia decides to join them. Wanting to be a member, Mencia tells the group that her father has one weakness, Ari. If they want the assessment answers for Samuel and Omar, they must get to Ari first. 

Drinks and Party:

As Guzman goes on a fake poolside date with Ari, Ander and Ori question whether Ander should do the same with Patrick. Back in their home, Benjamin is sick of Mencia’s attitude and cuts her off. When Ari berates her, Mencia reveals that Guzman only spent time with her because she told him to.

Mencia invites Rebe to meet her for a drink. But with the invite rejected, Mencia sits alone, unable to pay for a drink, until Armando (played by Andres Velencoso) takes a shine to her. In a gay club, a nervous Ander meets Patrick. Undressing, Ander holds back as Patrick kisses him all over. Patrick says, “It’s more dangerous to say no to me than to say yes.” Clearly not stupid, Patrick says he knows why Ander is really here and asks how far he’d go to help Omar. Not wanting to betray Omar, Ander promptly storms off. 

Desperate to help Omar, Samuel takes an opportunity whilst waiting on Benjamin and Ari and pesters them to take it easy on Omar, an act which loses his job at the restaurant. After spending the night with Armando, Mencia wakes up alone with a handful of cash next to her.  

Next School Day:

Before Samuel and Omar take the test, Patrick hands Omar the answers. Both of them pass the test, with Benjamin telling Samuel to stop fighting other people’s battles and that he has got the job back. Omar passes with 97 out of 100, leading Benjamin to wonder whether Omar was careless at cheating or hardworking. Threatening to reveal their “date” to Nadia, Ari leaves Guzman and Samuel nervous at the school’s swimming pool.


Cutting back to the flashforward, the person in the pool is Ari. As all the key characters watch on, the paramedics perform CPR on Ari before announcing “the girl is alive.” 

It takes a while to warm up to the new characters, especially Ari, who seems to be the character audiences will love to hate, but with plenty of familiar faces still around, it’s easy to carry on watching. With new relationships teased, it looks like it’s going to be a wild ride into finding out what leads Ari to be face down in the pool. 

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