Elite season 4, episode 2 recap – what happened in “5 Seconds”?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 18, 2021
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Netflix series Elite Season 4, Episode 2 - 5 Seconds


Despite a few silly moments, the episode peaks in the second half, where a party brings new relationships.

This recap of Netflix’s Elite season 4, episode 2, “5 Seconds”, contains major spoilers.

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The last of the new main characters to arrive is Prince Phillipe Florian Von Triesenberg; what a mouthful! (played by Pol Granch). There’s a certain buzz that a Prince will be studying at Las Encinas. Ari and Patrick seem less impressed, commenting that he needs to escape rumors that surround him. Elite cuts to the flashforward. Ari’s family speculate whether she fell into the pool or got pushed in. It seems that no one knows yet.

Royale Arrival

With the prince’s arrival, so come a large number of CCTV cameras. Much to Rebe’s dismay, all students must state if they have criminal records. Benjamin, however, tells her that she need not worry, as her past is common knowledge anyway. Hoping to take Rebe’s mind away from her mother’s illegal past, Mencia kisses Rebe in the changing room. They are interrupted by Benjamin, who is less than pleased. He now believes he knows where his daughter has spent the nights when she’s not at home.

Guzman attempts to apologize to Ari over the fake date. But Ari is having none of it and blows him off. Samuel is just as interested in Ari, but Guzman tells him that Ari is way out of his league.

Party Time?

The downcast group is at The Lake Club. Hoping to lift spirits, Guzman suggests that they throw a party. A moody Rebe steps outside, and Samuel attempts to calm her. She slaps him and tells him she can’t forgive him. As audiences may recall, Samuel and Rebe dated in season 3 but broke up when Samuel was forced to bug Rebe’s house, leading to Rebe’s mother, Sandra (played by Eva Llorach), getting arrested.

Speaking of, freshly out of prison, Sandra has a new club called Speakeasy. Mencia is one of the guests. Sandra assumes that Mencia is a hooker and tries to warn Mencia away from the path she is heading down. Although she comes across as threatening, maybe Sandra is worried about Mencia’s safety.

Eager to Please

Ander and Omar begin having sex, although Omar isn’t in the mood. When Ander details Patrick coming on to him, Omar becomes aroused. He admits that he only gets turned on as Ander is turned on by Patrick.

Dressed to impress, Caye introduces herself to Prince Phillipe. She tries to flatter him by pretending to be wealthy (again). Yet, her attempts are stopped when Ari exposes her as the school cleaner.

Just as Ander and Omar consider asking Patrick to have a threesome, everyone is forced to leave the changing rooms. The reason? So that Prince Phillipe can be alone whilst he showers. All of the classmates retaliate by leaving the classroom when Prince Phillipe enters. Except for Ari and Patrick, that is.

As Caye cleans the pool room, she chats with Prince Phillipe, and after learning he wants to fit in, she invites him to the party that will be held later. With the party now having a towel theme, Samuel invites Ari, although her interest seems to be more on Guzman. Hoping that he can regain Rebe’s trust, Samuel invites Mencia to the party.

Party Time!

Even though she believes she’s better than everyone, Ari attends the party. Patrick begs him to become Ira. Ira is her other more fun personality that she has whilst drunk. After Patrick spikes the drinks, Ari is soon trashed and acts more like ‘Ira.’

With the party in full swing, Guzman FaceTimes Nadia. Although Ari dancing is flirtatiously in view of Nadia, it creates further tension for Guzman and Nadia.

Sex, Sex, Sex

Continuing to be more “Ira,” Ari rips off Samuel’s towel, which soon escalates to the pair having sex. Ander and Omar finally corner Patrick and ask him if he would be willing to have a threesome. He, of course, would, and the three have sex. With the new romances not stopping there, Prince Phillipe and Caye kiss, and it’s suggested they have sex.

Not in the mood to party, Guzman leaves early and goes online to FaceTime Nadia. In a brief char, Guzman breaks up with Nadia. The following morning, a horrified Ari wakes up next to Samuel. Having sobered up, Ari returns to her snotty attitude, leaving Samuel rather unimpressed.

All Eyes on Prince Phillipe

Cutting very briskly back to the flashforward, Ari flatlines. Returning to the morning after the party, Prince Phillipe is speaking to Benjamin. He asks him to stop all the security measures, stating he doesn’t want to see anyone excluded from Las Encinas. When Benjamin asks if he wants the CCTV cameras removing, Prince Phillipe says no. A quick flashback then shows that he and Caye were recorded having sex.

Prince Phillipe is a welcome addition to the show, with questions raised on whether he’ll be an ally or a villain. However, with further emphasis on the new cast members, it’s becoming easier to warm to them.

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