Elite season 6, episode 2 recap – why does Cruz decide to come out?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 18, 2022 (Last updated: November 29, 2022)
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Elite season 6, episode 2 recap - why does Cruz decide to come out?


“Selfies” contains some pretty big developments that continue to complicate the lives of everyone involved.

This recap of Elite season 6, episode 2, “Selfies”, contains spoilers.

“Selfies” opens with two things – a reminder that Nico’s transition is going to continue to be a prevalent theme throughout the season, and a reminder that Ivan got hit by a car in the premiere episode and might be dead. Are these two matters related? Potentially. I mean, showing us Ari getting into a car while obviously drunk isn’t an accident, is it?

Elite season 6, episode 2 recap

You’ll recall also that Isadora’s sexual assault case was dismissed, and Las Encinas has jumped all over it. Hugo, Alex, and Javi are presenting themselves as martyrs who faced a false accusation and should be lauded for it, and new girl Sara, a social media influencer, isn’t helping matters by broadcasting that Isadora lied about being assaulted for attention. The obvious problem with this theory – that it isn’t exactly hard for Isadora to get attention of any kind – is left mostly unaddressed.

We’re treated to more awkward fumbling between Ari and Nico, the former of whom just can’t manage to accept that the best, most respectful way to treat a trans man is just to treat him like any other man. Their date is initially woeful until she gets to grips with this idea, but even later, when she and Nico are about to sleep together, she just can’t help but complicate the situation by awkwardly playing for time at the last minute. Nico sees this for what it is and leaves the room, obviously upset and offended.

Speaking of upset and offended, Patrick, to spare Cruz’s reputation, announces on social media that he was the one who kissed Cruz. However, at the end of the episode, Cruz holds a press conference in which he reveals to the world that not only did he kiss Patrick first, but he’s a homosexual football star and everyone is just going to have to deal with that, which is a pretty relevant statement given the World Cup in Qatar and all the controversy surrounding that at the moment.

And there are big developments elsewhere, too. For one thing, Didac, Javi’s childhood friend, is becoming increasingly suspicious of his bullshit and ends up tricking him into a confession, which he records and shares with Isadora. Sara is also there so she knows what really happened in Ibiza, and she’s quick to share it on social media, retracting her previous statement and making sure everyone knows that Isadora was telling the truth all along.

However, when this action loses Sara 1.5 million followers, we immediately see another side to Raul – a controlling, abusive side. Exactly what happens between them occurs off-camera, but it isn’t difficult to fill in the blanks.

You can stream Elite season 6, episode 2 exclusively on Netflix.

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