Elite season 6, episode 3 recap – what does “violador” mean?

November 18, 2022
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Another suspect emerges in “Naked”, as a girls’ night out turns into a revenge mission.

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Another suspect emerges in “Naked”, as a girls’ night out turns into a revenge mission.

This recap of Elite season 6, episode 3, “Naked”, contains spoilers.

So, you remember how in Elite season 6, episode 2, Didac recorded incontrovertible proof of Javi, Hugo, and Alex having sexually assaulted Isadora in Ibiza? Well, it means nothing, since a recording of that kind is inadmissible in court. Even with legitimate smoking-gun evidence, Isadora still can’t prove what happened to her. Not legally, anyway.

Elite season 6, episode 3 recap

You’ll also recall that Cruz announced to the world he was gay, which has resulted in him losing several of his most profitable sponsorship deals, though Ivan assures him that being the first openly gay professional footballer is going to provide many more opportunities than it costs in the long term. He’s a symbol now, and Ivan has a tattoo of his jersey number to prove it. This also leads to Patrick and Ivan reconciling, which is nice.

Anyway, one of the big developments of the previous episode was that Raul was abusing Sara, and Mencia seems to have figured this out because Sara took down her video apologizing to Isadora. Acting on this, she turns up at Sara’s house asking her to have a drink over at Isadora’s place and finesses Raul into letting her go by implying that she’ll convince Sara to let him sleep with her. Raul, like most men, has two brains and only thinks with one of them, so he encourages Sara to go.

This get-together takes up a good portion of “Naked”. Ari, Mencia, Nico, Didac, Sara, Ricio, and eventually Bilal are all present for it. They drink, smoke, laugh, and eventually strip off as the night goes on. This is mostly an attempt to make Isadora feel at ease, I think, but it’s also a manifestation of a lot of unresolved sexual tensions – Ari and Nico, Rocio and Bilal, Bilal and Ari. Mencia also continues to quietly confirm her suspicions of Raul’s abusive nature, pointing out a bruise on Sara’s arm that she writes off as rough roleplay.

After Nico storms off, Ari has sex with Bilal. Cruz convinces Ivan to move in with Patrick. And Raul turns up to angrily take Sara home, proving Mencia’s suspicions about him correct.

The girls also develop a plan to get some measure of revenge on Javi and Alex by drugging them and writing – I think? It looks pretty sore afterward for a marker pen – the word “violador”, or “rapist”, on their backs. This is revealed publicly and all recorded, so the boys aren’t as smug now as they were an episode ago. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

“Naked” ends by suggesting a new suspect in Ivan’s hit-and-run. As we see in the flash-forward, Javi explains to Isadora that Ivan was the leader in the sexual assault. The car she gets into at the end looks a bit like the one that hit Ivan.

You can stream Elite season 6, episode 3, “Naked”, exclusively on Netflix.

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