Elite season 5, episode 7 recap – “Toxic”

April 8, 2022
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The episode doesn’t focus too much on Samuel’s impending death. Instead, it seems to be assembling what may lead to his murder.

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The episode doesn’t focus too much on Samuel’s impending death. Instead, it seems to be assembling what may lead to his murder.

This recap of Netflix’s Elite season 5, episode 7, “Toxic,” contains spoilers.

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Elite season 5, episode 7 recap

The detective in charge of Armando’s death reveals to Samuel that he and Benjamin were trafficking the data of powerful people. He further asks whether Samuel could help obtain evidence that proves that very fact, and if he helps them, Samuel will not go to jail. Instead, Benjamin will. Ivan attacks Cruz, although Cruz claims that he was just drunk. Afterward, Ivan warns Patrick to never come near him or his father again. 

Samuel admits to acting like an ar****le, and he and Ari make up. As for Isadora, she accuses Prince Phillipe of ghosting her. To which, he reveals he will not fight for a junkie and warns her not to die of an overdose. Understandably, it leaves Isadora very upset. And likely, for the first time for the audience, proves that there is an emotional side to Isadora. However, not one to stay upset for long, Isadora decides to go to Ibiza, and she drags Ivan along with her. 

Prince Phillipe grows frustrated when he views footage of Isadora living it up in Ibiza. What does he do? Well, he books a jet to Ibiza for immediate departure. Unaware of his impending arrival, Isadora and Ivan party like mad, filming nearly every second of their antics. Which, as one would expect, makes Patrick very jealous. And when Benjamin tries to take Patrick’s phone away from him, Patrick pushes his father to the ground. Regardless, Benjamin sits his son down for a chat and asks what’s occurring. Benjamin warns Patrick that he unknowingly hurts people and that it’s time that he grew up.

For some reason, Caye is wearing the Las Encinas and sneaks around at night, most likely aware that her movements will get caught on the CCTV cameras. She, however, gets caught by security, whilst Rebe gets caught by Mencia as she searches for the sim card. Mencia accuses her of only getting back with her so she could help Samuel. Mencia allows her to take the sim card, but is their relationship over? In the flashforward, the sim card floats in the pool. 

The ending

Ivan begins to feel the effects of the drugs, so Isadora convinces him that he just needs to take some more. Just as Rebe announces that she is going to leave dinner due to period pains, Benjamin learns that Caye has got caught snooping in his office. Prince Phillipe arrives in Ibiza, whilst Ivan sends a drunken message to Ari expressing his desire for her to disappear. Except, the message isn’t meant for Ari. It’s meant for Patrick! And, as for Patrick, he visits Cruz. Cruz clearly feels guilty over the pain they’ve caused Ivan, and he suggests that they both give Ivan some headspace. In typical Patrick fashion, he makes a move on Cruz. 

In Ibiza, Isadora, Ivan, and Prince Phillipe all do drugs. However, it seems to prove too much for Isadora, and she passes out. Three of the guests prove to be jerks, though, as they undress and film her as she remains unconscious. The seventh episode of Elite concludes before the audience can find out exactly what happens next.

What do you predict will happen in the season finale? There are a lot of separate storylines happening right now in Elite, which is quite exciting, and it’s going to be interesting to see how it all concludes. Personally, I’m sticking with my theory that somehow, even though it’s probably not logical, Samuel is faking his death. Although, I’ll add that it will be much stronger if he actually died. And considering how many past characters have left, some of which were in a body bag, it wouldn’t be the wildest thing to think that Elite has killed off its leading male.

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