Does Ivan continue having sex with Patrick in Elite season 6?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 27, 2022 (Last updated: November 29, 2022)
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Does Ivan continue having sex with Patrick in Elite season 6?

Ivántrick or Patriván is one of the key fan-favorite relationships that emerged in the fifth season of Elite, and their steamy encounters together are some of the show’s most talked-about of recent seasons. But given how tumultuous their relationship is, many fans are wondering: Does Ivan continue having sex with Patrick in Elite Season 6? Spoilers follow.

Relationships are central to Elite. Many of them are absolutely fraught with drama, and very few work out, so the pairing of Patrick and Ivan in Elite season 5 was celebrated but also met with some sense of trepidation. Predictably, Elite season 6 puts them through the wringer and tests their bond to its absolute limit.

The question posed above seems like a facile one, but the reason people are interested is that Ivan and Patrick’s relationship has all kinds of factors and elements making it difficult even by the usual Elite standards. It isn’t just about sex — okay, maybe for some people it is — but about the openness, identity, and self-acceptance that facilitates a physical relationship between two very different people.

Who are Patrick and Ivan?

Patrick and Ivan hit it off immediately in the fifth season of Elite, and their relationship only develops from there.

Patrick is the brother of Ari and Mencia and has his share of parental issues, which is what he’s initially able to bond with Ivan about, since Ivan, a closeted bisexual, has been convinced by his father, the famed Portuguese footballer Cruz Carvalho (who is also closeted), that being anything other than straight is unacceptable. This leads Ivan to become unsure of and a little ashamed of his identity, which his relationship with Patrick helps him overcome.

However, this doesn’t make their relationship magically easy. While Ivan is still discovering himself, Patrick has a tendency to push his partners away. He tends to put an unhealthy amount of himself into his relationships and then intentionally sabotage them. There’s an intriguing turnaround of this propensity in the sixth season, since it’s actually Ivan, following the death of his father, who begins to push Patrick away and increasingly self-sabotage.

Does Ivan continue having sex with Patrick in Elite season 6?

At the start of the sixth season, Ivan and Patrick are in a happy, open relationship. However, this doesn’t last very long.

Patrick and Ivan already have trust issues, and in the first episode of the sixth season, Cruz kisses Patrick, which leads to a breakdown in their relationship. Cruz publicly comes out to the world as a result of this, and he’s also instrumental in getting Ivan and Patrick back together. However, in Episode 4, Cruz is killed in a hate crime, which is the catalyst for a major downward spiral for Ivan.

The loss hurts Ivan immensely, and he turns to drugs, alcohol, and casual sex to help salve the wound. He has sex with multiple men at a drug-fuelled party, where he also rejects Patrick’s advances, and also has sex with Ari, whom he impregnates, unknown to everyone but her. So, really, Ivan spends the sixth season having sex with everyone but Patrick.

Do Ivan and Patrick end up together?

No, Ivan and Patrick do not end up together. The essential mystery of the sixth season is whether or not Ivan dies since we learn in the first episode that he has been hit with a car by an unknown driver who subsequently fled the scene. Each of the episodes presents new details about this event and indulges in a lot of misdirection. By the time we get a clear picture in the season finale, Ivan and Patrick have already split up, though Ivan was on his way to attempt to reconcile with him when he was knocked down.

At the very end of the season, Ivan wakes up and asks for Patrick, but he has already left Madrid with Ari, Mencia, and their father since Mencia believes that she was driving the car that hit Ivan.

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