Where is Phillipe in Elite season 6?

November 27, 2022
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One of the most popular and important characters and in the fourth and fifth seasons of Elite is Prince Phillipe Florian von Triesenberg, but he is conspicuously absent from the latest outing. But where is Phillipe in Elite season 6? We explain below. Beware of spoilers!

While Elite still has a lot of fans, it’s pretty undeniable that the Spanish series has waned in popularity a little since the heyday of its first few seasons. And that is in large part due to the cast. While, of course, high schoolers can’t logically remain involved in a show that goes on this many seasons, it does seem like the general consensus is that Elite hasn’t quite managed to replace the fan-favorite original cast with worthwhile replacements.

However, Prince Phillipe Florian von Triesenberg, introduced in Season 4, was a pretty major figure for two seasons and one of the between-season spinoff episodes. However, Phillipe is curiously absent from Elite season 6.

Who is Prince Phillipe?

Phillipe Florian von Triesenberg is the prince of the Principality of Triesen and the heir to the country’s throne. Given that background, he’s extraordinarily privileged and pampered. He comes from a vast fortune, and it’s assumed given his status that he looks down on the common folk and is especially snobbish. When he initially comes to Las Encinas, he has fled to Madrid to escape accusations that he sexually abused a woman, and is under the protection of Benjamin.

While Phillipe’s classmates do warm up to him, various trust issues, not to mention the matter of his past, continue to conspire against him.

Who plays Phillipe?

Phillipe is played by Pol Granch, a Spanish actor who was born on April 4, 1998, in Madrid, Spain. He is primarily known for Elite, although one of his listed IMDb credits is for a music video of his. His Wikipedia page is a little more revealing. He’s primarily known as a musician and has released two studio albums and an EP.

Where is Phillipe in Elite season 6?

After appearing in Season 4 and Elite Short Stories: Phillipe Caye Felipe, Phillipe was last seen in Elite Season 5. In that season’s finale, he found out about Isadora’s sexual assault and went to the police station with her to report it.

Phillipe only gets a mention in the sixth season. Hugo reveals that he has returned to France after graduating to resume his principality duties. He hopefully learned enough about himself at Las Encinas that his previous substance abuse issues and repeated abuses of women of his acquaintance don’t continue apace.

Phillipe’s sudden “disappearance” isn’t a new thing for the series, which has rebooted most of the cast a couple of times as major characters age out of the storyline by graduating. He is unlikely to appear in the already-confirmed Elite Season 7.

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