Elite season 4 review – is this Netflix’s best soapy drama?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: June 18, 2021 (Last updated: November 29, 2022)
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Netflix series Elite season 4


Armed with new students, there’s another deadly flashforward for those studying at Las Encinas.

This review of Netflix’s Elite season 4 does not contain spoilers. 

Read the recap of the first episode.

With a new year at Las Encinas comes new characters. The school has a new principal named Benjamin. He arrives with his three children; Ari, Patrick, and Mencia. These characters are quite difficult to warm to in the first episode. Audience members may find themselves missing the characters written out of Elite in Season 3. However, after the first couple of episodes, these characters prove to be the highlight. The fresh mysterious nature that comes with them makes them very interesting to watch.

Alongside these four new characters, Elite introduces Prince Phillipe in episode 2. A member of royalty, he is trying to escape rumors that have led him to move countries. Prince Phillipe proves to be a compelling watch as the audience will wondering what his secret may be.

Elite is famous for its flashforwards, and once again, we’re treated to a gripping mystery. Not easy to predict, the audience may find their jaws wide open when the outcome reveals itself in the finale. The first half of season 4 is definitely weaker than the second half. That’s not to say it’s rubbish; it is just not as high as the standard Elite is known for. There are a few silly scenes that take away from the overall tone that the rest of season 4 showcases.

Arguably the best part of Elite is its complex characters. This continues to be a shining part of season 4. With the characters thrown into situations that will pit them against their friends, members of the audience may struggle to take sides. Even beloved characters such as Guzman and Ander will act unreasonably. But it’s these moments that will glue fans of Elite to the screen.

The biggest flaw of Elite? Its juicy soapy nature is so easy to binge through that it feels like a long wait for the next season. If shocks, twists, and camp drama are what you want from a TV Show, then Elite is a must-watch.

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