Elite season 4, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Jordan Lyon
Published: June 18, 2021 (Last updated: November 29, 2022)
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Netflix series Elite season 4, episode 8, “Before I Go - Part 2 - the ending explained


A shocking and emotional end to another brilliant season of Elite.

This recap of Netflix’s Elite season 4, episode 8, “Before I Go (Part 2),” — the ending explained — contains major spoilers.

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Guzman is reeling from Ari’s announcement and declares that Samuel is an awful friend. Guzman and Ander are saying goodbye. Ander has decided to leave halfway through the year.

Wanting to help Mencia, Rebe tells Ari about the situation she is in with Armando. Rebe understands that telling her means that she has no future with Mencia, but she felt she has no choice.

Prince Phillipe Defends Himself:

Prince Phillipe goes to see Caye in the janitor’s room. She asks him to leave, but he maintains that it’s normal for people to misread the signs. When the conversation moves into the hallway, Benjamin watches them through the CCTV cameras. Ari confronts Mencia over Rebe’s claims. Mencia says she will never speak to her again if she tells Benjamin.

Learning that Ander is leaving, Omar asks Ander to give the relationship a second chance. Ander asks Omar if he wonders where he would be now had he gone to New York with Malick. They share a kiss, and Ander decides that he will stay; an angry Patrick watches in the background.

Caye meets the Royal Highness:

The Royal Highness meets with Caye. She tells Caye that Prince Phillipe has chosen her over anyone else and reminds her of the struggles she would no longer have to face if she accepts Prince Phillipe. The Royal Highness further adds that it is a man’s biology system that causes them to behave in the way they do.

New Year Party:

Edging closer to Ari’s attack, the New Year event begins. The Royal Highness is eager for Caye to approve of Prince Phillipe, but Caye refuses; “Your son’s vigor is not a question of biology, your highness, but of upbringing.”

Back together with Omar, a happier Ander advises Guzman to talk to Ari. Before he has the chance to, Samuel asks Ari for a minute of her time. Spotting the exchange only brings further anger for Guzman. He doesn’t hear Samuel beg Ari to leave him alone. Always one for spying, Patrick watches Ander and Omar dance together. Omar learns that Ander has wanted to travel for a while, and he tells Ander to follow his dreams.

Ari is Attacked

Following a slightly tense conversation with Ari, Rebe spots Armando getting physical with Mencia. In turn, Rebe attacks him to save Mencia. From afar, Ari watches and has the confirmation that Rebe’s claims about Armando are true. Confronting him, Ari tells him she will tell her father everything. Before Ari has the chance to, Armando hits her. As she crawls away, Amando continues to beat her. At the same time, Guzman and Samuel fight.

Guzman finds a barely conscious Ari, who asks him to go after Armando. She stands up, and when she goes for her phone, she collapses into the water. Guzman trails Armando, who attacks him. Before Armando can escape, Guzman grabs a flare gun and shoots him dead. Guzman returns to Ari but unaware that she is in the water, he searches elsewhere for her.

Guzman breaks down as he asks Samuel and Rebe if they have seen Ari. He tells Samuel and Rebe what has happened. They agree to call the cops but make an arrangement not to inform the police of all the details.

In the hospital, with Ari fully conscious, Guzman concludes that Ari loves Samuel but lies about Armando’s death. Instead, he tells her that he ran away.

Another Year Ends:

Following another eventful year at Las Encintos, Guzman and Ander leave. They bid farewell to Omar, Caye, Rebe, and Samuel before driving away. Feeling awful over how she brought Armando into their lives, Mencia asks Ari to be by her side when she tells Benjamin about her relationship with Armando. The season closes with the reveal that Guzman, Rebe, and Samuel threw Armando’s body into the lake.

So it was Armando who attacked Ari!! Not one to keep it calm with drama, Elite also decided to have Guzman shoot the man dead. It’s an emotional end for Ander, who has decided to go traveling with Guzman. It’s unlikely that we’ll see them in season 5. But then again, you never know. With a fifth season already announced, the audience will be left eagerly waiting for the next school year at Las Encinas.

What did you think of Elite season 4, episode 8, “Before I Go (Part 2),” and the ending? Comment below!

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