Elite season 4, episode 7 recap – what happened in “Before I Go (Part 1)”?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: June 18, 2021
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Netflix series Elite season 4, episode 7 - Before I Go - Part 1


Everything is leading up to the finale, and it’s unmissable.

This recap of Netflix series Elite season 4, episode 7, “Before I Go (Part 1),” contains significant spoilers.

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In the first of a two-parter that will conclude Elite season 4, episode 7 starts with Ari and Samuel having sex. He questions the reason as to why she’s so hot and cold with him. She hints it’s because he allows people to walk all over him. Moving forward to Ari hospitalized, Samuel’s asked if he is the one who assaulted Ari. He maintains that he didn’t, although the police officer suggests that Samuel knows who did.

Royal Highness Arrives

At Las Encinas, Elite introduces us to the royal highness (aka Prince Phillipe’s mother). Omar senses that Patrick is still upset over Ander’s behavior from the night before and attempts to cheer him up. Ander, meanwhile, is watching them through the classroom windows. The Royal Highness is disgusted to learn that Prince Phillipe has fallen for the school janitor. Benjamin reassures her, telling her that Caye has proven to be very loyal to her previous boyfriends. Prince Phillipe’s mother has arrived to help clean up his image as she remarks that she doesn’t know him anymore.

Armando Makes a Move

At the Benjamin household, Mencia finds that Armando is a guest there. Benjamin is making him feel welcome as Armando will be making an annual contribution towards Las Encinas. Omar and Ander chat at the Lake Club; it turns intense when Ander suggests Patrick is only hitting on Omar to get one over on Ander. Omar tells Ander that the issue is Ander. Omar believes Ander doesn’t want to be with either Omar or Patrick but also doesn’t want them to move on.

With Armando still at her house, Mencia understands that he is using it as an opportunity to blackmail her into sleeping with him again. Unafraid, Mencia threatens to reveal all to her father i=as Armando continues to bribe her for sex. In return, he dares her, saying he will inform her family that she was a prostitute.

Clearly not listening to Benjamin’s warning about not being in the janitor’s room, Prince Phillipe goes to see Caye. He informs her that his mother will be spending Christmas with him. The Royal Highness is holding an event for designers, and Prince Phillipe ensures that Caye can attend.

Designer Party

Caye attends the event in a striking pink outfit. Although she looks lovely, she’s the only one not wearing black & white. Ari is also at the event and states that Caye is nothing but a “stupid climber.” In an unfortunate incident, Rebe comes face to face with Mencia as she is about to go to a hotel room with Armando.

Finally able to meet with her dream designer, Sadelagu, she is taken aback when he only offers to look at her sketches if she comes back to his hotel room. Both Caye and Mencia are trapped in a moment where they have to consider if they should go up to a hotel room. Mencia ignores Rebe’s pleas and follows Armando. Caye, on the other hand, tells Sadelagu that she will send her sketchers to his workshop.

After witnessing Caye turn down Sadelagu’s advances, Ari wants Caye to design a dress which she will pay for. Good for Ari! It’s one of the few nice things she has done so far. Patrick and Omar want to forget all about Ander and make out in the toilets. Not over Ander, Omar can’t get into it.

Patrick Plots

Patrick purposely “butt-dials” Omar when he visits Ander. Knowing that Omar is listening, Patrick tells Ander that he is serious about Omar, and that’s not just a fling. Ander maintains his love for Omar, stating that he never doubted his own feeling for Omar. It’s not what Patrick planned, and Omar feels more conflicted over Ander.

Caye and Prince Phillipe go out for drinks which soon turns to them getting passionate in a limo. She wants to maintain their relationship as friends, but a forceful Prince Phillipe won’t take no for an answer. Despite telling him to stop, he doesn’t. Caye jumps out of the limo and is left to walk away.

Guzman Finds Out About Mencia & Guzman

In the closing moments of episode 7, Guzman discovers that Ari and Samuel have been sleeping together. Ari claims that she’s in love with both of them but doesn’t want to give either of them up.

Everything has been set up nicely for the finale. There’s a lot still to happen, and it’s going to be exciting to watch. It’s nearly time to find out who attacked Ari!

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