Elite season 5, episode 4 recap – “The Body”

By Jordan Lyon
Published: April 8, 2022
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Netflix Elite season 5, episode 4 - The Body


While the title gives away the episode’s story, the drama lies very much within the conflict between many of the show’s leading characters. A thoroughly enjoyable episode that bodes well for the rest of the season.

This recap of Netflix’s Elite season 5, episode 4, “The Body”, contains spoilers.

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Elite season 5, episode 4 recap

The fourth episode of Elite season five starts with a flashback to Armando blackmailing Benjamin. Armando claims that he has evidence that could destroy him and all of his companies in seconds. But of course, Armando is dead, and currently face down at the bottom of the river. However, it seems that his death is soon to be discovered as his body floats to the surface. 

In the present day, an auction with plenty of paparazzi is in full swing. But, much to the knowledge of Benjamin, Patrick is not in attendance. Mencia stumbles across Rebe making out with a random guest (Jess). Meanwhile, as Samuel and Omar serve guests, they spot Bilal. Samuel catches him stealing a phone and orders him to hand it over. Omar won’t have any of it and accuses Samuel of lying. Throughout the auction, it’s very clear that there is tension between Samuel, Benjamin, and Omar. So much so that Samuel quits his job. Just at that moment, Omar spots Armando’s body floating in the river.

Ari gets smashed, and when Ivan joins her, they go for a boat ride. You can already feel that this isn’t going to end well. Back to Omar, and he goes into the river, just as Bilal swims up to the body. Together they pull the body out, which is when Omar realizes that it’s Armando. It’s a somewhat confusing moment for Omar, who had thought Armando had simply vanished. Samuel informs Benjamin that he has quit his job and asks whether Benjamin still wants to help him. Meanwhile, as Isadora spikes Prince Phillipe’s drink with some substance, Patrick finally attends the auction but appears to be drunk, and he ends up breaking the 10,000 euro item up for sale. 

The ending

Omar instructs Bilal to find Rebe, whilst Caye seems to be getting along pretty well with Cruz. The same can’t be said for Patrick and Benjamin, with Benjamin hitting his son over his recent antics. Bilal ignores Omar’s instructions and goes to Samuel for help over the body. Whilst Ivan and Ari make out with each other, Patrick spots them. Samuel comes clean to Omar about his involvement in Armando’s death. Cruz comes to Patrick’s aid and helps calm down his temper. After a one-to-one “chat” with Jess, Mencia loses her temper and throws her phone at her (very much the action of a spoilt rich child, I will add). But, it’s that very action that leads Mencia to learn that there’s a sim card hidden within her phone. And, shockingly (at least to me, anyway), Patrick makes out with Cruz. 

Samuel and Rebe struggle to move the body, whilst Omar is more upset that his friends didn’t tell him about the death. Mencia inspects her phone, it’s Armando’s sim card that she found! She logs into his accounts and rings a number. To her shock, it rings Benjamin. Just as Samuel rings 112, a flashforward reveals that the body in the pool is Samuel! OMG! I didn’t see that coming

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