Elite Season 7 Episode 2 Recap

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 20, 2023
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Elite Season 7 Episode 2 Recap


Elite Season 7 remains thoroughly uninteresting in its second episode, which is fuelled almost entirely by childish decision-making.

Elite Season 7 continues its run of bad form in Episode 2, “Protocol”, which still lacks anything worthy of an audience’s attention. There’s no murder, no juicy character drama that isn’t predicated on extremely childish decision-making, and nothing to really latch onto in terms of characters, ideas, or even themes.

This recap contains major spoilers, but one remains unsure that there’s even anything here worth spoiling in the first place.

Elite Season 7 Episode 2 Recap

You know how kids are – you give them an app designed to help them out and they’ll inevitably use it to cause the exact kind of situations that an average student might need help with. There’s no wonder Omar feels the whole internship thing is a bit futile, but we know he’s only really hovering around Las Encinas to keep an eye on Joel.

And who can blame him, really? As though Omar’s panic attacks about Samuel’s death weren’t enough for him to be worrying about, Joel is also very clearly flirting with Ivan, despite having told Omar not to worry. Ivan may be happy to see Omar when he interrupts the two of them in the bathroom, but the feeling is hardly mutual.

Who poisons Amazona?

It pains me that the most essential mystery of the seventh season thus far is who poisoned Isa’s horse, Amazona. Roberta, who it turns out was behind the shooting in the Season 6 finale, blames Pau, but Roberta was also adamant in Amazona racing against Isa’s wishes, so it’s not like she can trusted to have the mare’s best interests at heart.

Isa remains close with Didac, despite still being able to relax and commit sexually. They cut classes and hang out with the horse, plotting to steal her.

Who is Jessica?

As for Sara and Raul, their relationship remains a complete disaster. Luckily, a perceptive sports teacher named Jessica spots the telltale signs of a young woman in an abusive relationship, and you can tell she’s going to become an ally to Sara as she tries to extricate herself from Raul’s clutches.

Raul himself continues to be manipulative and passive-aggressive around Sara, blaming her for sabotaging their image and costing them money in brand deals. The dude really is awful.

What happens with Ivan and Chloe?

By far the weirdest development of this second episode occurs between Chloe and Ivan, who lest we forget are brother and sister. Chloe is already targeting Ivan as her next… well, “victim” seems a strong word, but you get the idea. Either way, Chloe finally gets him alone in a bathroom, and when Carmen overhears them having some… shall we say difficulties, Carmen dispenses the bad news that they’re blood-related. Yuck.

Ivan’s not having the best time in this episode, really. He gets to flirt with Joel more, but when he tells him about Samuel, he actually helps to repair things between him and Omar, who was considering taking a bunch of pills. He can’t get it up, and he continues to miss Patrick, who – as far as he’s concerned – might have been the one driving the car in the hit-and-run. So, you know – a bit of a mess.

Elite Season 7 Episode 2 Ending Explained

Towards the end of “Protocol”, Sara comes up with a plan that will also work to Ivan’s detriment. She tells Raul that Ivan is going to figure out they were responsible for the hit-and-run and pushes him to invite Ivan to move in. That’ll not only solve their immediate money problems but also give her a bit of a safety net for her eventual plan to push back against Raul’s abuse.

Elsewhere, just as it seems like things are going okay between Joel and Omar, the latter’s intention to quit the Las Encinas internship is stymied by a cry for help on the school app. Omar might want to put Joel’s needs above his own insecurities, but he can’t ignore someone in need, can he?

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