Elite season 5, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 8, 2022 (Last updated: March 12, 2024)
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Netflix Elite season 5, episode 8 - Your Side of the World and Mine - ending explained


An entertaining, yet not wholly fulfilling, end to the fifth season. The build-up to the “death” of the season has been more entertaining than the actual “death.” A frustrating cliffhanger ending leaves viewers questioning whether one of the leads had been killed off. 

This recap of Netflix’s Elite season 5, episode 8, “Your Side of the World and Mine”, — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Elite season 5, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

In the season finale of Elite season 5, Ari visits Samuel. She wants him to hand the sim card over but will accept it if he doesn’t. Or so she says. The weekend in Ibiza haunts Ivan and Prince Phillipe, whilst Isadora tells them not to worry as they had a great time. Although, when Isadora is alone it appears that she’s not telling the truth. Ari plays Ivan’s drunken voicemail to Patrick and Mencia, whilst Rebe warns Samuel not to chase after Benjamin’s empty promises. 

After Prince Phillipe tells Caye what happened in Ibiza, Caye finds Isadora sobbing to herself in the shower. Caye says that she will support Isadora and that if she wishes, they can talk about it over drinks. When Patrick attempts to talk to Ivan, Ivan claims in the voicemail that he mixed up the names not the numbers, and then also reveals that he and Cruz are moving to Qatar. Samuel asks Rebe for the sim card and claims that he will take it to the police. Whilst she doesn’t trust him completely to do the right thing, she still hands it over, with Ari watching his every movement from a short distance away. 

When Samuel is at the police station, Benjamin calls him and asks if he can speak to him in person before he does so. Meanwhile, the events from Ibiza haunt Ivan as Isadora’s rapists attend the same class as him. They watch footage from the party. And through flashbacks/phone footage, it becomes clear that Ivan and Prince Phillipe were too high to prevent their classmates from raping Isadora.

As a huge storm starts to develop, Patrick sits with Cruz. Just at that moment, Ivan walks past. Caye goes to see Felipe, reveals she got fired, and asks to explain over drinks. She adds that she wants to do something “normal” with him. They kiss. (At least someone is getting a happy ending by the end of season five). When Samuel comes to the house, Ari thanks him for coming to hear them out. Patrick, however, isn’t sticking around. After getting a text from Cruz, Patrick rushes off. But it’s not a booty call that Cruz is after; he wants the two of them to sit down with Ivan. 

Whilst at Samuel’s place, Ari and Mencia ring the doorbell; they want to speak to Rebe. Face to face at his house, Benjamin gives Samuel everything he owes him, i.e. pre-admission to a business school at Oxford School with a monthly allowance, or in Samuel’s words, “hush money”. As Prince Phillipe pushes on what went down in Ibiza, Isadora tells him to drop it. As Patrick, Cruz, and Ivan sit down and talk, Cruz thanks Patrick for allowing him to see a part of himself that he had been denying, but adds that he won’t sleep with him again as it is clear that Patrick loves Ivan. And after Ivan storms away, Cruz reveals that he will turn down Qatar. Instead, he wants Ivan to chase his shot of happiness with Patrick. But when Ivan returns to Patrick, he has already left. 

The ending

As Benjamin grows increasingly irate with Samuel and the sim card, he attacks Samuel. As a result, he knocks Samuel into the pool and therefore Samuel cracks his head open. Meanwhile, at the police station, with Prince Phillipe by her side, Isadora reports to the police that she got raped in Ibiza. Arriving home unexpectedly, Patrick finds Samuel face down in the pool. Upon seeing Patrick, Benjamin jumps into the pool and drags Samuel out. Patrick attempts to call for help, but Benjamin prevents him from doing so, saying it would destroy the family. 

Regardless, Patrick calls Ari. And as a result, she, Mencia, Rebe, and Omar rush to the house. Benjamin tries to claim that Samuel isn’t at the house. But when they hear Patrick’s shouts, they find Samuel, barely alive and covered in blood. Benjamin tries to claim that it was an accident whilst Mencia calls the police. After Rebe punches Benjamin, she and Omar sit by Samuel’s side. When Samuel calls out for Ari, Omar pushes her away. In the closing moments, Benjamin gets arrested, and Rebe and Omar walk in the rain.

Despite the tease of a character death all season long, it’s unclear whether Samuel is actually dead. It’s not confirmed whether he dies or not, so it could easily go either way in the next season of Elite.

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