Record of Ragnarok season 1, episode 12 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 17, 2021 (Last updated: January 28, 2023)
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Record of Ragnarok season 1, episode 12 - ending explained - netflix anime series


Episode 12 serves as an exciting turning point as the Gods realize this will not be a simple final battle.

This recap of the Netflix anime series Record of Ragnarok season 1, episode 12, “And Ragnarok Goes On,” — the ending explained — contains major spoilers.

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Well, we always knew the finale would be the most exciting, especially since the humans have had a beating up until this point…

The battle between Kojiro and Poseidon continues — for the first time, Poseidon feels what it is like to bleed, but he doesn’t seem phased by it (he is a God after all). Poseidon retaliates, hitting Kojiro with straightforward attacks. He moves so quickly that he looks like a blur.

An onslaught by Poseidon

Kojiro struggles and finds the experience brutal, feeling like he’s gone as far as he can go — he’s a “Great Loser” after all, so he’s used to it by now. The spirits of his past motivate him while he deals with the onslaught, and then the crowd chants his name. The music gets emotional, but then, Kojiro manages to evade the attack and fight back.

The Gods first defeat

Kojiro assembles his two swords as he evolves even more — he’s able to read every move again; he casually dodges all of Poseidon’s attacks, predicting millions of moves. He manages to chop off both of Poseidon’s arms, and there’s a shock in the arena. Even Poseidon is shocked as he falls to his death. Humanity is elated, with tears of joy streaming down people’s faces. Kojiro wins the third bout for humanity — his first-ever victory. A human has defeated a God; this will wake them up.

Zeus tells the Gods to take this seriously 

Kojiro falls over from feeling weak, but he’s helped up to leave the arena — Brunnhilde notes that they still need six more victories to defeat the Gods. In Zeus’s room, a couple of the Gods are furious that the games are now serious. Zeus states that Kojiro was more powerful than Poseidon and that there’s nothing to read into. He now knows that vixen of a Valkyrie truly intends to defeat them — Zeus slams his fists and says it’s time to take this seriously.

The ending of Record of Ragnarok season 1, episode 12

The credits roll, and Brunnhilde is seen talking to Hermes. The fourth bout is announced, and a recreation of a 19th-century town is revealed — the next fight will be a street fight. The human next to fight is Jack the Ripper, and the crowd is dismayed that a murderer is fighting for them. The opponent is half man/half God…Hercules.

Damn, can season 2 come quicker?

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