Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel review – is it the final goodbye?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: June 17, 2021 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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Netflix series Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel


A snoozy. Nothing new is discovered, with the story playing out exacting as one would expect.

This review of Netflix’s Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel does not contain spoilers.

After three solid mini-seasons, Netflix releases the final Short Stories. Released as part of #EliteWeek, the fourth entry focuses on Carla and Samuel. 

Starting on a positive note, it is wonderful to see Carla (played by Ester Expósito); once again. After season 3, Carla decides to study abroad and leaves Samuel behind in Las Encinas. Due to the nature of the story, it was revealed to audiences that the character of Carla would not be returning for the fourth season. Whilst it may be sad for some to see the character depart, her story within the show had come to a natural conclusion.

This is where Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel struggles. There is a natural awareness before the mini-season starts as to where both Carla and Samuel will be when the third episodes conclude. Due to this reason, there’s little suspense whilst watching. 

Season 3 of Elite had such a strong conclusion that it will be hard to top. This is more than evident by Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel. Honestly, there was no need to witness Carla and Samuel in the next stage of their relationship. Most of the audience would have gathered what would happen due to the character’s last interaction in season 3.

With the previous three Short Stories, the three entries felt fresh, new and brought levels of humor and heartache. Not only that, but the previous three mini-seasons gave audiences a deeper insight into the characters whilst providing a back-story that relates to season 4.

A sad decrease in the standard of Elite Short Stories that started so strong with the Elite Short Stories: Guzman Caye Rebe entry.

What did you think of the last installment of Short Stories? Comment below.

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