So Not Worth It season 1, episode 12 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 18, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series So Not Worth It season 1, episode 12 - the ending explained


Episode 12 doesn’t leave much for the imagination, but these characters have legs for a continuation.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series So Not Worth It season 1, episode 12 — the ending explained — contains spoilers. 

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Nothing dramatic happens in the finale, but the ending does leave an amusing cliffhanger for one of our characters. Let’s recap.

Jamie is worried that Se-wan isn’t back from her dormitory, but then looks alarmed when she returns with another man — Se-wan boasts to her friends about the plastic surgeon (formerly a tutor) she spent her time with; she’s a little shy about it. Jamie is clearly jealous, and his friends mock him. Se-wan offers a further blow to Jamie and calls the man “her first love.” Jamie’s jealousy continues to peak.

Hyun-min has to find a new place

One of our characters is not having a good time in the finale…

Hyun-min is kicked out of Hans’s dorm after the professor finds him, and he has nowhere to sleep. Jun-yeong finds him in the shop — his friend reveals he’s dating his sister (Hyun-a), which alarms him, but then Jun-yeong offers his place to stay, and Hyun-min is elated. He’s an eager guest who even offers to sleep in the corner of his room rather than the bed. The next door, Hyun-min’s friends suspect that Hans was the one that reported Hyun-min. It gets awkward in Hyun-min’s safe place as Jun-yeong learns that Hyun-a wants to break up with him — because of the association, Hyun-min is immediately kicked out.

Plastic surgery

The drama with the surgeon continues, but it offers a sweet challenge for Jamie and Se-wan and their relationship.

Se-wan tells Jamie that she’s getting plastic surgery after the surgeon offered to do it for free — she claims she’s always wanted it. Jamie is concerned and thinks it is way too risky. He makes his protest known. But then Minnie speaks up and says she’s also going for a consultation. Sam awkwardly raises how Jamie is only bothered because she’s getting surgery from her first love. Se-wan tells Jamie not to worry because she has no feelings for her first love, and Jamie is her “last love,” which relaxes him.

Finding a new place part 2

Hyun-min bumps into Jun-yeong’s tutor, and she kindly offers him a place to stay. He’s once again elated, and he enjoys dinner with the woman. As they eat noodles together, they accidentally share the same noodle, and it becomes a romantic moment as there’s an instant attraction. The next day, as the tutor leaves, she kisses Hyun-min on the cheek. Feeling the lust, Hyun-min cleans and tidies the apartment for her. But then, he receives bad news — due to his mother, Hyun-min receives his military service draft.

When the tutor returns home, Hyun-min reveals he has military service, and they are both depressed after falling in love so quickly. While getting his hair cut off, Hyun-min learns he can delay his military service, leaving him with ridiculous hair. He returns to the woman of his dreams, and a man answers the door — he assumes the worst. However, it was her brother. Thus, he lost out on the woman of his dreams based on an assumption.

Boob job 

And then Jamie is even more concerned as Se-wan tells him she’s getting a boob job. Jamie plays coy and tells Se-wan that he will be getting plastic surgery after giving it a lot of thought. The couple has a little argument about it. The plot thickens as Terris sees Minnie with the plastic surgeon, so he rings Sam, as he’s concerned that they look close and there’s kissing involved. Sam is naive and not concerned at all.

The ending of So Not Worth It season 1, episode 12

Jamie heads into surgery to get his face changed, but Se-wan walks in to stop it and apologizes to him for being greedy — she drags him out and tells him he cannot get better looking.

While on the toilet, Hans reads a note from Hyun-min that promises to repay him one day — he sobs as he misses his friend. Meanwhile, Hyun-min sees a lottery ticket he bought in his wallet and wonders if he won the jackpot — all the numbers are the same, and he cannot believe it; it’s 4.7 billion won. So he vows to start a new life! As he runs off, his wallet drops out of his jeans. What a disastrous but funny ending for the character. We can only assume he has lost his chance to win a lot of money!

Episode 12 doesn’t leave much for the imagination, but these characters have legs for a continuation.

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