Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 3 recap – important transplants

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 1, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 3


We are used to it by now, but episode 3 is a bundle of heartwarming moments — grab the tissues for another rollercoaster ride.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 3 contains major spoilers.

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Another week, another wholesome, heartwarming chapter of Hosptial Playlist. For this episode, we are treated to a 90-minute feature, which we are sure fans will enjoy.

Min-ha demands surgery for an expectant mother

Episode 3 opens up with a stressed Min-ha trying to persuade a husband that his wife needs surgery for the unborn baby as soon as possible, but he and his mother insists the mother needs a natural birth. Yang Seok-hyeong turns up, and he’s annoyed that the expectant mother isn’t prepared for surgery. He tells them that the mother needs surgery immediately. It’s completely understandable how these situations can turn irrational, especially for the parents, as episode 3 reminds viewers how stressful giving birth can be.

Song-hwa knows of a patient who desperately needs a liver transplant and asks Ik-jun for help

Lee Ik-jun and Song-hwa enjoy soup together in the cafeteria. She talks about a patient with liver cancer, a former sailor who has a son and lives on welfare. However, the patient will not let his son give him his liver. She thinks they can help them, including financial support; however, there are plenty of obstacles in the way, and the son is the only suitable candidate at the moment. Song-hwa is running out of time — she asks Lee Ik-jun to look into it to see what is possible.

And then, Lee Ik-jun wonders who the doctor is that she has been working with on this and realizes it is Baek Hyeong-do, a man that was on his team. He sounds jealous because they used to be rivals. Hyeong-do is now a director of a hospital. Ik-jun is impressed and vows to call him if he takes on the patient.

Yang Seok-hyeong feels pressure to get a girlfriend

While having dinner with his mother, Yang Seok-hyeong is asked if he will ever have a girlfriend. He tells her not to worry and that he loves being single. The mother tells him being single is great, but it’s nothing compared to the joy of being with someone you love. Comically, Yang Seok-hyeong asks the waiter for the bill to end the conversation early.

We were all screaming Min-ha during this moment, right?

Ahn Jeong-won is offered land by his parents

Ahn Jeong-won is offered precious land as an inheritance by his parents. He’s confused as to why he’s offered it and tells his parents to sell it and enjoy their money. He then reveals he has a loan, and his mother is angry that he’s a doctor but he’s in debt.

Lee Ik-jun agrees to do surgery on the patient with the liver issue

Lee Ik-jun tells Song-hwa that he can do the surgery for the patient with the liver issue — he highlights it’s borderline and offers to ring Hyeong-do himself to ask questions. When he rings Hyeong-do, he’s given a low-down on the patient — he’s a special person. Lee Ik-jun meets the patient and tells the family that he feels the donor transplant can work, but it’s borderline. He states that the son is the only suitable candidate, and it will be classed as emergency surgery. The patient is upset that his son has to undergo surgery because of him and asks Lee Ik-jun to make it painless for him.

You have to feel for the father here; the pressures of raising a child in this world are already stressful, but expecting your own son to give you a liver must be a heartbreaking experience.

Relive the moment when Ahn Jeong-won tells his BFFs that he has a girlfriend (Gyeo-ul):

Seon-bin tells Song-hwa to pretend to have a boyfriend.

Song-hwa is under pressure to date, so she’s told by Seon-bin to pretend she has a boyfriend with one of her friends. The recommendation is Lee Ik-jun because he’s her best friend.

Later on, a patient’s mother introduces her son to Song-hwa, who offers to take her for a coffee. The man tells her about a best friend he had feelings for and how he felt it was a missed opportunity as they agreed to be friends. He states he still likes her and feels great when around her. He asks Song-hwa if she has a best friend like that, and then coincidentally, Lee Ik-jun turns up.

Maybe this is the moment where Song-hwa realizes she should follow her heart?

Min-chan has a heart donor available

Grab the tissues as episode 3 gets extremely emotional.

Min-chan’s mother learns a heart donor is available for her son, and she’s overwhelmed with emotions. Eun-ji’s mother is delighted for her — of course, we have to feel for Eun-ji’s mother, who is still patiently waiting for a donor for her child. Jun-wan delivers Min-chan’s mother the update directly and confirms the surgery. Min-chan’s parents are extremely grateful. Jun-wan tells them to go home and rest while a second assessment is carried out. However, the parents want to stay in the hospital.

Lee Ik-jun and Jun-wan perform their important surgeries

Later on, Jun-wan wants to head outside with one of his residents, but he can see Eun-ji’s mother crying loudly. So they wait for her to finish. The next day, Min-chan’s heart transplant surgery is delivered. Jun-wan delivers a post-surgery update — it went well. The parents are relieved.

Lee Ik-jun’s liver transplant surgery is also successful, and he updates the mother of the family. It’s revealed that the surgery was nearly canceled, but he enlisted the help of Chief Kwon to help make it happen.

The ending of Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 3

After band practice, Jun-wan keeps ringing Lee Ik-sun, but eventually, a man answers it. The man (Ko Se-gyeong) tells him she can’t pick up the phone right now and that he answered, assuming he was her boyfriend and didn’t want her to worry. He learns that Lee Ik-sun was in a car accident. Lee Ik-jun is understandably panicked.

We are used to it by now, but episode 3 is a bundle of heartwarming moments — grab the tissues for another rollercoaster ride.

Doctor’s notes
  • Lee Ik-jun meets patient Kim Hyeong-jin for his latest blood results.
  • Kim Jun-wan has an appointment with a patient, and he noted that she’d had a haircut. He tells her that the X-ray and blood results are fine. The patient states that sometimes she does feel lightheaded. He tells her it will go away after a while and reassures her that it’s common after surgery on the heart.
  • Professor Cheon visits a patient who is an assemblyman for his district and performs light surgery on his bed. However, he’s struggling with the surgery, and the patient is in agony.
  • Lee Ik-jun delivers good news to a male patient — he tells him that he should safely assume he’s recovered from cancer but that they should keep monitoring. The patient is overwhelmed with happy emotions.
  • Jun-wan attends to patient Son Chan-gyu — his temperature and blood pressure have dropped. He’s dehydrated.

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