Young Royals season 1, episode 2 recap – do Wilhelm and Simon kiss?

July 1, 2021
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Despite there not being much emphasis on the fact that Wilhelm is a member of the Royal Family, it’s a good episode that will help cement Young Royals as the teenage version of The Crown.

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Despite there not being much emphasis on the fact that Wilhelm is a member of the Royal Family, it’s a good episode that will help cement Young Royals as the teenage version of The Crown.

This recap of Netflix series Young Royals season 1, episode 2, contains significant spoilers

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When episode 2 of Young Royals begins, the boarding school has both genders split into two groups for breakfast. In the boy’s room, Nils (played by Samuel Astor) stands on top of the table as he tells everyone how he hooked up with Madison (played by Nathalie Varli); at the party. In the girl’s room, Madison is doing the same. August asks if anyone else hooked up, and Wilhelm and Simon both are very awkward.

Walking to class, August asks Felice when he can take her out for dinner. Felice seems less than keen on his invitation and belittles his advances. Heading into the classroom, Felice coldly ignores Sara despite their apparent friendship at the party. When the class receives test results, Simon is disheartened with his results and asks Mr. Englund about private lessons. Private lessons will, of course, be costly and maybe something that Simon can’t afford.

August’s Backstory

Whilst August does some exercise, Wilhelm is in their shared room and starts to m********e to Simon’s IG account. August walks in and puts Wilhelm on the phone with his brother, Eric. When Wilhelm states that August is driving him insane, Eric reminds Wilhelm that August was originally sent to Hillerska after his father killed himself. It’s a fact that Wilhelm forgot or simply “wasn’t told about”

Simon asks August for the money that covers the booze that he had brought to the party in episode 1. August gives him a lame excuse and says to text him. August returns to his room and takes two tablets. Afterward, he becomes irate and tells Vincent he “wants more.” Vincent doesn’t have any more, so he advises August to visit the school’s counselor.

Which is exactly what August does. He lies and says that he believes that he has ADHD. The counselor believes that August is suffering from stress and doesn’t provide him with any medication or a quick assessment.

Football Time

Simon tells his classmates that he is unable to make it to practice that night. In reality, he is going to a friend’s football game, and he invites Wilhelm to come with him. Wilhelm lies to August and says he is too ill to attend practice and meets Simon at a petrol station.

Wilhelm is recognized by a few people whilst on his way and at the football match. Regardless, he proceeds to have a great time with Simon. Returning to Hillerska, August is waiting for him to sneak back in. To punish him, August tells Wilhelm that he will be on dinner duty all week. He then shows Wilhelm that’s there are videos of him at the football match on IG.

August Seeks Tablets

August is questioned by the headmaster of Hillerska as to when the payment for the term will be made. As she’s unable to reach his mother, August says that his mother will be in touch. Desperate for tablets, August asks Sara, who has ADHD, if she will sell her tablets to him. Simon overhears, and he arranges to get August some tablets if the money he is still owed is doubled.

Sneaking the tablets from his father’s place, Simon provides August with the ADHD tablets he wants. In return, he makes a public act of approval towards Simon, who may otherwise be negatively judged for being a “non-res student.” After watching a movie with the other students, Wilhelm and Simon leave, and they kiss whilst everyone else is preoccupied.

The relationship between Wilhelm and Simon is moving ahead fast, and so far with little drama. It’s a pleasant change! But just before they kissed, it seemed that August was beginning to suspect something was happening between them. How will he react? If he knows, how long will it take before the rest of The Royal Family find out?

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