Fear Street Part One: 1994 ending explained

July 2, 2021
Cole Sansom 0
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Fear Street Part One: 1994, so it will contain major spoilers. 

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It’s 1994, and there’s a killer on the loose. Actually a bunch of killers; all of which are undead manifestations of a witch who died in 1666 and is now going after a teenager for…reasons (yes, she “disturbed her grave,” if you can even call that a resting place). 

They’re after Sam and won’t stop till she’s dead. But that’s not gonna work for Deena, her ex-girlfriend, now somewhat back together (Sam’s until that night boyfriend was just murdered in front of her eyes…but she seems fine?). So her brother Josh and her friends Kate and Simon team up to take the witch down.

After an attempt to lure the killers with Sam’s blood and blow them up fails, the teens realize they have to up the stakes. Sam’s ready to sacrifice herself until they learn of C. Berman, the only survivor of a previous serial killer attack in 1978 (all these killers are in some way manifestations of the witch) — to be explored in future movies.

Learning that Berman (who has not returned their calls) was found dead until someone performed CPR (much more difficult to pull off than movies would have you believe), they devise a plan to momentarily kill Sam using a deadly drug cocktail before bringing her back with adrenaline. 

In the supermarket, Deena struggles to feed Sam the pills while her friends do their best to fend off the killers. Seeing a lobster tank, she changes tack and tries drowning Sam — but before she succeeds, Kate and Simon are butchered by the undead serial killers. As the killers lunge towards Deena and Sam, Deena stops breathing — and they seem to have won. Josh grabs the EpiPen, and the adrenaline brings Sam back to life (don’t try this at home, kids).

In the aftermath, Sheriff Zuckerman interviews the surviving kids (who seem remarkably calm given that their two friends have just been gruesomely murdered). They pin the blame on Kate and Simon, deigning them junkies, “succumbing to the quick cash of drugs.” In the police station, Martin convinces Josh to help him escape — and gives him a business card in return. Whatever’s going on here can wait for the next movie (or the one after that).

Back at home (these kids apparently have no parents?) Deena gets a call. It’s C. Berman, who is shocked that anyone is alive to pick up the phone. Deena proclaims that they stopped the witch, but Berman warns, “you can’t stop her. She makes the rules.” We are shown flashes of some satanic ceremony where Sam’s name is carved into stone.

Moments later, Berman is proved correct as Sam, now with the added sound of buzzing flies, stabs Deena. Her brother is too busy chatting to a mysterious internet stranger (also for the next two movies to answer — do you think the witch goes online?) to hear the commotion, but after a moment Deena appears behind him. Sam is convulsing upstairs — yeah, she’s not ok.

Finally, Deena and Josh venture over to pay a visit to Berman — played, in a delightful surprise, by Community’s Gillian Jacobs. And with a glimpse of the next movie, we’re off.

So what’s Berman got to offer? What’s happening with Sheriff Zuckerman and Martin? What went down in 1978 (besides murder)? Who’s Josh’s internet friend? Will Deena ever emotionally deal with the death of her two close friends? All will be revealed (ok, maybe not that last one) in the next few weeks (I hope).

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