Haseen Dillruba ending explained – who killed Rishu?

July 3, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Haseen Dillruba, so it will contain major spoilers.

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Haseen Dillruba is one hell of a ride and a weary love story. It starts as fun and engaging and ends with an illogical whim. The 120 minutes feel more like 4 hours. We get to witness the journey of Rani (Taapsee Pannu) and Rishu’s (Vikrant Massey) entangled love story that goes wrong. So many things happen. The crash and burn moment between Rani and Rishu; the extramarital affair between Rani and Neel (Harshvardhan Rane); the shifting personality of Rishu; and the plot twisting murder case. The main question is, who killed Rishu?

Before that, we have three main questions to answer the story. Firstly, the calculated moments between the explosion inside Rishu’s household and Rani’s arrival. Secondly, Neel was seen to be present at the scene before the explosion, but where could he possibly be? Thirdly, we get to see a cinematic parallel of the murder event, setting up the explosion.

The timeline

So as the story progresses, the inspectors suspect that Rani and Neel have planned the murder due to their affair. Rani continues to deny every inch of the narrative that the inspectors push. One day, the suspicions strengthen after Neel was seen jumping into the river on the CCTV footage. It happens right before the explosion. The inspectors intimidate Rani to give them information about Neel’s whereabouts. All of this is to testify and search for the murder weapon. Rani refuses to answer and firmly pushes her innocent agenda. The female investigator slaps her and, later on, begins to beat her. Despite all of this, Rani still refuses to spill the truth.

Onto the next day, Rani is set to undergo lie detectors. Here we get to see Rani’s anxiety and slyness. She asks permission to go to the bathroom. She changes her shoes and puts a nail on its surface to raise her heart rate to avoid the worst outcomes of the lie detector test. Thanks to the nail, she successfully handles it. But the doctor isn’t happy about it, and he finds her high heart rate is weird from the beginning. Later, they find out about the nail and ask her to re-do the investigation.

During the investigation, they ask her about the timeline of events. The chronology based on Rani’s testament is:

That day, her in-laws are currently out of town—the couple plan to invite Rishu’s friend over for dinner. Rishu went out shopping for the ingredients. Surprisingly, Neel comes back to the house to enjoy the fling with Rani. Rishu arrives earlier than expected, and the three of them have a tense confrontation. Neel confronts Rishu by telling them how Rani wants to live with him. Burning inside, he asks Rani to go outside, so both of them can talk. Rani goes outside and asks Munni to tell Rishu to lock the door. She greets her neighbor and heads to the market. She went to buy some meat from the butchers for dinner. After getting back from the market, she feeds the stray dogs the unwanted bones from the market, and that’s when the explosion happens.

The doctor and inspector are astonished at how her heart rate is considered normal while answering all the questions. Due to the lie detector test report, Inspector Kishore Rawat has a brief discussion with the commander to close the case due to his failure to prove her guilt. The heart rate report successfully brings the case to its closure. Before Rani leaves, she looks at the Inspector, the same way he did at the beginning of the film, and smirks. She walks out of the police station with a sense of hidden victory.

The truth

Five years later, Inspector Kishore transfers to another city. The case remains one of his unforgettable unresolved mysteries. While waiting for his station, he comes across Dinish Perdit’s Wrath of Kasauli. The book that Rani always quotes to counter his questions. Feeling intrigued, he begins to read the book. Suddenly, a series of flashbacks rush through his mind.

But it is not longer Rani’s POV; it’s Rishu’s. It reveals the truth that Rani intentionally left untold:

After the unexpected encounter with Neel, both of them had a tense conversation. Neel blurts about how Rishu once stabbed him using a screwdriver and called him out as a “sex offender”. Neel clarifies how the affair does not come with a disagreement or forced action between him and Rani. Neel threatens Rani that he will share the sex video that he secretly records online. Rishu loses his control. Both of them got into a neck-to-neck fight. Neel beats Rishu. Overwhelmed by stress, Rani smacks Neel’s head with frozen ribs. But things go downhill when they realized that the blood is coming out from Neel’s head.

Rani has a mental breakdown over the dead Neel. Rishu tries to reassure her that she did not kill him and everything is an accident. Rani offers to call the police, but he stops her. He will not let her go to jail because of Neel’s despicable acts, especially when everything started to bloom between them. He comes out with a plan—Rani, who still in shock, tries to keep up with all the instructions.

They drag Neel’s dead body to their private kitchen. They take Neel’s jacket off from his body and clean up the blood traces. The most disturbing scene is where Rishu slashes Neel’s left arm. After that, he asks for a bucket of ice and tells Rani to cut off his left arm, which has a tattoo that says “Rani.” Not to mention the unsophisticated blood effects after it. He intends to switch identity and frame it: people will suspect Rishu as the victim instead and Neel as the murderer.

The answers – Haseen Dillruba ending

After the most illogical way of solving the problem, both of them agree to part ways in order to not get caught but promise to meet each other again after the case ends. This is where the timeline about her going to market starts. Meanwhile, Rishu, who had just lost his left arm over the price of love, buys some time to prepare his last blow on vanishing all traces by blowing up the house using gas. This explains why everything is calculated. Afterward, Rani comes back from the market and feeds the stray dogs, while Rishu escapes down the river, and then the explosion happens.

The film ends with the revelation that Neel is the one who was actually murdered. Inspector Kishore is dumbfounded and amused at their planning, all for the sake of love. Meanwhile, Rani walks hand in hand with Rishu. The camera focuses on Rishu’s left stump hand.

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