Racket Boys episode 11 recap – further insight into the city couple

July 5, 2021
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Episode 11 is a mixed bag of emotions and ends in dramatic circumstances. We also get insight into the city couple and the emotional baggage they had to conquer when they joined the village.

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Episode 11 is a mixed bag of emotions and ends in dramatic circumstances. We also get insight into the city couple and the emotional baggage they had to conquer when they joined the village.

This recap of Netflix k-drama series Racket Boys season 1, episode 11 contains spoilers.

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Well, plenty happens in this chapter, so let’s recap!

At the start of the episode, the team asks Hyeon-jong if they know who the “White Wolf” is. Yong-tae raises his concerns about the rumors that he abused his players, but Hyeon-jong laughs off the idea and asks them to focus on badminton.

A bit of background on the city couple

The episode then flits to the city couple who have recently moved in. I’ll admit, I have neglected this story a little, and I can’t even remember their actual names (sorry about that). So I’ll go with “city couple” just like the episode refers to them as.

The husband used to be a scientist at a development laboratory for medicine — they won an investment, and he notices one of his hardworking employees is feeling down due to his mother’s suffering with a disease. In the present day, the city couple picks up Grandma, and they help take her to the station. The episode then gives insight into the wife; she was once an up-and-coming artist.

While driving away, the husband keeps getting calls from Mr. Hong, who asks them to help move some fertilizer, but they are too busy to help. However, the wife changes her mind and turns the car around.

Verifying claims on the “White Wolf.”

Hyeon-jong asks around about the “White Wolf” and whether he hurt other players, but there’s uncertainty in the rumors.

He asks another source, a player that was beaten, but he does not want to talk. When he talks to other supposedly beaten players, they give the same response and ask Hyeon-jong to leave him alone. Eventually, one of the players who were beaten asks Hyeon-jong to speak to Mr. Noh, a coach that was there the day the “White Wolf abused him.”

This is certainly turning into a dark story.

The best and worst moment for Coach Ra Yeong-ja

Hae-kang asks his mother what was her best achievement. She tells him it was winning gold at the Asian Games was the best and worst moment. A flashback shows Ra Yeong-ja looking at her medal, and the media are camping outside. She realizes this is the moment to inspire others to show how fun badminton is. She agrees to do the 30 interviews she’s asked to do.

The city couple help out even more // the reason they moved from the city to the city

The city couple heads out again, but they are distracted (again) by Grandma arguing over her phone. They help her out with the phone camera. The couple continues helping others in the area, and it’s a massive difference since when they first arrived. And then, we are treated to a tragic flashback. The husband learns that the employee he praised in their development work, Kim Gi-hyeon, killed himself. He apparently gave all the confidential data to another firm. They blame the husband for it because Gi-hyeon did it to get revenge on them. This rocks the husband to the core, and he’s bullied and ousted by his colleagues.

And then, at an art exhibition, the wife overhears two women talking about her piece, saying she has an inferiority complex and is infertile, which destroys her. It’s no wonder the couple considered committing suicide together (remember the nooses in their home when we were first introduced to them?). In the present day, the couple realise they are no longer surviving, and they want to live. The village people and community have really helped them enjoy life again. Ironically, Hae-kang and his sister knock on their door to give them leftover curry during this moment of clarity and thank them for being around and helping out the village. The couple gets extremely upset, and the husband sobs uncontrollably and thank the kids for helping them live.

What a wonderful side story.

Another source for Hyeon-jong

Hyeon-jong meets Coach Noh and asks if he knows “White Wolf.” He gets the same response and will not talk about it. Hyeon-jong begs him to talk, but the man does not want to reopen old wounds and thinks the head coach will not want to either. And then, Coach Bae is asked by someone about what happened 10 years ago after seeing posts online, and the man is dragged away at a bar. Bae looks concerned about the confrontation. This story seems to have legs and will be present for chapters to come.

Coach Chun’s deal with Hyeon-jong — school versus school

Coach Chun brings his school team to the gymnasium — he tells Hyeon-jong that if Haenam wins, he will get all the authority, but if his team wins, Hyeon-jong’s school team cannot participate, train or come to the gym. He will not be able to intervene in any way. So both teams play against each other.

Yoon-dam wins the first singles match. Yong-tae loses his match. Hae-kang/Yoon-dam win their doubles match. After a doubles defeat for Hyeon-jong’s team, it goes to the wire for a singles game for Hae-kang.

Before that, Yong-tae notices that Eun-ho is getting bullied by Coach Chun, so he sits next to him outside and talks to him. Eun-ho says his coach is weird and told them not to greet them. He explains he will never make it to Nationals because of his coach. Yong-tae tells Eun-ho to prove himself.

The ending of Racket Boys season 1, episode 11

However, that proves to be a mistake by Yong-tae. It’s not a silly mistake — he was kind after all…

Hae-kang plays his singles game, and the opponent (Yellow Hair) knows his weakness. Yong-tae realizes he gave away Hae-kang’s eye injury to Eun-ho, who told Coach Chun. Yong-tae panics and his eyes tear up; Hyeon-jong knows something is wrong as Hae-kang keeps receiving long and high shots, which he struggles with due to some lack of vision.

Episode 11 is a mixed bag of emotions and ends in dramatic circumstances. We also get insight into the city couple and the emotional baggage they had to conquer when they joined the village.

Additional points
  • In-sol tells Hyeon-jong that he will do his best for singles.

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